Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tea Party/Republican U.S. Senate Candidate CHRISTINE O'DONNELL .... Some 'new quotes' ON VIDEO!

The soon-to-be certified 'sack of nuts' Tea Party/Republican Sarah Palin endorsed, Billionaire Koch Brothers financially backed U.S. Senate candidate from Delaware, CHRISTINE O'DONNELL, continues to amaze with her quips and quotes. Here are some new ones.

This week Bill Maher released more video of 'CHRISTINE' from the 20 plus appearances she made on his show a few years ago. Last night's re-run from an October 15, 1998, show was especially mind boggling. Christine chirped, "Evolution is a myth. Why aren't monkeys still evolving into humans?"

In a 2003, episode of the show Scarborough Country, Christine crossly said.  "I'd stop the whole country from having sex!", then went on to talk about her own chastity.

Some this would be funny if it was a Tina Fey routine. But it's not! This IS a bonafide candidate for THE U.S. SENATE. OUR U.S. SENATE with a vote that shapes the future of OUR COUNTRY and sometimes the world. CHRISTINE O'DONNELL believes in THE RAPTURE as does her mentor SARAH PALIN.  

One thing for sure, however. The Tea Party and Republicans must have a great sense of humor as some of their candidates are jokes.

Meanwhile, you may want to look around to your backside to see if you're growing a tail and check the calendar as to the last time you got laid. If you haven't had any sex for a while, Christine O'Donnell may be the reason.


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