Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Meet Senator Mark Kirk (R-ILL)! A NEW ESTABLISHMENT Republican Soldier! (Updates: Kirk Suffers Stroke!)

(Mark Kirk)

(Update January 26, 2012: Today doctors at Northwestern Memorial Hospital gave an update on Senator Kirk's condition saying he underwent a second surgery that included removing 2 pieces of brain tissue destroyed by his recent stroke. Kirk remains in serious, but stable condition with no change in prognosis. 

Does the 'lord' work in mysterious ways?)

(Update January 23, 2012: Mark Kirk's Washington Office is reporting that Senator Kirk suffered a major stroke this past weekend and underwent surgery this morning to relieve swelling on the brain. 

Kirk, 52, is expected to make a recovery after what is expected to be a long recovery period of treatment and rehabilitation according to attending physicians. Doctors said they removed an 8" by 4" portion of his skull in a successful surgery to relieve pressure to the brain. Kirk remains in a Chicago hospital.

We wish him a full recovery.

As a point of contrast to Kirk's illness, Aunt May who also lives in Chicago and also 52, suffered a similar stroke last year. Unfortunately, Aunt May didn't have health insurance because she couldn't afford it. 

She is surviving, but her recovery is slow and compromised by mounting bills and family care with little professional assistance. 

Is not something wrong in our country when Aunt May's taxes pay for Senator Kirk's grand treatment while Aunt May can't get the same rehab and treatment?)

Mark Kirk is an Establishment Republican career politician. He comes to the U.S. Senate after 5 terms in the House of Representatives (10th District, Illinois). 

With his 'little lord Fontleroy' looks and quiet manner, he has been a relatively non-descriptive  member of congress and typically voted at the pleasure of his masters in the forms of John Boehner and Eric Cantor in The House. Now he's under the thumb of Mitch Mc Connell in The Senate. 

Mark Kirk is a 'good little soldier' in the GOP establishment! 

At midnight TONIGHT over 2 million people will lose their jobless benefits. The congress has failed to act on any extensions. 

And yesterday Senator elect Mark Kirk spoke for the GOP establishment saying, "An extension of jobless benefits is misguided because of the federal deficit".   He went on to say that 'tax cuts for the (super) rich needed to be passed permenantly' for the benefit of the American economy'! 

No commentary is necessary here. Except to ask, 'is this what the American electorate voted for in the recent midterm elections? 

Apparently, The GOP Establishment has 'read it' that way! And Mark Kirk is carrying that message.


Our APOLOGIES To MAMIE VAN DORAN! We Do Recognize Ms. Van Doran IS A Woman of Considerable Substance Over Sarah Palin!


Our sincere apologies go to perennial starlet Mamie Van Doran!

Ms. Van Doran has made a cottage industry from 50+ years as a Hollywood starlet. She has been very successful at it and earned substantial income by doing what she does. 

At 79, she is still going strong and we recognize she works as a single act and would not appreciate any comparison to any one else. Especially the 'flash in the pan' political starlet Sarah Palin. We certainly recognize Mamie has considerable substance over starlet-Sarah. And we're sorry for any misunderstanding for that kind of comparison in a previous article.

We've never met Mamie Van Doran. But we suspect she is one smart woman with a great sense of humor and an eternal zest for life!   

Keep it going, Mamie! We Love ya!


DON'T ASK! DON'T TELL! "DON'T CARE"! The Troops Have Spoken!

The 'REPORT' is OUT! The rank and file U.S. Military Troops have spoken!  The vast majority just don't care about gays in the military. Well over 70% of the military say 'it' just "doesn't matter". 

Will the U.S. Government change the law about gays serving openly in the military? Probably, but not before the fundamentalist Christian hate mongers have said their pieces  and some pandering politicians 'rhetoric' their assertions and pontifications without data to their possum pie eating political base.  

Meanwhile, the parakeet brain of Joe Rehysky has written NYT op-ed piece saying, "Lesbian (soldiers) can be 'converted' BY male (straight) soldiers. Rehysky says, "give the male soldiers a fair shot at converting them". 

Joe Rehysky is or has been a Tennessee State Law Enforcement official for many years and is known for his pinched minded outspoken Christian fundamentalist views. Along with his homophobia, he is also known for not caring for Mormons and Muslims very much either.

(We Don't Care Either)
So be IT! Lets go on with the business of protecting the country and forget about the ignorance that has prevailed in our government for far too long.


Mamie Van Doran and Sarah Palin! The Commonalities of a Movie Starlet and a Political Starlet!

(Perennial Starlet Mamie Van Doran)

A "STARLET" is a woman of little and few talents. A "WANNABE" who never will be. Most are attractive, but have little to work with save ambition. Some marry well (Pia Isadora comes immediately to mind). Some 'starlets' are perennials in the media and have long shelf lives, while others are annuals who fade out rapidly.

(Mamie Van Doran in an earlier year)
Mamie Van Doran was a film starlet who began her wannabe career in the 1950's. Now in her 70's, she is still going like the energizer bunny. She is perhaps the oldest (working) starlet in Hollywood. She has her own website and chronicles her years of 'starletdom' there for all to see.  

(Mamie Again)
Mamie Van Doran did make her share of movies in which her roles were mainly bit parts. She did, however, star in a few poverty row 'grindhouse' movies, SEX KITTENS GO TO COLLEGE and STAR IN THE DUST, to name two. 

(Early Mamie)
Mamie Van Doran was one of those Hollywood jokes who stayed on the scene and made an ample income doing car shows and posing for pictures (Hustler) and even appearing on bottles of wine in her later years. In fact, she still represents a brand wine company and a particular wine blend.  She even wrote a modest selling biography of herself a few years back.

And, once upon a time, Mamie Van Doran was a beautiful, voluptuous woman.

In some past articles we have referred to Sarah Palin as a political starlet and we see some interesting commonalities and parallels  between starlet-Sarah and starlet-Mamie.  

Movie starlets tend to speak about issues they know nothing about. Because of her demonstrated shallowness we recognize this to be so of starlet-Sarah. Mamie has her wine (we don't think she has a degree in viticulture) and Sarah has her politics (Certainly she has no degrees in Political Science or Constitutional Law). 

Just today, starlet-Sarah lashed out again at the Obama Administration, calling it 'incompetent' because of the Wiki leaks. Her statement was 42 words in length and demonstrated her incompetence of understanding of what the Wiki leaks are all about and the gravity of the issue itself. But, she got the 'media-bite' which was what she was after in the first place.   

For the record, Wiki leaks has published 1000's of sensitive classified government documents stolen by an Army Pvt. who is in custody now and has confessed to the crimes. Wiki leaks comes from a foreign country and the U.S. has no legal jurisdiction over it's management. We suspect starlet-Sarah does not know or care about this cursory information.

(More Starlet Sarah)
Still and all, we see  some commonalities between Starlet Sarah and Starlet Mamie.

Do you?                                                      


Monday, November 29, 2010

Alaska Gonorrhea Epidemic! Is THE Palin Family Circus Involved? Is it Mentioned In Sarah's New Book? Is THIS Another Palin Family Value?

Here is some simple data from ALASKA!

Since 2008, the State of Alaska has seen their STD rate grow exponentially!  In particular, the gonorrhea rate is up to epidemic proportions!  Why?

We don't know why, but the data is incontrovertible. Alaska has the biggest gonorrhea infection rate per 100,000 population in the nation. And it's growing every year.

Could it be the Palin Family Circus has something to do with all this? 

(Ketchican, Alaska)
Of course not!  We simply wanted to make a silly assertion without data or proof of any kind just as the silly Palins do virtually every time their mouths open.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sarah Palin NEWS! The Palin Family CIRCUS Continues As Sarah Urges Support for "NORTH KOREA", Bristol Gets Booted From DWTS and Willow Remains Silent!

(Sarah Palin)

The Palin Family Circus Continues........this past week the ubiquitous Sarah called into Glenn Beck's radio show (on Thanksgiving Day) to admonish the U.S.A. to stand by our allies, NORTH KOREA!  North Korea? Yup NORTH KOREA!  

Palin went on to say "we have treaty's there". Sarah did not amplify her thoughts.

The fact is The U.S. has treaties with both North Korea AND South Korea. Palin, of course did not expand on any of this and we suspect such is because she wouldn't know the differences of those treaties in the first place. Palin never did correct herself so we'll do it for her.

Sarah? South Korea is our friend and North Korea is not our friend.

Was it a simple verbal gaffe? Probably. Not many people are THAT ignorant. In Sarah's case, however, there is always the reasonable doubt that she really IS THAT IGNORANT of facts.

Lets give her the benefit of the doubt. Such a gaffe is not acceptable for anyone in high public office, however. Imagine Secretary of State Hillary Clinton making such a statement and we rest our case.

Meanwhile, the general media has picked up on Sarah's stupid remarks. Not Fox News(?) of course, but virtually all other media outlets have done so. 

Of course the political/media starlet Palin has fired back in her usual form. She says (on her FACEBOOK page) that President Obama has made similar gaffes as a candidate. But, again, and as usual, she gives no data as to when or where he did it. Again, ASSERTION WITHOUT DATA. Not credible stuff for any thinking person.

The bottom line HERE being that no one in any governmental authority can afford to make such a stupid mistake, else face the international community's dismissal and loss of credibility. INCOMPETENCE might be another term for it.

This past week also saw the 'pimped out', 20 year old Bristol Palin getting booted from Dancing with the Stars. A tearful Bristol said her performances meant more than just winning a competition. Winning meant "REVENGE!"

Yup, that's what Bristol said, "REVENGE"!  She never really said why and upon who, but REVENGE is what she was going for, according to her. 

We suspect that "REVENGE" is just another one of those Christian (family) values 'mother Palin' instilled in her children. 

Does not the 'good book' say, "vengeance is mine, saith the LORD"?  We also suspect mother Sarah was not aware of this admonition when teaching her children to be 'God Fearing'. 

We see a tragedy in all this. We feel very sorry for Bristol and her siblings. We hope Bristol and her brothers and sisters  can rise above the mother's shortcomings sometime in the future. 

Meanwhile, 16 year old Willow was silent this past week and did not make any inflammatory, politically incorrect statements. 

YES!  The Palin Family Circus continues into the annals of footnote history which is sure to be the joke of the early 21st century.

Surely, there will be more to come.


Pansy Man Sen. Lindsay Grahm NEWS! "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Going Nowhere, He Says!

(Senator Lindsay Graham-Faggot or Not?)

Today, speaking on Fox News(?) Sunday, the 'don't tell' pantie-waist Senator from South Carolina Lindsay Graham said the 'don't ask don't tell' 17 year old military is "going nowhere".

In his usual fundamentalist Christian pandering, the ranking Senate 'military-mouth' of the GOP 'establishment' is once again using a social issue as a facade for hiding the real Republican agenda of giving more to 'the haves' while taking from the 'have nots'. 

By keeping ignorant minds busy with 'barnyard social issues' such as a woman's right to choice, gun control, sanctity of marriage and a convoluted understanding of the U.S. Constitution, the Republican Establishment can and will go about the work of their military-industrial establishment masters.    

For example, turning back and nullifying the recent omnibus health care reform law (Obamacare) is a number one priority on the establishment Republican 'hit' list. They present assertions and platitudes without data.

The reliable data about the health care reform issue provides that a big majority of Americans want the health care recently passed into law. And a greater majority say it didn't go far enough. This is NOT information one will hear from the establishment Republicans. Just the opposite will be said (without data). 

The bottom line to all this IS that the Republican establishment is out to take care of the private health care industry and keep their profits rolling in. If they prevail, the vast majority of the public will pay bigger premiums while some will not be able to afford insurance at all. Some will not be able to find insurance because of pre-existing conditions. Still others will be forced into bankruptcy because of medical bills and some will die because they will avoid treatment when they can't afford it.

When it comes to the military 'don't ask, don't tell' policy, the data shows the vast majority of America is open to 'gays in the military' serving openly. (For the record, Gays have been in the military since time began.) Moreover, the big majority (70+%) of those now serving in the military  agree that gay people should serve openly. 

So why is the pansy from South Carolina saying what he's saying without data? He's doing it for HIS masters from afar. He's doing it to keep the ignorant Christian fundamentalists in the Republican corner. Pure and simple!

And what about Lindsay Graham himself ('limp-wrist Lindie' as some call him in D.C.)?

There has been speculation for years that 'Lindie' is as queer as a 3 dollar bill. Meeting him and seeing him in person gives one more than clues that this guy 'dons his gay apparrel', slips on a pair of Dorothy's red sequined shoes and goes dancing down the yellow brick road. (An assertion without data?  Maybe. But better put as a simple question.)

As the famous Seinfeld episode provides, "not that it matters (in reference to being Gay)",  IT doesn't matter in and of itself.

What does matter is that Lindsay Graham may be fundamentally dishonest and hypocritical as to who and what HE is and in the process once again tears down the respect of our government.

More to come.............


Thursday, November 25, 2010

PALM SPRINGS CALIFORNIA NEWS! A 3rd World? Take a Visit and YOU Be The Judge!

Once upon a time, Palm Springs was the playground of THE STARS! BIG STARS! Bob Hope, Crosby, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, Al Jolson, Jack Benny.  You name 'em, they were there!  

Palm Springs was once a rich, healthy place in all respects. Today, the stars are gone and the richness and health of what it once offered is gone too. Just as the once upon  time great mayor, Sonny Bono, is gone.

We had not visited Palm Springs in many years and we went there with the anticipation of it's laid-back glitz, warmth and great food.  

Unfortunately, good o'l PS just isn't PS anymore. The recession has hit hard there in more ways than one.  Did L.A. send their homeless and mentally ill there on a Greyhound bus?  

Somebody MUST HAVE while the city fathers were sleeping, after they had to lay off their law enforcement people. Palm Springs with it's downtown business vacancies is dirty as well. And then we met up with some of the most rude tourists we've ever witnessed. German, we suspect. 

And so, folks, such is our 'travelog' for the moment. And it's also a word to those in Palm Springs who have some responsibility to it's citizens and the public who pay the bills. The City Council and the Chamber of Commerce.

It is recognized that revenues are down in cities and States across this nation. At the same time it is recognized that public safety and convenience is a necessity for survival. Especially destinational R&R locations, such as Palm Springs.

Accordingly, Palm Springs? You really need to get your act together. SOON!


ATTENTION HOLIDAY SHOPPERS! How Many People Will Die In Tomorrow's Shopping Stampedes? Is a $198. eMachine Lap Top Worth Dying For?

In years past the post Thanksgiving BLACK FRIDAY event has seen a number of people die in the 3am, 4am, and 5am big box store openings. 

Even as we write, some people are camped at the doors of these stores waiting in anticipation for "the rush" into those stores, stampeding in like wild pigs to the troughs of the electronics counters to slop up those $198.00 eMachine computers, never thinking they might die in the process. Unfortunately, some do.

As the 'games' begin, let us hope sheer emotion and greed will not prevail over good common sense and that all will return home intact for next years idiocracy of the season.

Happy Thanksgiving, one and ALL!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

TOM De LAY NEWS! Former REPUBLICAN U.S. House of Representatives Majority Leader Found Guilty of MONEY LAUNDERING! LIFE in PRISON?

(Tom De Lay)

The wheels of Justice turn slowly. But they do turn and today former U.S. House of Representatives Leader, Republican Tom De Lay was found guilty on Federal criminal charges of MONEY LAUNDERING and CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT  MONEY LAUNDERING. The maximum penalty for conviction of these crimes is LIFE IN PRISON!  Will such be De Lay's fate? Probably not. His sentencing hearing is scheduled for later on in the year, and of course, there will be appeals to these convictions. 

For the record, De Lay was convicted of taking money from corporations, funneling it through his PAC (political action committee), and giving it to other Texas politicians running for elected office in 2002. What most news reports don't say is that this is not the only criminal event. It was the only one charged with more to come if the De Lay people want to press for appeals. So, we just need to wait and see how this all translates to some kind of finality.  

(Convicted Felon Tom De Lay)
As points of history, Tom De Lay represented Texas 22nd Congressional District from 1984 to 2006. He was Majority Leader from 2003 to 2005. As a point of interest, De Lay became a born again fundamentalist Christian. We suspect he was not 'fully' born, because he's a convicted crook of events happening long after he 'saw the light'.

We'll reserve full commentary for a later date. However, suffice to say that those now in power in The U.S. House of Representatives, including the Speaker of The House, John Boehner, among other Republicans were in full support of De Lay, now a convicted felon. We wonder how these 'supporters' will treat this conviction publicly. 

We also wonder if and when we have another Republican President if he or she will 'pardon' De Lay. Should not the next Republican candidates for this office be asked this question?     


Monday, November 22, 2010


Bryan Fischer is NOT of the Fred Phelps (Westboro Baptist Church) variety of Conservative Christian whack jobs with few followers. Bryan Fischer is a whack job of much bigger proportion. 

Bryan Fischer has a huge Conservative Christian following given his position in The American Family Association, his radio talk show and as a writer of Christian values.His words and thoughts are 'golden' throughout the Midwest. Or, a portion of it, anyway.

Last week, President Obama gave the Medal of Honor to U.S. Army Sgt. Salvatore Giuto for saving a number of his fellow soldiers lives in Afghanistan at extreme risk to his own. Sgt. Giuto is one of the few 'living' REAL American heroes to receive this honor. All Americans can be proud of all Medal of Honor recipients, and especially Sgt. Salvatore Guito as it's newest recipient.  

Now comes the puny conservative Christian 'spoiler' Brian Fischer with his disparaging words that the highest military honor that can be given to a U.S. Service Person has been "FEMINIZED" (weakened) because the award has most recently been given to those who SAVE LIVES as opposed to those who KILL THE ENEMY! 

Does Fischer speak for ALL CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIANS? Or did he climb into Glenn Becks anal cavity once again for a morsel or 2 of his favorite 'hate-food' to feed to the flock! 

So? Lets hear from those Christian Conservatives who don't agree with Bryan Fischer. Or are there any out there.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Marijuana News! Our Information About California Prop. 19, The Maijuana Intiative (Oct. 13, 2010) has recieved Broad Readership! Now See Our Review of The Film "LEAVES of GRASS"!

Given the large readership we've experienced with our October 13, 2010, article, "CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 19, The Marijuana Initiative......", we also have a review of the film "LEAVES of GRASS" on our sister blog, jdewittaddison.blogspot. com which may be of interest.

LEAVES of GRASS is a black comedy starring Edward Norton in dual roles. 

Bill and Brady Kinkaid are estranged twin brothers. Bill is a brilliant Ivy league college professor and Brady is an equally brilliant grower of the worlds Best Marijuana. When their paths cross after 11 years, the fun and pathos begins.

You may want to take a look!

California's marijuana initiative failed at the polls last November 2. But the spirit lives on. 

On the positive side, Arizona voters narrowly passed a medical marijuana initiative that allows the sales and dispensing of cannabis for those who have medical approval to do so. Newly elected congressman Ben Quayle aka Brock Landers are pleased with this, we would suspect.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Is America Apathetic? Tired? Just Don't Care? Dumb? Stupid? Brain Dead? This PEW Research Project Suggests Something Is Going ON!

Whats going on America?   What's happened to us? Why are most Americans so illiterate about their government and how it works.

This PEW Research Project doesn't answer these questions, but it does suggest something is wrong with and in America  and identifies some of these issues. Ignorance comes immediately to mind. But what's behind that ignorance?

The PEW organization is a major polling and research company. Among other activities they provide snapshot looks into issues; what people are thinking; what people know and don't know. 

PEW has their IQ series. For example, questions are asked about economics (Economic IQ), Pop Culture (Pop Culture IQ) and on and on. Very recently they presented their findings taken after the recent midterm elections. Political IQ!

There were some basic, but stunning findings. Although 75% of voters generally knew the Republicans had done well in the midterm elections, that was about all they knew. 25% didn't?  Only 46% knew the Republicans were now in control of the House of Representatives. 38% could identify John Boehner as the new Speaker of House. 62% of the population did not know the person just 2 heart beats away from the presidency!         

Similar polls taken both South and North of our borders and in Europe provided that those in these foreign countries had higher (American) political IQ's than our own countrymen. 

This is not a simple embarrassment. It is a tragic truth the cuts to the core of OUR COUNTRY!  


Anyone have any ideas as to why?


Friday, November 19, 2010

Sarah Palin Book Review: AMERICA BY HEART--Refections on Family, Faith and Flag! Racism and Pettiness From a Political Starlet!

The Political Starlet from Wassila, Sarah Palin, has written another book in her ever increasing quest to run for the U.S. Presidency.  At least her name is on the cover, whether SHE wrote it or not. 

America by Heart--Reflections of Family, Faith and Flag will be released next week. Just in time for Christmas so Aunt Lizzie can buy it as a stocking stuffer for illiterate Uncle Festus who will finish it off as toilet paper in his 'outhouse' by next February. 

'America by Heart'  has been generously leaked to the press and public so we'll have something to argue about over the Thanksgiving turkey.  There really isn't anything much to argue about, however, for thinking people. The book is a series of ASSERTIONS without data to back up anything said.  

"America by Heart' does have it's moments of racially-charged remarks along with Palin's innate pettiness of thought, behavior and HEART.  

She gets RACIST in her remarks about The President and Michele Obama when she says, "Obama's views are formed by hearing 'rants' against WHITE PEOPLE". She goes on to trash Michele Obama by incorrectly reciting remarks Mrs. Obama made during the 2008, campaign cycle with further racial remarks and slurs. As we recall, and the record will show, Palin and the other guy lost that election by a landslide.

Palin's pettiness is a given.   Among petty things said in her book she rants against Levi Johnston, her grandsons' biological father. She gives him 15 minutes of fame, using the old cliche. The book is full of cliche's. She doesn't like Lisa Murkowski (recently) re-elected Senator from Alaska) much either which has something to with some kind of family feud between the Palin's and the Murkowski's. It's all too petty and aggravatingly complex to waste time and energy here portraying it and so we'll will move on to our next point.

(Maurice The Maggot)
Mostly, 'America by Heart' is a 'snoozer' with Palin's chortling about Family, Faith and Flag being enough to gag a maggot. Yes! Maggots have gag responses.

When we think about Sarah Palin's children, we can only think, 'those poor kids...they didn't have a chance'.

We also sincerely hope Sarah Palin will be the Republican 2012 Presidential Standard Bearer. We want to witness her land slide defeat at the polls. 

(For further background information including Palin's parenting skills, Please see today's previous article, "Sarah Palin News! America's Pseudo Savvy......")


Sarah Palin News! America's Psuedo-Savvy Political Starlet Say's She Can Beat President Obama For U.S. President!

(Political Starlet Sarah Palin)

Given that Sarah Palin has the depth and substance of a dingle-berry hanging from Glenn Beck's butt, why does the media continue to report her rancid 'sound-bite' assertions and platitudes.  

Hollywood 'starlets' are known for their shallowness and lack of substantive talent. They go before cameras and reporters and demonstrate their 'nothingness' and for some unknown reason they are allowed to do it again, again and again. 

Likewise, political starlet Palin is known for her shallowness and lack of substantive abilities. But this doesn't stop her from going before cameras and reporters  and repeatedly  demonstrating her ignorance. And it doesn't stop the media, mainstream and otherwise, from giving her a platform to do it.

Earlier this week Barbara Walters gave Palin still another platform to 'assert' and 'platitude' herself in the living rooms of America. On Walters ABC Television 'most interesting people' series, Palin says SHE can beat President Obama in the 2012 election. Why? "President Obama is not 'in-step' with the American people!", according to Palin. 

That was essentially it. Assertion. No data. And this is not only Palin's shortcoming, but the nature of most politicians today. Sound bite assertions with 'platitude punctuations' with NO DATA to back up what they say.  Palin is one of the worst, however. Although 'psuedo savvy' in some ways, she would not know DATA (proof of what she vomits) if it was written in the palm of her hand. 

Here's some DATA. In recent polls (Gallup, Pew and Harris to name a few), Sarah Palin carries a whopping 65% negative rating with the American public. Most believe Palin IS NOT FIT or COMPETENT to be U.S. President.  

Meanwhile, The Palin Family Circus continues in the media spotlight. 16 year old Willow demonstrated her upbringing with homophobic remarks and a series expletives on her Facebook page this week as 'heffer-girl' Bristol, now 20, continued her performances on Dancing With The Stars. If Bristol continues to add to her weight, her next dancing partner will need to be a forklift truck.

(The Kardashians)
Lets face it. The Palins are not the Kardashians! And the political starlet from Wasilla who pimps her daughters to the media is not going to be President either.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

TEXAS WANTS TO START A WAR! Gov. Rick Perry PUSHING For U.S. Military Invasion Of Mexico To Fight The 'DRUG WAR'!

("Evangelist RICK PERRY)

We can't make this stuff up, FOLKS!  

Today, Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry called on the U.S. Government to send military troops into Mexico to fight The Drug War!  

No! The Mexican Government does not want 'foreign' troops on their soil and the Mexican people don't want it either. But never mind that along with never minding the fact our country is in two open unwinable wars, an unreported war in Somalia and the intended war on Yemen.  Ricky?  Have you NOT heard this NEWS? 

The fact is The U.S. does not have the personnel or the treasury to wage these wars.

We are constantly amazed at the arrogant ignorance (in this case stupidity) of politicians. Most of them 'republican'. Governor Perry  personifies  this syndrome.

(2012 Presidential Candidate Perry)
At the same time, Governor Perry IS running for his party's nomination for the 2012 presidency. He says 'NO'. If it is NO then why does he have a committee  turning the 'sod' to do so? Why has he been to Ohio to cajole their caucuses and why is he embarking on the national political scene with  stuff having no bearing on TEXAS?  

Rick Perry IS running for the presidency and there should be no mistake about it. 

Meanwhile, TEXAS goes into the next fiscal year with a $20 Billion budget deficit. And THIS was the State failed California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman held up to California as successful?   

As Ricky Perry is promoting his book on tours right now, paying little attention to his State's real problems, he still wants WAR WITH MEXICO. Another unwinable war!



(Leo Berman)

The headline fairly well says it all. An evangelical fundamentalist Christian religious wacko Texas State representative has introduced legislation requiring all future  Presidential and Vice President candidates to produce their original birth certificates to be qualified for office.

As a matter of clarity, Rep. Leo Berman (author of this innocuous 'do nothing' Bill) needs to study-up on his law. 

State law is superseded by Federal law and Federal Law already has similar requirements. Of course, this has nothing to do with Berman's grandstand to the people who voted for him. They still think the Earth is Flat. The "Earth is Flatters" movement originated there. Which is closely associated with the 'BIRTHERS'.

Berman also says, "Obama is 'GOD'S punishment on the U.S.!" So, the beat of the 'ignorant and stupid' marches on.

There is a disturbing quality to this, however. A recent reputable poll provides that  about  25% of American voters believe President Obama is NOT a U.S. citizen. For the record he is. But what one wants to believe  sometimes supersedes truth and fact.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

FOX NEWS(?) NEWS! News Chairman Roger (KRISPY CREME) Ailes! His WEIRD Statements!

(Roger Ailes)

Roger Ailes is FOX NEWS (?) Chairman. He is also an ideologue for his masters editorial/political policies, Rupert Murdock. 

Before we recount Ailes 'weird' statements to 'The Daily Beast' which we're relaying here, the 'krispy creme' label is not ours. It is the term FOX 'newsroom people' use in referring to him. Ailes has about the same respect in his home territory as that wilting ficus has, which is located right next to the coffee area at 'news hub'. Soon to be replaced by a phony poinsettia from the 'Dollar Tree'. 

While munching on a donut, Ailes tells the Daily Beast that "President Obama is a far-left socialist", and then goes on to say, "he (Obama) has a different belief system than most Americans". Weird!

What does this mean? That was essentially it. 'A different belief system'!  And................  nothing more. Ailes also mentioned he supports Glenn Beck's recent assault on George Soros (a progressive money bags). That assault essentially being that Soros led the Jews to gas chambers during the Holocaust. Total nonsense of course. But given 'FOX' revisionist history reports blended with their 'advocacy journalism' plus Beck's lack of credibility, such is not surprising. 

Should anyone have any insight into Ailes weird statements, please inform us. Was it a 'sugar high'?  Some kind of diabetic dementia?