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Meet JAY BAKKER! America's PUNK PREACHER! Author of 'Son of a Preacher Man'!

Jay Bakker

Jay Bakker comes to his pulpit with a pedigree. He's the son of Jim and the iconic Tammy Faye Bakker, the former heads of the world wide PTL Ministries.

That said, Jay Bakker is his own man. Known as 'The Punk Preacher', he gets that handle because of his tattoos and general 'live-let-live and accept others without condition' philosophy of life.  

Jay has his own ministry, currently functioning from the backroom of a New York City Bar. With 35 to 50 members in attendance at each service, Jay teaches and preaches the pure Gospel of Christ. LOVE! That's it. LOVE!

Jay Bakker Book Cover
Does this membership seem small by comparison to the mega churches sprinkled all over the country? We suppose it does. BUT WAIT!  Jay Bakker has an Internet audience in the 1000's and it's growing. He also has a book out and he's been traveling the country making personal appearances at book stores and doing interviews at television and radio stations to sell it..

In so far as his ministry is concerned, as Christ did, Bakker does! He physically goes to where he believes he can do the most good. Now there's a concept!  

Bakker was visiting the Bay Area recently and we had chance to hear him interviewed. In a word, GENUINE! Jay Bakker comes across as GENUINE. 

At 31, he's enjoyed a unique life so far.  And  THAT 'life' appears to be continuing.

Jay Bakker is Proud of His Tattoos
At first glance and impression, Jay Bakker looks like what some might interpret as a freak. But when he speaks, he communicates a basic human 'honesty' that is disarming to even the most conservative of critics. He is straight forward without a hint of offensiveness.  Bakker says he is proud of his tattoos, but usually wears long sleeve shirts at public appearances because he recognizes they 'turn some people off' thereby distracting from his message. 

He points out the tattoos are a 'punk thing' from an earlier time in his life, but is quick to say he's found more acceptance in that culture than he experienced in the traditional Christian churches he has also experienced.   

Although his words sound polarizing, his manner in saying them are not. We could not help but see the humor in how this young man might manage, manipulate and maneuver his fundamentalist counterparts. He certainly did so with his interviewer (who at first attempted to make a 'side show' of Bakker ) who is one of the best in the business.

We could not help but make a comparison with Jay to his mother, Tammy Faye.

Tammy Faye Bakker
Also at first glance Tammy Faye Bakker was a painted up, overly made up, almost silly looking character. She was animated in a sophomoric  'girlish' sort of way. She could, however, belt out a 'Christian Spiritual' with the likes of Mahalia Jackson and hold her own in the process. 

In the 1970's and 80's, Tammy Faye was omnipresent on the TV Screens of America and in 36 countries on a daily basis with husband James Bakker on their PTL Ministries Network! They were the first network to have their own satellite.

Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker
It was 1981-82, that Tammy Faye became a leader in accepting people with AIDS, especially children with that dreaded disease. Tammy Faye Bakker was THE FIRST celebrity, from anyplace, anywhere to ACCEPT people with AIDS. Such was shown for all to see as it happened and Tammy Faye Bakker became a beloved icon to millions of people around the world. When she did this, all of the other 'goodness' she was doing, but not registering with then audiences fell into place. She became 'genuine' and honest as few people do in this world. 

A New Kind of Christianity?
We observe and might suggest that Jay Bakker is the male counterpart to Tammy Faye Bakker.

Bakker says that when he hears what so many other preachers and evangelists are saying and doing in the name of Christ (including the Pope)  he questions if he's reading the same Bible they are. And he can quote scripture with the best of them.

Jay Bakker's life has been a full one. So full that we can't even touch the tips of the icebergs he presents in his book on this blog. 

This blog has been harsh and nasty on religion, especially fundamentalist Christianity. When we find a positive story in this subject area we also want to present that too.

Jay Bakker, in our opinion, IS a positive force in and for Christianity. Thus we are compelled to present it!


(Jay Bakker's story includes the fall and loss of the PTL Empire, the divorce of his famous parents, Jim Bakker's criminal conviction of Federal crimes resulting in 5 years in prison, his mother's death and much more.)

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