Sunday, October 31, 2010

THE 2010 ELECTIONS! It's Not (REALLY) Over Until Miss Piggy SINGS! But We Think IT'S OVER NOW!

This is CAPITOL HILL in Washington, D.C.  Majestic. Powerful. It's beautiful!

This is THE PLACE where the present and future of our country is planned and managed and executed. To be there one feels the power and energy oozing from the brick and mortar and granite from which it's built. 

Every citizen of these United States needs to visit this iconic place at least once. Not only to see it, but to feel it. It is an experience like no other. It is history. It is the here and now. And it is the future of a great land and a great people. It is America!

Having said that, our regular readers know we're political junkies of the first degree. We are addicted to politics. Federal, State, Local. Name it and we'll be there. 

These past months we've focused on a few specific Federal and State races  we see as bell weathers for the nation in these mid-year elections. We've also given our sometimes caustic, sometimes flat out nasty, sometimes serious and sometimes parodied brands of commentary about the condition of that which is THE AMERICAN POLITIC today.  We've taken some very candid positions on both candidates and issues. Positions based on validated facts based on our research and knowledge. 

Could we sometimes be in error? Yes! Should facts based on validated evidence change, we can easily change our positions as well.  We are not ideologues.

Simply, we base what we say on hard evidence and then present our findings in sometimes silly, but hopefully meaningful thoughts. That's not to say everything we write is meaningful. 

Sometimes it gets down to just some silly stuff. We like silly stuff every once in a while. For example, almost anything 'palin' is silly stuff. Witness the 19 year old 'Bristol' who has taken time away from her public relations empire and political consulting firm to do a stint on Dancing With The Stars. Now 'that's silly'!

Are the 2010 mid-year elections over now? On the day before the polls open? Should we not wait for all the votes to be counted and for Miss Piggy to sing before we move on to the positioning and political drama that's sure to be in 2012?  We think we can  not only   make some educated predictions about tomorrows election outcomes, but also say it's over for this 2010 election cycle.

All 435 members of the House of Representatives are up for election tomorrow. In 2006, and again in 2008, the Democrats made significant gains in the House and have controlled it since 2006. Given what we've seen in the composite reputable polls and 'trending models' across the country we can predict with some accuracy  the Republicans will gain control of the 'House'. 

(John Boehner)
38 additional seats in The House are needed for the Republicans to take control. We predict 46  (with the possibility of many more) will go to the Republican side of the isle. John Boehner is on deck to be the Speaker of the House. Third in the line of succession to the presidency. 

In the Senate, we predict the Democrats will remain in control of  this chamber. There will be some losses for the Democrats. Possibly even Harry Reid, the senate's majority leader. But the the numbers just don't add up for the Republicans  in this unsettled election year.  It would take a miracle for the Republicans to take control of the Senate. And Joe Miller's and Christine O' Donnell's fundamentalist Christian God is not nodding in their direction right now. 

With the exception of California, we'll not mention other State offices up for election in this cycle with this article. (We'll give some analysis and commentary on some of these after Miss Piggy actually sings tomorrow night).   

(Jerry Brown)
In California, the polls and trending provide an easy victory for Jerry Brown over Meg Whitman for Governor. Meg just 'flamed out' in the final days of her campaign while Jerry just kept going like the energizer bunny. We predict a Brown victory by at least 10 points tomorrow. 

There is one caveat to our 'point prediction'. Whitman has assembled the most sophisticated (and expensive) and complex 'get out the vote' instruments ever invented which will be in a 'test run' tomorrow. She still can't win. But it will be interesting to see the results of this technical work. 

The races for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General are toss ups. Too close to call with hard evidence in our faces. We will, however, cautiously predict a Democrat win in the LG race and a Republican win in the AG race. The polls and 'trending' we have make these predictions 'iffy' at best. We also predict career politician Tom Torlickson, who's 'termed out' in countless elected offices,  will take  the important Insurance Commissioner election. 

(Barbara Boxer)
California's U.S. Senate race will go to thrice elected Barbara Boxer. Not because she's such a good candidate, but because Carly Fiorina is on the wrong side of issues California voters hold dear. Abortion and individual freedoms being some of those issues. The Burton Machine on Boxer's side also plays heavily into a Boxer less than spectacular win. 

So, here they are. Our (limited in number) predictions for tomorrows elections. Check us out on Wednesday to see how we did. 

(Carly and Meg with Clint who DID NOT Contribute to their campaigns)

MORE Gruesome Pit Bull Terrier Attack NEWS! This Time on an 8-Month Old Girl!

Pit Bull Terrier animal-to-human attacks and fatalities  are now so commonplace in America the Beautiful that major media rarely report them any longer unless there is a particularly heinous story along with them.

Atlanta, Georgia, October 1, 2010:   An 8-month old girl was attacked but not killed in a gruesome PIT BULL TERRIER event that ripped and tore at the toddler's lower extremities and buttocks areas that will require repeated reconstructive surgeries over a period of years. She remains in the intensive care unit in an Atlanta hospital.

Bryant Sidney, the child's grand uncle owns the 'pit' that exacted the physical damage while visiting the family. 

According to reports, the dog snatched the girl in her midsection and ran to the back yard with her while shaking and biting  the child. The infants mother ran to the back yard and freed the child after considerable violence. The dog was referred to as a sweet animal that never demonstrated previous violent propensities. 

When will government municipalities and States across this land take the responsibility of dealing with this public safety issue? 


(For background and statistics and other Pit Bull Terrier animal-to-human attacks and killings, please refer to our numerous previous articles about this subject matter.)                                          

Sarah Palin's Last-Ditch Effort to Save Joe Miller's "LIFE SUPPORT" Senate Hopes Alive! DIARRHEA of The MOUTH?

It's been a bad few weeks for that 'good Christian woman' from Alaska, Sarah Palin.

In California, GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman turned Palin's offer to campaign for her down. Then Tea Party/GOP California senate candidate  Carly Fiorina did likewise. Then Karl Rove trashed her 'reality' TV show. Then after saying SHE would run for the presidency "if there's  nobody else to do it", a recent ABC/Washington Post Poll (Oct. 25-28, 2010) found there was not much support for her to run with two-thirds of likely voters saying she was 'unqualified" and more than 50% giving her an "unfavorable" rating.  Then with Palin's  'picked' Tea Party candidates campaigns going in the toilet, venerable Sarah must have really ticked off GOD.  Big time. 

None of this means that Sarah's mouth diarrhea affliction has subsided, however. 

Today we found Sarah on FOX NEWS (where else?) gushing anal cavity morsels from her mouth which were even more vitriolic than usual. A meltdown, maybe? We don't know how much of what she said is so because like FOX, Sarah lost her credibility along time ago. Still the major media has picked up the story and we thought we needed to do our quick and dirty 'take' on it. 

Earlier this week, as the GOP changed horses again in Alaska, and dumped Joe Miller in favor of Lisa Murkowski in their battle  for the U.S. Senate, Sarah held a rally for Joe in a last ditch effort to save his candidacy. It hasn't done much good when one looks at the most recent polls. But she tried. 

Then today, Sarah went on a tirade in front of the FOX cameras calling CBS News and other media "corrupt bastards". Repetitiously. She went on to include Lisa Murkowski in the mix of corruption designed to destroy Joe Miller's candidacy.

Here's the back story. Sarah has two vendettas going here. One is that her star is fading with the GOP and she has been publicly embarrassed by the GOP in Alaska and elsewhere. 

The other is an old grudge and on going feud Palin has with Murkowski and the Murkowski family. It's a long story. Suffice to say this feud is a 'Hatfield-Mc Coy' type generational saga. Something Palin must 'get-off' on because she stirs it up every chance she gets and makes. Low stuff, actually. 

Although we predict the GOP will have a good day this coming Tuesday, we also predict that Sarah Palin and her 'pet' Tea Party candidates, Joe Miller in Alaska and Christine O' Donnell in Delaware, will have a very bad day and will go down to big defeats. Footnotes in political history.

Meanwhile, we can count on Sarah gushing more diarrhea even after this election cycle.



(Rally to Restore Sanity-The Great Mall-October 30, 2010)

Some 40 or so years ago, President Nixon coined the term "The Silent Majority" when speaking about the voting population in America. 

Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert-Sanity Rally-10/30/2010)
Yesterday, at Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore SANITY on the Great Mall in Washington, D.C., The "SILENT MAJORITY" ROARED!  It roared with numbers and laughter and SANITY!

A month or so ago, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin staged their rally to Restore Honor to America to a puny audience compared to The Rally to Restore SANITY crowd.  The Rally to Restore 'Honor' was also staged at the Great Mall.

The numbers are basically in.  The 'honor' number  of participants tabbed in at from 65,000 to 90,000 according the The National Park Service, CBS News and aerial photographs among other relatively reliable sources. 

The SANITY crowd  clocked in at somewhere between 215,000 and 250, 000 according to the same sources.

The SILENT MAJORITY is visible and no longer silent! SANITY does prevail over the Fear and Hate  fomented by the weaker number. 

Still, it seems the media prefers to report on the fringe, vocal nut cases from the far right. Something President Eisenhower termed 'The Tyranny of the Weak' 50 or so years ago. Is America reliving it's history?

Way to go JON STEWART!


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Joe Miller Election NEWS!

(Joe Miller)

Joe Miller, the once celebrated Tea Party/Sarah Palin backed 'would be' U.S. senator from Alaska candidacy HAS stumbled and fallen into the toilet of political fecal matter. In the process he takes 2012 presidential candidate Palin with him in so far as Alaska is concerned as well. 

Unlike some other States, Alaska voters pay attention to their politics, do their homework, and know who and what they're voting for. Polls now show Miller sinking as Lisa Murkowski gains significantly as a 'write-in' candidate with a 10 point lead! (Read the numbers and weep, Sarah!)

Sensing his defeat on Tuesday, duplicitous 'joe' implores his remaining base to "pray as you've never prayed before", as if some divinity from heaven will swoop down upon 'the flock' and somehow change what the majority of voters have decided. 

Has 'joe' torn out a page out of Sharron Angle's fundamentalist Bible? 

Good luck Alaska voters! Although we here on the 'mainland' have not agreed with Lisa Murkowski much of the time, she has served you and your State with honor and in your best interests.



Some of our readers are fascinated with our Church of Body Modification article (please refer to our September 16,  publication, "What? Another New Church........."). Certainly, it's members are arguably a 'freak show', interesting to look at,  and the 'true believer' we've found here is, if not a card carrying member of this 'church', clearly a sympathizer with BM members with his body, heart and soul. A true zealot.

Our fascination with the Church of BM is more than visual, however. We see a curious logic here.

Over the last few years, there has been and IS right now an unsettling blend of CHURCH and STATE coming from our incumbents and candidates for public office. Currently, that blend comes from the fundamentalist Christian religious groups who now seem to have the microphones. Sharron Angle, Christine O' Donnell, Joe Miller, Jim De Mint, Sarah Palin and others unabashedly present their Church and State blends to the media and public. It started with GW some years back, though his pontifications seem tame by comparison to this 'new crop'. Today, it's in our faces. 

But this is TODAY. What about TOMORROW?

With a CHURCH and STATE government blend, suppose a Scientologist, a Muslim, even The Church of Body Modification religiosity's take hold in the body of 'the American politic'. It this probable? No. But the possibility remains when CHURCH and STATE become blended.

Just some food for thought.

J.                                   e

Friday, October 29, 2010

Mc Donalds! Voter Intimidation and Coertion in Canton, Ohio!

(Pac Tel-140 New Montgomery-SF)

In the late 1950's I was a very young man, going to college full time and working full time at Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company in the California Bay Area earning less than $400. a month. One day I was called to a meeting with the District Manager of our division with other employees. Big stuff given the lowliness of my position.

At the meeting, the District Manager said that 'HE' wanted 100% financial participation in 'giving' to the United Crusade in HIS division; that a number of HIS employees had not contributed in the initial charitable drive and that should we 'not contribute' our performance evaluations and promotional opportunities would be compromised.   A minimum of 5% of my gross income was the minimum amount to be taken from our pay check each month before other deductions by this managers calculations.  We would have to agree. We were told that what we did was strictly 'voluntary', of course.

I felt personally violated and intimidated with this turn of events.  Sickened.

I learned some things, though. I learned that some people take 'ARROGANT LIBERTIES' when they have power over others. And I learned that some of what I'd learned in school was not always so. I learned some things about myself too and became determined that if ever I found myself in positions of power that I would never treat those in my purview as I'd been treatesd.

My immediate reaction and responses, however, were easy ones. I was about to be conscripted  into the U.S. Army, knew it, said "NO" to the manager and entered the army a couple months later, never to return to PT&T. 

This event in my life has never left me. I often wondered what my colleagues did. I would fully understand that others not in my position would have buckled under to the corporate pressure to save their jobs.   

I was in service during the Viet Nam era and questioned what the military was doing there in the first place. Was it for corporations to manage employees incomes? I also learned that 'arrogant liberties' were alive and well in the U.S. military as a Private 'No Class'.

A similar situation is present in Canton, Ohio at the Mc Donalds franchise where a franchise owner has attached a letter with the paychecks to all employees essentially saying that should GOP/Tea Party candidates not be elected next week that their salaries and benefits will not increase and probably be reduced if 'other' candidates are elected.

The letter goes on to say that 'voting' is a personal 'thing', however, votes for the Republican candidates identified below (the names of several GOP candidates appeared at the bottom of the letter)  and their winning would solidify employees not experiencing reductions, but possible increases in salaries and benefits.   

INTIMIDATION and COERCION! Pure and simple. 

Where are the politicians in all this? We can bet the GOP/TEA PARTY is OK with it and may have encouraged it. Where is The DOJ? How many other intimidation's and coercions are happening on all sides of the political spectrum with this kind of pressure on some employees? People who really NEED their jobs and incomes?

Ohio voters? Where are you? Your State is already beginning to look  like 1937 Nazi Germany! 

Whats next? Mandatory membership in the local Southern Baptist Churches? 


P.S. And Mc Donalds Corporate? Where Are You?

FOX NEWS NEWS! Caught Again In A Bold Faced LIE!

(William Randolph Hearst)

In the early years of the last century, news media history provides that news mogul William Randolf Hearst often made-up news and published it in wholesale lots in his newspaper empire. He Lied!

Today, it seems FOX NEWS (?) uses Hearst's textbook in positioning their 'news'. Especially the chapter on 'FALSE NEWS'. The bold faced lies coming from Fox commentators is now legendary (i.e. Glenn Beck, ground zero pictures and on and on). Fox's general 'news' is at best twisted and bent to Rupert Murdock's editorial policies. 

(Steve Doocy)
Yesterday, on the program 'Fox News & Friends', friend host Steve Doocy reported "INMATES VOTE, TROOPS DON'T!", and made reference to  Illinois absentee voting practices. The thrust of the story was that Illinois was disrespecting our troops and violating their voting rights. 

An interesting story, but patently false. A LIE! (Verified).

We question why Fox does such ignorant and stupid things. But, then again, their primary audience base is at best gullible and ignorant and at worst, stupid.  So, in some kind of convoluted way it makes some sense. 

Suffice to say FOX NEWS (?) lost any and all credibility with thinking people a long time ago!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Meg Whitman Election NEWS! A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words!


Sharron Angle/Harry Ried Election News! The Polls Lean Toward Angle!

(Sharron Angle)

As we move into the final weekend of this election cycle, recent reliable polls show Sharron Angle leading incumbent Harry Reid by about 4 (with a 3 or so point margin of error) points in the Nevada senatorial race.  Most voters have decided who they will be voting for which makes these composite poll numbers important.

When a political candidate is running behind in the polls they usually say something innocuous about them with discounting verbiage. When a candidate is running ahead in the polls, that candidate says very little about them too.

The fact is that political candidates 'live' by the polls. Polls are the 'holy grail' of campaign strategy. Polls are believable, believed and generally accurate. And we accept them too.

And we accept that  Sharron Angle is ahead of Harry Reid in Nevada by 1 to 3 points. Should these numbers hold up, Angle will be one of Nevada's 2 U.S. Senators in January.

Our question is why and how this comes to be. Why would most Nevada voters vote against their best interests?

Nevada has a high population of retired seniors. Angle, if elected, will vote her party dogma. That would be against the best interests of seniors with Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Veteran's services. She WILL vote the Wall Street, Military-Industrial party line which trumps anything in behalf of senior citizens.

Nevada also has a large population of workers in all facets of the food, service and entertainment industries. Why would anyone in these industries and their ancillary support workers vote against their best interests with a vote for Angle? 

Remember that Angle is a religious nut and her campaign is a "trajectory from God". Her religious views will take precedence above all, and this means when given the opportunity she will vote against the interests of most of Nevada's entertainment industries.

Angle may dress herself up as a fiscal conservative out to reduce the federal deficit, but in reality she will be doing her brand of 'the work of the Lord' in Washington. 

We hope Nevada voters consider these things next Tuesday at the polls.


Rich Lott Election News! The Nazi 'Dress-UP Guy' is Still in Contention and He's Getting Some Last Minute Help!

(Boehner-Left/Lott in 30 year old picture)

The disgraced TEA PARTY Nazi historian, 'Dress-Up' guy running for the 9th District Congressional Seat in Ohio, RICH LOTT, is still in contention as a candidate. 

(Lott-Back, 2nd from right)
We have found no reliable polls coming from Ohio on this race. However, U.S. House Minority Leader, John Boehner, who has given generously to Lott's campaign, is traveling to Ohio this weekend to appear with Lott in his final push toward election day. This combined with a new infusion of Tea Party Express money keeps  Lott in contention. 

The puzzlement about Rich Lott's candidacy is that so far he has insulted veterans specifically and the majority of knowledgeable, thinking U.S. citizens generally with his 30 year immersion  in Nazi  trappings. There is further puzzlement that while most GOP/Tea Party candidates and incumbents have distanced themselves from Lott that John Boehner hasn't. 

John Boehner is poised to become The Speaker of the House of Representatives should the Republicans succeed in winning the majority of seats in this election cycle. Boehner would be third in the line of succession to the presidency should this happen. What does Boehner's BIG support for Lott say about him? And what does it say to the country and the rest of the world about the direction of America the Beautiful? Is The U.S.A. poised to look like 1936 Germany? 

The 9th District Ohio voters will have some say in all this on November 2!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


California is the only State in the union without an oil severance tax!


California is the 3rd largest oil producing State following Texas and Alaska. Alaska, typically a 'red' State, has an oil severance tax of 25% of the annual production tax value of oil and gas.  In Texas, another 'red' State, oil severance tax is at 12%. Other States have mineral severance taxes of between 8 and 25% . 

But, no OIL SEVERANCE  TAX in California! 


Both Meg Whitman, candidate for California governor, and Carly Fiorina, candidate for U.S. Senate, es toll the 'great  business incentive model' coming from Texas. So where is the OIL SEVERANCE TAX accompanying their model?  Are they prepared to support an OIL SEVERANCE TAX  in California?  

And where are the California Democrats in all this?

California produces over 300 million barrels of oil a year. Just a 5% tax would cover the current budget deficit California now experiences. Democrats and Republicans! Where are YOU on this issue? Why does California NOT have an OIL SEVERANCE TAX? 

(Meg Whitman)
Also, about JOBS! Meg? Carly? You talk about creating jobs!  But, your histories provide your combined LOSS and destruction OF JOBS (through lay-offs and off shoring) in California out number all other candidates currently running for office!

Meg? Carly? You speak with BIG forked Tongue!

Would anyone care to respond to these facts?



Who is Ron Nehring? Why is He FOR PROPOSITION 23? Why Does He Have BIG Political Clout In California?

(Ron Nehring)

We disagree with Ron Nehring on just about everything. He is unequivocally FOR PROPOSITION 23, the California Proposition that if passed by voters this next Tuesday would suspend AB 32,  until the unemployment rate is reduced to below 5.5% for one year. He supports Meg Whitman for governor and Carly Fiorina for U.S. Senator. He wholeheartedly supports the FULL Republican agenda, both in this State and nationally.

So, who is Ron Nehring? He is the The Chair of the California Republican Party and Republican National Committee State Chairman. He has political clout! 

Ron Nehring is an 'under the radar' career politician with more than 20 years experience of 'inside' conservative politics. He is a highly paid 'hired gun' who hits bulls eyes, especially for himself. Nehring has been in his current job since 2007.  After the 'name' politicians are gone, Ron Nehring is still here pushing the next generations of 'political meat' forward. With his background and expertise, he has insured longevity of career.

Ron Nehring is smart, articulate and presents his party's dogma and agenda with straight forward measured information with masterful clarity. He is a formidable presence in the Republican Party and on the entire political landscape nationally. A professional under any definition. 

We had occasion to hear Ron Nehring speak earlier this week at which time he was espousing reasons to vote FOR Proposition 23. 

(A vote for Prop. 23)
(another vote for Prop. 23)

And why is Ron Nehring FOR Proposition 23?  Pure and simple. Nehring is FOR it because it's part of the Republican agenda. Support Big Oil and Wall Street because that's where HIS money and Republican money comes from. He's an ideologue for that cause! 

We have previously articulated validated reasons to VOTE NO ON PROP. 23 on this blog. Please refer to those articles for background. 


Again, we encourage a NO VOTE on PROPOSITION 23 next Tuesday!


ABC National NEWS? For Innocuous Dumbed Down News....TRY IT! Disconnect!

FOX (ENTERTAINMENT) NEWS (?) is not the only 'innocuous', dumbed-down news permeating the airwaves today. Try ABC national Radio news for a dose of junk news when you're in the mood for tripe.

(THE GREAT AMERICAN FREAK SHOW--Courtesy of Huffington Post)

Today, the 8 a.m. ABC National Radio News presented these stories: 

1. A vague, nebulous report about the Democrat and Republican efforts to 'get out the vote' next Tuesday;

2. A report on Denise Richards' appearance on 'The View' who did not talk about Charlie Sheen's New York Hotel/Hospital events of yesterday;

3. A science study providing men who eat whole grain and non-fat foods have more sperm than men who eat fatty foods.

And THAT was it! 

Is it any wonder thinking people, especially critical thinking people have 'turned off' these major media outlets? 

At the same time, Tea Party Nut, South Carolina Senator Jim De Mint plans to bring a proposal to Capitol Hill during the upcoming lame duck session to discontinue public funding to NPR/PBS media outlets.

(Karl Rove)
Yesterday, the evil-spirited Karl Rove gave support to De Mint's proposal by saying, "45% of NPR listeners were Saddam Hussein" and then forwarded 'FOX NEWS' as a solution to PBS woes. Yes! We know this makes no sense at all. But, then again, THE AMERICAN FREAK SHOW of politics in which we now find ourselves makes no sense either.


The California Governors Race UPDATE: Cheers for Jerry, Boos for Meg, Laughs for Arnie at Maria Shriver's Women's Conference!

Yesterday, at Maria Shriver's  annual WOMENS CONFERENCE in Long Beach, California, perhaps the most interesting  exchange of ideas of this season's campaign for governor occurred between California's candidates.

The 14,000 women in attendance were animated and open. Along with husband, current Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria snagged Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman for her event, put them all on stage together and flew in Matt Lauer from the TODAY Show as a moderator of sorts  in front of the large and vocal audience who asked 'the panel' of politicians some 'free-wheeling' questions. Arnie sat between Jerry and Meg and seemed to enjoy every minute of his appearance, cracking jokes and not endorsing either candidate.  Jerry was open and animated while Meg appeared 'boardroom-ish' and disconnecting with the audience.

Arnie continued the 'UP' nature of the event with humor as he took questions from Matt along with the candidates. When the question, "will each candidate take down their negative ads and run only substantive ads in the final days of the campaigns", Jerry jumped on the idea with quickness and humor with an unequivocal 'YES', to thunderous cheers and applause. Meg's response was equivocal and meandering as the boos and audience jeers grew into high decibels.

We think Meg sealed her political fate with THIS public appearance. Duplicity seems to be part of her soul. Her lack of substance in virtually every part of  her 'billionaire' campaign has become clear to most California voters. 

Unless between now and election day Jerry Brown  is found driving drunk at 2 p.m. some afternoon and hits a school bus with special needs kids in it,  or found in a compromising assignation with a goat, we predict he will win the California Governorship by at least 10 points!  


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another Pit Bull Killing---Pit Bull Kills A Newborn Boy In Florida! When Will These Killer Animals Be Legally Controlled?

We've reported a number of pit bull 'attack and killing' stories here in the last year or so.   We have also presented the facts (with full statistics) about pit bull terriers and the public safety issues they present in previous articles. We have encouraged States and local municipalities to regulate these animals because of their 'attack and kill' predispositions. 

We have not reported the 100 or so dog to human killings these animals have exacted on their victims, most of them children, this year alone. This story, however, needs to be told as it repeats the real threat Pit Bull Terriers continue to be in our communities. 

October 26, 2010:  Arlington, Florida: Police are reporting the Pit Bull mauling death of a newborn boy. The name of the dead infant and the names of his parents have not been released as of this writing.  The 'Pit' was the family 'pet' according to authorities. Police are investigating how the infant was being supervised at the time of the attack and if criminal charges will be filed against the parent(s). 

The police report is graphic and we'll not detail it here. Suffice to say the infant was literally torn apart!

How many children and others have to die or be maimed  for the rest of their lives because of Pit Bull Terrier attacks before law and authority take charge of this real public safety issue?



SENIOR CITIZENS! Have You Recieved Your MEDICARE & YOU 2011 Handbook? A Vote For A GOP/TEA PARTY Candidate IS A Vote Against Your Own Best Interests!

If you are 65 years and above, by now you've received your MEDICARE &  YOU 2011 Handbook. Did you read it? Were there many changes in your coverage? Are satisfied with your Medicare? 80 plus percent of recipients are!

If you are satisfied with your Medicare, then why would you vote for candidates in the upcoming elections who would reduce your benefits or take them away entirely? 

If those candidates you are now favoring are attached to the GOP/Tea Party groups, they ARE NOT ON YOUR SIDE when it comes to YOUR HEALTH.  Their agenda is to reduce and or remove Medicare. Such has long been the Republican Agenda to just that.  

Recall the history of how Medicare was established in the first place. Republicans were against it. Recall the history right up to just a few weeks ago when incumbent Republican politicians time and again voted against your best interests from Social Security to Medicare while attempting to make a drooling case for making the Bush tax cuts to the top 2% of the very rich permanent. The Republican/Tea Party agenda IS against you, seniors!

Why, then,  would you vote AGAINST YOUR OWN BEST INTERESTS?  


California TEA PARTY U.S. Senate Candidate Carly Fiorina HOSPITALZED TODAY! Serious Heath Issues Are Raised!

Today, TEA PARTY candidate for the U.S. Senate in California Carly Fiorina was hospitalized for what her spokespeople are saying is an infection stemming from some reconstructive surgery she underwent last July.

Serious health questions must be raised. To their credit, Democrats have not made  Fiorina's health issues campaign issues. But certainly Fiorina's health must be considered now.

Fiorina was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, underwent a double mastectomy followed by radiation and chemo therapy.

Now, Carly is in the hospital for treatment of an infection attendant to her reconstructive procedure, according to a statement from her campaign people. She is being treated with antibiotics and expected to make a full recovery according to the statement. 

Can we believe what we are told? Has Fiorina had a relapse of the cancer? Maybe we'll never know, but her health is now a 'FRONT and CENTER' issue in an election that's only 7 days away.

We certainly want Carly to lose her election. But we also certainly want her full recovery as well!



Miss Piggy /Ben Quayle (AKA Brock Landers) NEWS! MISS PIGGY IS On The OFFENSE! And On the Campaign Trail! LOOK OUT TEA PARTIERS Miss Piggy Is Now Gunning For YOU!

(Please see our companion articles "Miss Piggy and Big Bird........" October 24, 2010, and "TEA PARTY favorite.........." October 23, 2010) )

Never a shrinking violet, in the face of U.S. Senator Jim De Mint's   proposed discontinuation  of NPR and PBS Broadcasting  federal funding which kills her off in the process, MISS PIGGY has gone on the offensive! 

Miss Piggy IS campaigning not FOR candidates, but against a few select candidates. According to Miss  Piggy, those candidates include, but are not limited to,  the 'de minted' De Mint,   the 'holier than thou' Sharron Angle and the 'SEX SWINGER' Ben Quayle. Miss Piggy says, "I'm telling IT like 'IT' IS!"

Miss Piggy is not respectful of most TEA PARTY people. She candidly says "TEA PARTY candidates for public office are 'dumb shit STOOGES' without moral compass".  

(Brock Landers Card)
Referencing Ben Quayle aka Brock Landers, candidate in the 3rd Congressional District of Arizona, Miss Piggy laments, "I liked Brock! I called him 'Brocky'. I knew, of course, that he was a Quayle. We never had sex. Brocky liked boys more anyway and I never cared much for effeminate men in bed.  We were friends and I knew he was helping get started too. I don't judge people and I didn't judge Brocky. What he does and who he is is none of my business. What does bother me is that when he decided to run for public office he was fundamentally dishonest. A profound character flaw.  He denied he was Brocky. Then he said he 'fibbed' about it and was Brocky after all. Then he took all that TEA PARTY money. Then he continued to be Brocky at the Boogie Nights clubs. And then he was Ben on all those posters and signs. Now, the 'de-minted Senator in South Carolina is calling for discontinuance of federal funds to PBS and Ben-Brocky is supporting him!  So, just to tell IT like IT IS, Brocky used to handout cards to people at Boogie Nights.  And there's a lot more. My campaign against 'tea partiers' begins!"

(A copy of one of the cards Miss Piggy mentions is shown upper left of the previous paragraph.)     

We thank Miss Piggy for her candor and wish her well on the campaign trail.                                                                  


Miss Piggy/Sharron Angle NEWS! Miss Piggy Continues On The Campaign Trail! This Time In Nevada!

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(Take THIS, Sharron, Man Up!)
Miss Piggy continues on the campaign trail. Today we find her in Nevada turning heads away from ultra conservative TEA PARTY/GOP  U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle. 

Stopping by a shopping mall in Las Vegas while on her way to the Mustang Ranch for a stage show, 'la Diva Piggy', said very little in a hastily prepared speech. 

(Angle as she Angles)
"Ladies and Gentlemen, today I can only speak briefly about your  ugly U.S. Senatorial candidate, Sharron Angle, who has given her support to withdraw federal funds from PBS/NPR and thereby take   Sesame Street and other 'true' educational programing  off the air. Don't vote for the holier than thou bitch!  Jesus wouldn't!"

Stepping down from her soap box, Miss Piggy then unveiled a naughty two story picture of herself (above right) at the front of Macy's with the caption, 'TAKE THIS SHARRON/MAN UP!'

Again, we appreciate Miss Piggy's candor and political brevity!

To be continued.................