Thursday, September 23, 2010

VOTE NO on RENTBOY TOM Mc CLINTOCK and NO on Proposition 23!

(anon rent boy)
There are a million 'rentboy' stories in The Naked City of Politics. And TOM Mc Clintock's is one of them. 

We urge a NO vote on his re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives in Novenber.

Here's why:

Tom Mc Clintock never saw an election in which he didn't want to run. He's been in so many elections we've lost count of the number. He's a serial 'runner' for public office. He's lost most of his election campaigns. But a few times he got lucky. Most recently he got lucky in California's 4th Congressional District 2 or so years ago and won a house seat by just 10th's of percentage points, packed his bags and went to Capital Hill with bells on and a 'rentboy' sign on his chest. Now he's up for re-election.

Rentboy Tom is one of those gadfly politicians. He flits from election to election and flounces from  issue to issue.   He services lobbyists from BIG OIL and the Insurance companies. In just a short time, Tom Mc Clintock has earned a reputation as being one of the most 'opportunistic' politicians on The Hill. He joined in with other Republicans today on the innocuous 'Pledge to America' averring to REFORM CONGRESS  and RESTORE TRUST in GOVERNMENT (which is the biggest 'inside' joke of the year).  

Rentboy Tom is also a carpetbagger of sorts. His home is in Southern California, Thousand Oaks. But when the seat opened in California's 4th District in the Northern (East) foothills, Mc Clintock quickly moved to Elk Grove in 2009 for his run for office. 

These things in and of themselves are good reasons to vote NO on Tom Mc Clintock. But there is more.

(Mc Clintock's Clean Air Policy)
Regardless of how he might weasel on Proposition 23, Mc Clintock is for it! Take a look at rentboy's connection to TEA PARTY EXPRESS guru  Sal Russo, the guy who is only one degree of separation away from the Billionaire  Koch Brothers and we rest our case. 

We urge a NO VOTE on Tom Mc Clintock and a NO VOTE on Proposition 23. 

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