Saturday, September 25, 2010

SARAH PALIN IS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT in 2012! Mammy Yokum in The White House? It Could Happen

A lot of months ago we predicted Sarah Palin would run for the presidency in 2012. And this past week she all but confirmed her candidacy, saying, "If no one steps up to plate, I (SHE ) will and run for the presidency". She also gave a nod to South Carolina U.S. Senator Jim De Mint as her potential running mate.

A source close to Palin told us she would make a formal announcement early next year,  "sometime near President Obama's 2011 State of the Union speech". However, the Mammy Yokum from the Klondike is not known for following her handlers advice, so we'll have to wait and see as to when her 'announcement' comes. We do, however,  stay with our prediction that PALIN IS RUNNING FOR THE PRESIDENCY in 2012.

Given Sarah Palin's belief in 'the rapture', does any thinking person want this womans' finger on 'THE NUCLEAR BUTTON'?

Can U.S. politics sink lower?


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