Thursday, September 30, 2010


While Meg Whitman was singing the Star Spangled Banner at the California gubernatorial debate about IMMIGRATION and HER hardcore 'stand' on the subject 2 days ago, celebrity attorney GLORIA ALLRED was preparing the allegations that MEG knowingly employed a Mexican illegal immigrant for 9 years (2000-2009) as a maid. MAIDGATE!  

As the autistic boy in the film THE BLACK BALLOON would reach to his backside, pull out an anal cavity morsel and hand it to a person he didn't like,  GLORIA ALLRED did likewise to Meg Whitman yesterday. The 'Meg people' scrambled for damage control saying Meg didn't know her maid, Nicky Diaz, was undocumented. Allred says Meg did know and has clear evidence to prove her allegations.  The 'Meg People' said 'put up or shut up'. And so today we have 'SHOWDOWN AT NOON'!

In TRUE, GLITZY HOLLYWOOD STYLE, Allred announced last evening that in response to  MEG's defensive statements, "there will be a SHOWDOWN AT NOON" in her office TODAY at which time she (Allred) will present hard evidence that Meg knew for years her maid was undocumented and fired her only after Meg decided to run for the governorship. News media invited!.

It seems 'The Meg people' don't have 'The Allred Political Playbook'. If they did, they would have known that when Gloria 'fires off', it's not a single shot. It's the beginning of a barrage of 'bombs and bullets' fired in the hope of hitting a bulls eye. Essentially, Allred 'fires' at a target, leaving some of her bigger 'fire power' to a later time. When 'the target' responds, Allred escalates her presence with more substantive evidence and goes for 'the smack down'. There may be several rounds of escalation before Allred gets her victory. But in the end she usually gets that victory because she would not have moved forward in the first place without hard evidence to do what she wants to do. She picks her fights! SLICK STUFF! Not very sophisticated. But effective.

'The Meg People' have really been suckered into this 'tempest in a teapot' A tempest they're not going to win.

So, today, at the SHOWDOWN AT NOON, Gloria Allred will again reach to her backside, pull out more anal cavity morsels  and this time smear Meg's Pinocchio nose with it.

Let the games we HOORAY FOR HOLLYWOOD!


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