Wednesday, September 29, 2010



A week or so ago, equestrian Meg Whitman  decided she needed some R&R  away from her 'rigorous' absentia campaign for the California governorship, took one of her million dollar horses to TEXAS and rode 'those praries'.  Along the way she met with some old friends. On her list were Governor Rick Perry of Texas and the hierarchy of the OIL GIANTS VELERO and TESORO, major backers of California's Proposition 23, the proposition that SUSPENDS AB 32, California's omnibus clean air act that would supercharge the State's job market with climate change industries.

Upon her return, mega-bucks Meg said she was against Proposition 23, but would "SUSPEND AB 32"  for a couple years for determination of '32's' impact on California's job market.

Last night during her debate with Jerry Brown, a stiff, mannequin-like Meg reported she had been to Texas and reported  glowing reports about THE TEXAS BUSINESS ATTRACTION MODEL with it's lack of 'redtape' and DEREGULATED STANDARDS.

Have you been to Texas? Seen it? Smelled it? Have you been to Houston with it's heavy pollution? Have you driven through a polluted-sand storm in the Lubbock area? Had your shiny car come out of that sand storm pitted with no chance of ever bringing it back to any reasonable presentation?   Experienced the grainy polluted scummy sand coming inside your vehicle and staying there with no possibility of ever getting it out? We Have. Upon our return to California, we sold the car at a considerable loss. TEXAS IS UGLY.

Still, MEG GLOWS ABOUT THE TEXAS BUSINESS MODEL. Those of us who've experienced it don't.

One big concern we have about Meg, however, is HER CONNECTIONS to the VELERO and TESORO OIL COMPANIES with their rabid approach and want to drill off the California coast, deregulate California's pollution standards and otherwise have California look and be like TEXAS.

A vote against Meg Whitman is also a vote against the VELERO-TESORO Agenda.

Not verified, but buzzed to us this morning, is that a grenade, if not a bomb will be dropped into the Whitman campaign later on today. We are told that celebrity attorney Gloria Allred has scheduled a news conference in SoCal in which she will bring charges against Whitman's character, possible corruption and possible criminality in Whitman's personal life. We await with a political news junkie's insatiable interest to find out.

Whatcha got, Gloria?

Stay tuned............


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