Sunday, September 26, 2010

Today is "PULPIT FREEDOM SUNDAY"! What Happened to The "Separation Between Church and State" Precept The U.S.A. CONSTITUTION Is Built Upon?

FIRST, The U.S.A is NOT a Christian nation. It is not a Muslim nation, a Jewish nation or any other kind of religious nation. The United States is a CONSTITUTIONAL secular nation built upon a deliberate SEPARATION of CHURCH and STATE precept. Anyone who 'thinks' and believes otherwise needs to 'study-up' on the subject matter.Of course there ARE those in our midst who won't accept education and they can and will do their pseudo, modernized, modified versions of their KKK mentality.

Over the years, when income taxes became part of this country's fabric, churches and certain other entities were given TAX EXEMPT STATUS. Federal Tax Law, promulgated in 1953, however, PROHIBITED churches and other tax exempt entities from endorsing or opposing political candidates for office based on the time honored  'SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE' national standard.

In more recent times, however, there have been some noticeable 'blends' of political issues with so-called 'Christian Values' movements and dogma.   Political candidates in some pockets of our nation are pandering to a growing number of  BIBLE THUMPING, tambourine shaking, 'holy-rolling', right-wing nut fundamentalist churches. Churches that enjoy TAX EXEMPT STATUS.

The 2000, 2004 and '08 General Elections saw growing numbers of  these 'churches' both endorsing and trashing certain political candidates from pulpits across this nation. Beginning in 2004, The IRS started warning these churches they were putting their tax exempt status in jeopardy because of their vehement political stances, a violation of the law. Thus, we had the beginning of the 'more righteous than thou' segment of our country  crying 'there were GOVERNMENT INTERVENTIONS in the courses of their worship services. More recently, The IRS has reiterated  it's position.

So, today we have "PULPIT FREEDOM SUNDAY". More than 100 churches across the country will defy THE LAW and preach their renditions of the pros and cons of various candidates for public office, endorsing some while trashing others.

Leaders of this defiance say they are exercising FREE SPEECH. Government officials say these churches are breaking THE LAW and may lose their tax exempt status.

What happened to The Biblical admonition for Christians 'to obey the law of the land'?  Are these 'defiant ones' sinning against their own Biblical Law? NO! These fundamentalists will say. They will say THEY are doing Gods work, under GOD'S WILL (based of course on their interpretation of the so-called 'good book').

One thing for sure. We won't see the Pat Robertson or Benny Hinn crowd among those breaking the law. They simply have too much money at stake to risk their Tax Exempt status.