Saturday, September 25, 2010

The MAINSTREAM MEDIA DISCONNECT! Some Examples......OBAMACARE/MEG WHITMAN Campaign Expenditures......

Many of us have recognized for sometime that the major mainstream media does not report 'the news' very well. We recognize that FOX NEWS is not a viable news source, given it's right wing biases. Likewise, MSNBC abstracts and con volutes it's 'news' toward a liberal bent. Neither can be trusted as viable news sources.

This past week (the once trusted) ABC, CBS and NBC network 'news' continued   their 'half-a-loaf' news coverage on at least one very important issue and one political financial issue.

All three networks and their affiliates along with some newspapers and Internet sources reported in BIG HEADLINES and as lead stories these 'half facts':

(Rush Limbaugh)
-POLLS:  "66% of the Public Unhappy with OBAMACARE"......and then went on to imply that those polled didn't want national health care at all in a sentence or two.  Talking heads, talk show hosts and pundits 'ran' with THIS news and twisted it even further.  That which  was NOT REPORTED from these respected pollsters was that 2 of 3 people of that 66% did not think OBAMACARE went far enough. They wanted more comprehensive coverage than what the new law provides. Accordingly, a poll that shows about 66% of the U.S. population wants national health care and more of what the law provides for was turned to the diametric opposite in it's media reported form.

-"Meg Whitman, California GOP candidate for Governor sets National record for a campaign expenditure. $119 million (ostensibly from her own personal fortune) in her run for the governorship". This headline is true, in part. From the time Whitman won the GOP nomination last June, she has reported to proper sources a $119. million expenditure. Whitman, however, began running for the governorship in 2009, and what is not reported is that she spent an earlier and additional  $105. million to secure the nomination (also reported to proper sources). So far, Meg has spent $224. million to secure the Governor's office of California. She can, of course, give her campaign another $15-20 mil if she wants to do so. One thing, perhaps the only thing Meg (with her Pinocchio nose)  has been open about is her campaign spending. In just a few weeks we'll find out if  a governorship can be bought. Meanwhile, the mainstream media continues to report their 'half-a-loaf' news.


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