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(Diaz and Whitman)
Meg Whitman (with her husband at her side)  appeared this morning on ABC's GOOD MORNING AMERICA SHOW and "unequivocally denied" knowing her maid of 9 years was an illegal alien; that "WE" had no knowledge of Nicky Diaz's citizenship status until 2009 when Nicky asked for their help in securing a green card.  Whitman also said there was "no letter".

Then, later came THE SHOWDOWN AT NOON at which time celebrated attorney Gloria Allred produced a copy of the 2003 letter from the Social Security Administration notification sent to Whitman and her husband indicating their was  a discrepancy in their maid's Social Security number. The letter also asked for some correction and documentation.  This letter was allegedly partially filled out by Whitman's husband and given to Nicky Diaz for her to complete some of the questions on the SSA questionnaire. There was a hand written note at the bottom of the letter (saying, 'Nicky, please check this, thanks') in Whitman's husbands hand writing (verified) to Nicky Diaz. Allred also has evidence of subsequent SSA notifications to Whitman reinforcing the 2003 letter but didn't present hen at "the showdown".

(Allred left-Whitman right)
Still later, after seeing Allred's evidence (which was presented and distributed to the media), the Whitman camp equivocated from  this mornings' unequivocation and released a statement from Griffin Harsh, Meg's husband, saying "it is possible"  he did receive the SSA letter and "possible" that it is handwriting on the evidence.  He also said he had probably 'forgotten' about it.

 And even later, Gloria Allred went on the radio with more comments. Coming across like a 'sleaze', especially when she compared Nicky Diaz to Rosa Parks. She did say she has "more" stuff. Sleaze or not, Allred has potent evidence to support her claims.


Comment-Analysis-Predictions:  Gloria Allred DOES NOT chase ambulances. She chases Brinks trucks full of money belonging to the rich and famous.   The recent Tiger Woods sex scandal comes immediately to mind. Allred represented one of Woods' mistresses. Allred settles most her civil cases out of court. Accordingly, the settlements are rarely made public.

In this instant case, Allred will file a civil case against Whitman. Those documents will ask for mileage reimbursement and back wages owed,  wages not paid during the maids course of employment. The suit will also ask for punitive damages for 'humiliation' and 'disrespect' among other disparagement's.

The Civil Matter 'test of proof'' is based on a 'preponderance of the evidence'; meaning that the evidence only has to lean to one side or another. Proof beyond a reasonable doubt is not part of the civil law.  It appears that Allred has her civil proof.

But we believe this case will never go to trial. We predict that after a year or so of negotiation, Whitman's housekeeper will doubtless get compensation for the work she did outside the 15 hours a week for which she was paid AND there will be punitive damages paid. Probably in a million dollar range of which Allred will get somewhere between 30% and 60% of the 'take'. 

So why all the 'hoopla' about MAIDGATE?  We're not sure. Of course a great part, if not all,  of it is purely politically motivated. And, what's so shocking about a CEO of a major company turned politician Lying and being Hypocritical?  Such is the nature of both in most cases.

One quality  we see is in the sloppy way a candidate for a governorship has handled a broadside political 'HIT'. And the question immediately comes to mind as to how 'sloppy' will Meg Whitman be as a political neophyte taking on the politics of the worlds 8th largest economy.

Certainly, there will be more. Look for a strike against Jerry Brown from the Whitman camp very soon.


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