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"BIRTHER KING" ANDY MARTIN: ANNOUNCES HIS CANDIDACY FOR President of the United States! The FIRST GOP CANDIDATE Is In The Race! Let The Games Begin!

December 30, 2010: Andy Martin, the self described "KING OF THE BIRTHERS" and failed GOP/Tea Party Candidate in his primary election for U.S. Senator against fellow Republican Mark Kirk in Illinois, became the first Republican to announce his candidacy for U.S. President in 2012!

Appearing on WPTL radio in New Hampshire, Martin made his announcement saying that although he is not the GOP front runner now, that he will shape the issues for 2012. 

Andy Martin who has repeatedly demanded President Obama's birth certificate has failed to produce a certificate of 'sanity' in his own behalf.  

Andy Martin Mantra
Martin is NOT listed in our recent December 30, 2010, article, "Introducing  The GOP Presidential Contenders.........", because we don't consider him a contender. Martin is a buffoon of the first magnitude and a biggot with dubious mental capability. 

Although Martin did attract the attention of the Tea Party and was another Palin-Pick sack of nuts during the 2010 election campaigns,  he does add a of kind comedy relief to the mix of GOP candidates.                                                           

Unless Andy Martin confesses he suffers from  'MICRO-PENIS SYNDROME' and shows it to the world as he has shown his ignorance and stupidity, we will probably not be reporting him much in the 2012 election cycle. But, remember his name as it may show up on some high end 'Trivial Pursuit' game.



Michael Bloomberg For President in 2012! Is He a Spoiler or A Winner?

Michael Bloomberg

Michael R. Bloomberg, the thrice elected Mayor of New York City is planning a run for the White House in 2012 as an Independent. He has not announced his intentions as yet, but his 'machinery' is up and running as we write. 

Will he be a spoiler or a winner? Is he even viable as a third party candidate?   Maybe. 

Not since Ross Perot in 1992, has there been a serious 'independent' contender for the U.S. Presidency. It has been reported that Perot was responsible for putting Bill Clinton in office which isn't so when we look at the 1992 numbers. Clinton won with a plurality with 43% of the vote to Bush's 37% and Perot's 19%. The records show that Perot drew evenly from both Bush's Clinton's bases. In other words a 'draw'.

Michael Bloomberg was a life long Democrat but changed his registration to Republican when he ran (the first time) for Mayor of New York City. He changed again to 'Independent' several years ago. Bloomberg is 68 years old, lists his religion as Reform Judaism and is identified as the richest man in America ($18 Billion) by Forbes Magazine.     

Bloomberg is popular on his home turf and and in his territory, although that popularity has waned some in recent years.  He has strong name identification there. But elsewhere in the country his 'brand' is scantly known.

Bloomberg has had his national political tentacles out for several years. He thought about a run for the presidency in 2008. But the demographics weren't with him and he ran for a 3rd term as Mayor, after he was successful in changing NYC's two term limit. Now his 'machinery' is back, up and running, and we suspect he will be a third party candidate for the presidency in 2012.

Bloomberg has proven himself as a 'super rich man' who legitimately wants to give something back to his fellow man. With 10 years as Mayor, with  solid government money management experience and results,

Should the electorate be wanting a 'manager-mode' president in 2012, Then Michael Bloomberg would be the 'best in show'. 

Michael Bloomberg is an attractive, substantive and viable candidate for the presidency!


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Introducing The GOP Presidential Contenders For 2012! A Brief Commentary and Analysis!

The White House

Starting next month and continuing through the Spring of 2011, the GOP Presidential contenders for 2012 will be announcing their intentions and candidacies. Let us introduce some of them now followed by a brief analysis.

John Thune
John Thune:  This junior Senator from South Dakota is not yet well known to the electorate. (But neither was Barack Obama in 2006. And 2 years later he was elected President of these United States.) John Thune is well known on Capitol Hill. Respected! He has been working with his party at local levels and has generated 'the buzz' for a successful presidential candidacy. He is young, attractive, and articulate. He is a conservative, but not too conservative to grab those meaningful independent votes needed to win a Presidential election. (For more information about John Thune please see our December 6, 2010 article, "Meet John Thune...........".)

Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney: Since his defeat in the 2008, primaries by John Mc Cain, this former successful and popular Massachusetts Governor has also been working at his party's grass roots levels in all the right places. He has gone 'the extra mile', so to speak, in these efforts and we expect a big payoff for him in the 2012 primaries. His Mormon faith may be a deterrent in a general election, however. But we don't think so. Romney will be a strong, viable candidate. Mitt is smart, and attractive. His foreign policy credentials are lacking, so if he gets the nod look for a VP candidate with those credentials.

Rick Perry: This incumbent Governor of Texas is also doing all the right things for his run at the White House. He is popular in his home State and has told the people of Texas that he may not serve out his full term this time around.  However, he is coy about a run for the Presidency right now. But, he has written a book that speaks to the national economy, foreign policy and education. He is on a national book tour as we write and he clearly has 'his irons in the fire' with offices and 'people' in the early primary States. Rick Perry IS running for the GOP Presidential nomination.

Mike Huckabee
Mike Huckabee: This former Governor of Arkansas is making some sense to the general electorate and has been inching up in positive percentages since his failed efforts for the GOP nomination in 2008. He has some credentials and he brings substance to the Republican table.He has a 'platform' as a political correspondent with FOX NEWS and sounds somewhat like a voice of reason when he speaks. Huckabee is smart, an excellent communicator and resonates with a large number of people. The more he speaks, the more substantive he sounds. Mike Huckabee will be viable in 2012.

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin: The 'wacko from Wasilla' has the strongest name I.D. in the pack. But her brand sells to only a small percentage of the electorate. Her negative ratings are above 65%. The GOP establishment knows she is a 'dead in the water' candidate right now and that her negatives can't be turned around significantly. The GOP establishment will pull out all the 'stops' at their disposal to defeat her candidacy, if she runs at all. We suspect Palin is aware of all of this and could decide not to make a run for the Presidency. At the same time, like Phylis Schafaly from a bygone era, Palin's shelf life is running out and she must make some kind of 'splash' to remain in the public eye. Just last week she appeared on GMA and said she could beat President Obama is a general election. But the data shows otherwise. Palin did, however, get the media soundbite she was going after.

Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich:  Newt is a perennial savvy, knowledgeable politician. He is ESTABLISHMENT GOP! Substantive in what he brings to the competition. He is also under no illusions that he can win this nomination.  He can't. But he will be there if Palin decides to run and will be her primary 'stopper'! He is a party-faithful and will do what he can for the GOP.                                
It is possible that 2 more Republicans will join into this number. Should that happen, look for a 'free-for-all' fight to the end. 

All contenders on this list have political strength and credibility with the exception of Palin. All contenders can usually back up their remarks with data. Palin can't and doesn't. Gingrich and Palin have negative public ratings and are polarizing. But the others have positive to strong public ratings  with appeal. But then, again, Richard Nixon was counted out of the political arena when he lost to JFK and 2 years later had disastrous run for the California governorship. Then, in 1968,  he was elected president. So anything can happen in politics and such in what makes the game so exciting.

We believe President Obama will not be opposed for his party nomination. The Democrats want to run against Palin because she is beatable in a walk. A landslide victory for Obama. 

So, look for a number of Democrats to change their party affiliation to Republican and vote for Palin in the primaries. 

To be successful in the primaries, each GOP candidate will need to run to  the 'right'. Get ready for some hard core right-wing stuff. But that will change. In the general election, the anointed one must run toward the center of the political spectrum to win the general election. The 'Tea Party' contingency of the GOP will not be happy with this. But that is nature of politics.   

Also, this race will boil down to 'Populists versus Managers'. The populists will be Thune and Palin with Gingrich to the right in the populist category. The managers will be the governors listed above.

With Palin and Newt not being viable, this leaves Thune as the lone populist with Romney, Perry and Huckabee fighting it out  based on how they 'managed' their respective States.

Accordingly, right now we're predicting John Thune will be the the Republican nominee for President in 2012. But there is a lot to come in the coming year and we won't make a solid prediction just yet. 

So, stay tuned Political Junkies and send in your comments. We've only just begun!

J.                                                                                  .

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.....said to be the oldest evidence of modern man.

Is this Glenn Becks tooth? A bicuspid on the left sub-lingual side belonging to Pat Robertson? Maybe an incisor out of Mitch Mc Connell's head? How about an eye tooth from Richard Nixon? Or, could it be GOD'S TOOTH?

No! This is a 400,000 year tooth from what archaeologists believe came from a progenitor of mankind. It is said to be the oldest evidence of modern man. 

Israeli scientists discovered it not long ago in an excavation not far from Jerusalem and believe it is the oldest 'find' of prehistoric homo sapien to date. This tooth underwent carbon testing and a host of other 'time-testing' protocols and there is no question as to it's age authenticity according to these tests.

With these findings an immediate thought comes to mind. A question to be asked of the 40% of the U.S. population who believe in Creationism; that God created 'man' less than 10,000 years ago according to a recent Gallup Poll. (Please refer to our December 20, 2010, article, "Ignorant and Stupid! 40% of The U.S. Population Believes in Creationism......").

How do creationists reconcile incontrovertible science with what THEY THINK when there is no evidence to substantiate their beliefs? We learned a long time ago NOT TO BELIEVE everything we think because we were wrong much of the time.

We invite your comments. Private comments can be made through our email address and in the public comments section of this article.

More to come........


CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS! What Father Would Allow His Son to be Killed When He Had Every Means At His Disposal to Prevent It? A Moral and Ethical Question!


What kind of Father would allow his son to be murdered by criminals when that Father had every means at his disposal to prevent it?

Answer: GOD! God did exactly that. He allowed Jesus to be murdered when HE could have easily prevented it.

And God created us in HIS image? 

Not me. But this is a moral-ethical issue all fundamentalist Christian Soldiers must work out for themselves.

A few days ago Christ's birth was celebrated. And in a couple months Christ's homicide will be commemorated. 

Just some food for thought. 

(From a guest contributor.) 


FOX NEWS Juan Williams Says "Sarah Palin is NOT on Same Intellectual Stage as Obama!" Is There Trouble In 'FOXLAND'?

Juan Williams

Yes, that's what the new Fox News (?) correspondent, Juan Williams, recently said for all the usual mis-informed Palin possum-pie eating audience to hear and savor. 

As we recall, Juan Williams was fired from NPR/PBS a couple months ago for some innocuous statements he made about about Muslim women and their garb  on Fox News O' Reilly show.   He was immediately hired by Rupert Murdock at FOX with a contract said to be into the 7 figures.  Now with his 'Palin-statement there seems to be big (behind the scenes) trouble in FOXLAND. 

Palin is a FOX favorite and we're told the vindictive Sarah has already started her campaign to shut Williams mouth among other penalties. There is a pettiness about Sarah Palin to which Senator Murkowski, Karl Rove, a number of people from the Mc Cain Presidential Campaign, her neighbors in Wasilla and others can testify. 

The Palin Family Circus is an ongoing soap opera which may account for why some people follow her antics. She is train wreck. And now Juan Williams is on here 'vendetta list'.

Williams said, Palin was not on the same intellectual stage as President Obama and then went on to suggest she wasn't competent on the international stage either. 

So, whats new about this?  Thinking people have been writing and saying these things for a long time now. What's new about it is that it's happening in her own barnyard. And Palin is not a happy camper in FOXLAND right now.

We await more from the next chapter in FOXLAND'S behind the scenes intrigue......


Monday, December 27, 2010

ALASKA NEWS! Lisa Murkowski Will Take Her Senate Seat Next Month! Joe (the loser) Miller Finally Steps Aside! Another TEA PARTY PALIN-PICK Bites the Dust!

....and this Little Piggy went wee-wee all the way home!

 .....and the last little piggy, Joe Miller, went wee-wee-wee all the way home............another Tea Party Palin-Pick has bitten the dust!

Another Loser
Today, Joe Miller, the loser in Alaska's Senate race, has finally withdrawn his legal objections to Lisa Murkowski's righteous 'win' last month and she will take her seat in the U.S. Senate Chamber unobstructed when congress re-convenes next month. 

Here's the basic story. According to our sources, Joe didn't just step aside or want to for that matter. He was told to do so by his own party leaders who told him he would get no backing from them in the future if he didn't by January 1, 2011.
Lisa Murkowski

Congratulations LISA!

And that's politics, folks.

Bye-Bye Joe, don't let the door hit you in the butt as you're leaving!


Mitch Mc Connell, Lidsey Graham, Patty Murray! Have These U.S Senators Had 'WORK'? More in Our UGLY Politician Series!

Mitch Mc Connell

So, Okay! The 'make nice-nice season' is almost over and we can return to our 'real' selves again.

We were observing Mitch Mc Connell, Lindsey Graham and Patty Murray the other day and there were some notable commonalities in their physignomy. 

Lindsey Graham
First, they are ugly; but there was something more. We question if they've had 'WORK' done. That is, plastic facial surgery.

Here's why we ask the question: 

Every time they speak, only the bottoms of their faces move. From their noses up, nothing moves. Their eyes are fixed and they have this kind of phony 'look' about them. Their eyes turn up on both sides of their faces in what looks like stretching.

Patty Murray
It must be 'work' of some kind, we thought. Surgery perhaps? Maybe botox?  And then again, maybe it's some kind of genetic defect. Are they embalmed? 

More to come.......


Saturday, December 25, 2010


YES! It is TRUE! The United States of America spends more on Defense than ALL OTHER NATIONS COMBINED! To verify this information we went to several sources because, frankly, we could not and did not believe it. We found our information in, Wikipedia, The U.K. Government Offices, The BBC, and in our own U.S. Government Accounting Office (GAO). 

Is this FACT acceptable to us, The U.S. Tax Payer? It's not to me and we'd bet it's not acceptable to millions of other tax paying citizens either.

With all the posturing about reducing the deficit and  cutting the National Debt   from our politicians we can bet there will be nothing coming from their forked tongues that remotely suggests capping the pentagon at their current budget, much less reducing defense costs.  

Tom Coburn
GOP Senator Tom Coburn (Oklahoma) recently said "....apocalyptic  pain (to taxpayers) could result if spending isn't controlled". He went on to say that social security and medicare recipients could be hurt. He did not mention  military cuts. And why? Coburn and the most vocal of the 'cut spending' crowd are in the pockets of the arms manufacturers/corporations. Take a look at their 'political contributors'  and we rest our case.

What can we taxpayers do? We can flood our Representatives and Senators with mail, email and phone calls. We can learn which candidates running for congress support this obscene ridiculous cost and then vote for the other guy. We can tell the incumbents that now.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Taxpayer foots the bill for an out of control defense cost!

Do you agree?


SHARIA LAW PERSONIFIED! Sunni Father Strangles and Cuts Throat of 19 Daugter For Family Honor!

(For background and reference information, please see our October 7, 2010, article, "As The Growing Anti-Islamic World-Wide Movement..........".   Also please see "The English Defence League............." article dated December 22,  2010.)

Bagdad-December 24, 2010: Police were hunting for a 19 year old woman who had been recruited as a suicide bomber by al-Qaida. When they found her she was already dead, slain by her father Najim al-Anbaky. The father confessed he had strangled his daughter and then slit her throat. He said he did it because she had brought shame to 'his' family! 

Sharia Law is founded on the words of Allah and is sacred to Muslims. It is acceptable for a father to severely punish and even kill family members who disgrace a family under SHARIA LAW! 

The Ayatollahs and Islamic clerics deliver their edicts, "fatwas and jihads", in accordance with Sharia Law and Muslim's follow it or risk losing their 40 virgins when they die in "HIS" service and an eternity of living with (unclean) pigs. 

Meanwhile, in Pakistan, at almost the same time the police were making their discovery in Bagdad, a young burka-clad woman with explosives strapped to her body walked into a  crowded area and blew herself to smithereens, taking at least 45 people to Allah with her!

So why should we, in America, be concerned with Sharia Law and young female suicide  bombers to any degree? 

First, al-Qaida is now recruiting females as suicide bombers which is something relatively new and the world is seeing the first results  their work.

But there is more. Some months ago we cited an extensive Pew Study providing most Muslims in the U.S.A identify themselves first as Muslims and secondarily as U.S. citizens (and those who immigrated here legally) and that some identify themselves ONLY as Muslims. Accordingly, while under U.S. Law, these people are also under Sharia Law FIRST! 

In communities with Muslim populations Sharia Law has become not only an issue, but a major problem. There have been incidents of family patriarchs dealing harshly with family members. In Fremont, California, where the largest Afghanistan population is settled outside of Afghanistan (known as 'Little Afghanistan'), ask any law enforcement officer about Sharia Law there! 

Sharia Law is much larger than just 'family-culture' situations that can become violations of local law. Sharia Law is a WAY OF LIFE in Muslim communities across this country. It is 'sacred' Islamic Law over and above any U.S. Law. 

And then, what about those Burkas? Must we now be concerned with what's under them? Given the recent circumstance in Pakistan certainly every time we see a woman in one there will be thoughts of our safety and security.

The issues raised here are many. For sure, our law enforcement agencies are now dealing with significant Muslim cultural issues (and with Shiria Law) and U.S. taxpayers are paying for it.  And there are the basic safety and security concerns.

If an ignorant society wants to live and function in the 'Dark Ages' under some 'Fairy-tale' Law, Shiria Law, let them do it. But it cannot co-exist with U.S. Law. Can it?

Any thoughts or comments?


Friday, December 24, 2010

To Our Readers! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

The Rotunda-Harrisburg Pennsylvania


Thank you readers for a great and encouraging year here at The Great American Disconnect! Our readership has grown exponentially this past year and we look forward to an even more productive 2011!



Thursday, December 23, 2010


(Update: Today Pat Robertson's TV network issued a statement saying that Robertson is opposed to ALL drugs. They did not issue a denial of his earlier remarks but certainly did some back peddling on Pat's statements about marijuana. This leads us to wonder if Pat is suffering from some kind of dementia. Was his network and ministry doing some damage control? Whatever the situation, Robertson has certainly caused a furor within his constituency throughout the deep South.)

Want to roll a Doobie with Pat Robertson?

There is a great distance between the mentalities of  'the Bible Belt' States and the States on the Right and Left Coasts. 

One example of this 'mentality-disparity' is in the area of Cannabis Sativa. California is somewhat enlightened in the subject matter while the Bible Belt States remain in darkness.  

In California, gone are the "REEFER MADNESS" days and the days of incarceration for the simple possession and use of 'pot'. In many States in the Deep South, however, the possession and/or use of even small amounts of cannabis can result in incarceration and even prison sentences!   

Pat Robertson-700 Club
So it is particularly shocking when a cornerstone of far-right fundamentalist Christianity comes out in favor of the legalization of that "Devil Weed". But this is exactly what Pat Robertson did recently on his 700 Club Television Ministry.

Pat Robertson said that "criminalizing marijuana is ruining young people". He went on to say that putting young people in jails and prisons for possession of and using marijuana is non-productive and destructive!

Robertson's REVELATIONS is light stuff in California, Oregon and Washington State as well as in Maine, Massachusetts and New York among other right coast States. But in Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas and other 'dim-lit' Southern States, this is BIG STASH! 

We congratulate Pat Robertson for his courage and bringing some light to this subject in the Bible Belt.

We also have our own 'take' on Pat Robertson's positioning on Marijuana. Pat has been in ill-health in recent years. And while it's only a suspicion, we think that perhaps he is using Marijuana himself for it's medicinal qualities.  Make sense?


Wednesday, December 22, 2010


This is a rare photograph of Adolph Hitler in 1941 at his Christmas party.
Courtesy of via the Huffington Post.

(New) START TREATY RATIFIED BY SENATE! 71-26! A HUGE Victory For The President! Meanwhile The Mean Girls in The Senate Mc Cain and Graham Remain In Their Sandbox!

(For background and reference information see our December 20, 2010, article, "GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch Mc Connell........." and our December 22, 2010, article, "MEAN GIRLS OF THE U.S. SENATE: John Mc Cain.............".)

Today the (new) START Treaty was ratified by the U.S. Senate. The vote? 71 for ratification with 26 against it. This is a stunning number and a stunning political victory for The President. 

But more importantly, it is a victory for the American people. The START Treaty is a matter of safety and security for our country. 

Republican Senators John Mc Cain and Lindsey Graham and others decided to play politics with the country's SAFETY and SECURITY and miserably failed. A number of Republican Senators understood the gravity of this issue,  put politics aside and voted  in the best interests of the country.

Sometimes our government works!


The English Defence League (EDL)! A Growing (Anti-Muslim) Political Party in Europe Aimed Directly At SHARIA LAW and ISLAMIC EXTREMISM !

(For background and supplemental information please see our articles, "As The Growing Anti-Islamic Worldwide Movement continues................"October 7, 2010, and "Anti Islam Party Formed in the U.K" October 11, 2010.) The pictures contained in this article are from The English Defence League Blog.

The English Defence League (EDL) is a new political organization that needs the attention of critical thinking people across the globe. 

We have collected some research about the EDL  and encourage all THINKING people to do likewise and develop their own take on this phenomenon that all the world will confront one way or another in the immediate years to come. 

The purpose of the EDL is to oppose the spread of ISLAM ISM, SHARIA LAW and ISLAMIC EXTREMISM. 

The EDL was established only a short time ago. 2009, and has grown exponentially over the past 2 years. Today there are branches of the EDL popping up all over Europe and beyond. The Welsh EDL, Scottish EDL,  Jewish EDL, and even a GAY EDL are just some of them. The EDL is also in France, Spain and Germany.    

(Islamic Killing of Christians)
The EDL has a website under construction. Their blog, however, is available and is a shocker. (We encourage you to google it for your edification). It lists 1,000's of 'JIHADIST' incidents around the world along with some pictures, some of which are represented here.

Muslims Machine Gun Cops in The Philipines
Muslim Road Block-Shoot Motorists

Wikipedia calls the EDL a Far Right Political Organization. We're not so sure about THIS label and designation. Earlier this year the BBC provided a documentary ('Young, British and Angry') about the EDL with a somewhat different take.

Certainly there is reason and cause for some people to rise up against Islam. In previous articles we have presented sound data on the subject matter.

We here at the 'disconnect' find The English Defence League a thought provoking organization. How about you?


MEAN GIRLS of the U.S. Senate: John Mc Cain-Lindsey Graham! A Review of a Great Article from John Corn-POLITICS DAILY! (UPDATE)

Lindsey Graham (L) John Mc Cain (R)

(Update 8/31/2011: C'mon Lindsey, it's such common knowledge on Capitol Hill  you are gay (even the talk radio shows are making jokes about it) why don't you be a MAN ... 'come out' and that will be it. Nobody cares, you know.)
We've been researching an article about the self identified and proclaimed GOP "MAVERICKS" in the U.S. Senate.  Recent seemingly  senile outbursts of John Mc Cain (R-Arizona) and the 'fairy-dust' sprinkled, temper tantrums of Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) have been reported by more than one source in recent weeks.

Our sources had told us of the cloakroom 'hissy-fits' coming from both Graham and Mc Cain and their 'togetherness' obstructionism  on the START Treaty and repeal of DADT. We were also aware of the puny child-like sand box 'deals' Mc Cain and Graham tried on President Obama. However, we were days out from an article.

Mean Girl Lindsey?
Yesterday, John Corn wrote on 'POLITICS DAILY' his superior "John Mc Cain/Lindsey Graham-The Mean Girls of The U.S. Senate"  article. Corn wrote it well and better than we could have done. Accordingly, if readers here want to be entertained and informed at the same time Corn's article can be found at (December 21, 2010).

Meanwhile, today, President Obama signed the repeal of DADT. His brief speech was magnificent! It was a good day for the President. And a very bad day for Mc Cain and 'Lite-Lindy' and the other obstructionists.

Today or tomorrow the Senate will ratify the (New) Start Treaty with a whopping 70 or so Senators voting in favor of it. This means that at least 10 GOP Senators will cross the aisle to vote for it, which creates a paradox. 

Mean Girl Mc Cain?
Have some obstructionists become 'the loyal opposition'? Have Mc Cain and Graham been left in their sand-box to throw sand at each other as MEAN GIRLS do to one another when they've been thwarted? Has President Obama matured into the man 57% of the American electorate voted for 2 years ago? 

These and other 're-connecting' and 'disconnecting' topics will be discussed in 2011.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010


GLIDE MEMORIAL CHURCH of SAN FRANCISCO is a TRUE CHRISTIAN CHURCH! An iconic, living, vibrant testament to Christianity in it's finest form. 

GLIDE MEMORIAL CHURCH is located at 330 Ellis Street (at Taylor), San Francisco, California in the Civic Center and Tenderloin area. 

Today is Glide's annual 'toy giveaway'  that was to begin at 9am. By 7am children, with their mothers and fathers and older siblings, were lined up for 4 blocks waiting for the doors to open. It's been a tough year for many people and this year more people are taking advantage of GLIDE'S GIFTS. Will there be enough toys for all who show up today?  "YES!" Says a volunteer Glide spokesman, "GLIDE can work miracles when it needs to."  The great 'toy giveaway' is just one event of the year.

There is much more. GLIDE MEMORIAL works daily 24/7 to assist ALL who come their way. No one is turned away for any reason. Glide provides  services to 3,000 homeless people a year. They've served almost 1 million meals annually for many years and by the end of 2010 will have served more than 1,000,000,000 meals this year alone!   Glide provided over 100,000 hours of licensed  child care in 2009, and there will be more in 2010. Medical Health Care is provided by an in-house clinic and literacy classes are in session daily.

Church services are crowded. There are 2 co-pastors with a number of assistant pastors. The Glide Memorial Chorus is world renowned. A Church service at Glide would make even the most serious atheist take pause.

Rev. Cecil Williams
Glide Memorial Church is affiliated with the United Methodist Church and opened it's doors in 1929. The Reverend Cecil Williams was pastor from 1963 to his retirement in 2000. He still maintains a presence at Glide, but co-pastors Reverend Donald Guest and Reverend Karen Oliveto occupy the pulpits today. 

Glide Memorial Church is, of course, a non-profit organization and the majority of staff and services is provided by dedicated volunteers. 

To compare Glide Memorial to any other church organization is impossible. For example, comparing Glide to other religious organizations and most fundamentalist Christian churches would be like comparing the Hope Diamond to a prune. Glide Memorial Church is in a class all it's own. It not only teaches Christianity, it practices Christianity right here and right now. Certainly, Jesus would approve it.

This is an only in San Francisco story. Only this time it's a grand story of  people at their best, doing their best in the best of causes and traditions.

If you would want to contribute to Glide Memorial Church, contact them at their website shown above.