Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Gifts FOR Politicians Michele Bachman, Christine O'Donnell and Ben Quayle AKA Brock Landers! DILDOS! Santa Clause is Coming to Town!

(The Standard DILDO)

........and GOD looked down upon this blog and said, "Your gift selection is approved. Well done thy loyal and faithful servant".

Well, Santa made his list and checked it twice and Christmas shopping for our favorite politicians this year was easy. Done in one place!  YES!  It's DILDOS for Michele Bachmann, Christine O' Donnell and Ben Quayle aka Brock Landers!

Dildos? Why Dildos? Here's why:

-Michele Bachmann gets hers because she masturbates too much and needed a new one.

-Christine O' Donnell because she doesn't masturbate at all. She compares masturbation to adultery. A mortal SIN, she says. (God says "lighten up" and so does Santa!)

-And Ben Quayle aka Brock Landers because a 'good swinger' can't have enough DILDOS.

See? Easy Stuff.

Santa Clause is Coming to Town!


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