Monday, February 28, 2011

JANE RUSSELL! A Trubute! (Photos)

Jane Russell in The Outlaw

Jane Russell was a movie star. A BIG MOVIE STAR! Today, she died, her 89th birthday.

Jane Russell's contemporaries were Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner, and Rita Hayworth. She was one of the true beauties of the 1940's and 50's. A sex symbol. 

She usually took the 'beauty with brains' roles and seemed to have a personal substance about her, which set her apart from the rest.

On a personal note Jane Russell played an important role in my life too. She starred in my first wet dream! I think Miss Russell would have appreciated this story because she seemed to have a great sense of humor.  

The best way to memorialize Jane Russell is to put some of her photos with this article, as we have done.

Thank you Jane Russell for your talent and entertainment in my early life. 

And thanks for the memories too.


Congressman Ron Paul-Congresswoman Barbara Lee Form Alliance! "BRING OUR TROOPS HOME"!

Ron Paul
Barbara Lee

Ron Paul (R-Texas), arguably the most conservative of U.S. congress people and Barbara Lee (D-California), clearly the most liberal person in congress have formed an alliance to "BRING OUR TROOPS HOME FROM AFGHANISTAN". 

Strange political bedfellows? Certainly. But we'll support whoever and whatever it takes to stop this endless, ignorant war among others.  

Recent polls provide 70+% of U.S. citizens want this war ended NOW!

Barbara Lee and Ron Paul are following the will of The People. Is it not sad that more politicians don't do likewise?

J.                                                                        .

Gas-Oil Prices! Going UP! UP! UP! $4. a Gallon? $5. a Gallon? More?

From a guest Commentator:

I live in the Greater Bay Area of Northern California. Today, I paid $3.79.9 for a gallon of gas! 

I hear on the news that the average gas price per gallon is at $3.20, nationally. The disparity in price in Northern California from the rest of the nation has always been a bitter pill to swallow in these parts. But this is not my point.

I also hear on the news that gas prices are projected to rise to  between $4. and $5. nationally by Memorial Day!  These prices will naturally be higher in the Bay Area.

So, here's my point. When the Bush Administration invaded Iraq and killed Saddam Hussein in the last decade,  this was the beginning of the destabilization in the Middle East. 

Today, the  entire Middle East is blowing up and taking gas prices with them. UP!

Courtesy-The Smirking Chimp
There is nothing we can do about this history. But there's a lot we can do about the future. We can VOTE OUT the OIL MOGUL rent-boy politicians and replace them with a more responsible group. And then we can vote them out too when they are totally corrupted as our present ones are.


Scott Walker and a Billionaire KOCH Brother! Together in a Parody Picture!

A Billionaire Koch Brother (L.)- Scott Walker (R.)*

Is the point made?

*Actual picture of P.T. Barnum and his midget minion side-show partner, the original Tom Thumb (c.1885).

Meet David Wu! A U.S Congressman who says, "My mental health is NOT a job issue"!

U.S. Congressman David Wu, Democrat-Ore.

For a lot of months now, U.S. Congressman David Wu (Oregon-D), has been under some scrutiny by his colleagues AND staff for what many describe as "irrational and 'wierd' behavior".  

During the 2010, election cycle, it was reported that many of Wu's staff demanded he get 'immediate help' for his bizarre behavior. He didn't and much of his staff resigned. Wu won his 7th term in office.

On Friday last, Wu told KGW TV in Portland. "My mental health is NOT a job issue". He did admit a "severe episode" a couple months ago. Wu went on to say 'privacy' demanded he not reveal the nature of 'his episode' or anything more about his mental health condition.

Is this where this business will be left? Dropped? 

Where is the congressional ethics committee? The DNC? Oregon voters? Where are YOU?


A mental health "issue" and privacy about it is one thing. When that "issue" has a vote in the U.S. Congress affecting 'us' and our nation, that 'issue' becomes quite another matter.

Do you agree?


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Scott Walker! A Friend Defends the Embattled 'little man' From Wisconsin!

Scott "Terd" Walker

From a guest Commentator:

"I have been a life long friend of the now Governor of Wisconsin, Scott "Terd" Walker. Your blog has not been kind to him and I'm writing to defend him; to set the record straight as his friend. 

"Yes! We affectionately call him "Terd". Growing up with Terd, he got this nickname because he was no bigger than a cat terd all his life. He was 'that guy', that kind friend who was always 'there' for us making us laugh and joke at 'HIS' own expense. 

He was that kid in school, the one that gets hanged on a coat hook in the locker room for us all to enjoy. Terd did that a lot. He was always good for a joke.

"We grew up in a small town. That's where Terd and the rest of us got our basic Christian values that guide to this day. As we got older, Terd didn't change much. He was always that 'little man' walking behind us, smelling our farts and loving it. Terd is a good sport when it comes to these little things.  

"We were never concerned that girls never seemed to 'take' much to Terd. He was a tiny guy, so that was kind of natural, we thought. We didn't think much about it. 

"But as our education progressed and we took some science classes, some of us did wonder about Terd's xx/yy chromosome line up. He seemed to be a boy and we left it at that.

"When we were learning to drive cars, Terd's feet couldn't touch the brake and clutch pedals, so we built extensions on them in metal shop so he could. Terd, to this day, says that was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for him, and has been grateful ever since. 

Terd on the KOCH Brothers Hook
"The only time we got somewhat concerned about Terd was when we found a book about 'micro penis syndrome' in his back pack as we were hanging him on a hook.  We understood what it meant after we saw Terd in the shower after gym class. Terd always played it close to the chest about personal matters.

"Terd really became successful, though. He made friends with the Billionaire Koch Brothers and then he was elected Governor. Terd always enjoyed hanging on those hooks. Now he's on theirs".

Terd's Close Childhood Friend
We want to thank 'Terd' Walker's close friend for his defense of his friend.


More. Of course our story is a satirical-parody coming from our convoluted sense of humor and our disdain of the 'little guy' from Wisconsin with the Napoleon complex. 

We did try to find a friend to speak in Scott Walker's defense, but we found he didn't have any friends. 

For a more serious companion article, please see "Scott Walker--CONVICT HIM of TERRORIST THREATS Against Public Employees",  dated February 25, 2011. 
Also, Miss Piggy has some advice for Scott Walker.
"Sometimes you gotta show a little tit to get things done. And it's time you started showing some, Terd".

Miss Piggy approves of this message.                                                                .

Saturday, February 26, 2011


A Cute Baby Contest Winner?

We suppose ALL parents think THEIR babies are cute. 

In today's modern world there are many combinations of parents resulting in many combinations of babies and children.

Cute baby contests are nothing new in our society. But there are some "new" (looking) contestants given today's combinations of parents. 

Is the baby at right a contest winner?


Friday, February 25, 2011

SEX IN SPACE? Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

Discovery Lift-Off--February 24, 2011
From a guest contributor:

.......and what about SEX IN SPACE!  Why has our government kept this information from us. WE ARE ADULTS! Inquiring minds want to know.

We've all thought about SEX IN SPACE, haven't we? Well, we want to know about it.

50 years of space exploration, and there has never been a public report about SEX IN SPACE.  Do our politicians and NASA expect us to believe there hasn't been any? That SEX IN SPACE hasn't happened and been studied? 

Those astronauts  spending months on end on that space station with no Sex? Give us a break!

Where's the report? Must we wait for Julian Assange and WIKILEAKS to inform us?    

We await the NASA report on SEX IN SPACE!



Napoleon in His Study

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) was a small man physically. Tiny  even by his era standards.  Almost a midget by today's standards. 

History provides he was a 'bully' of sorts which he backed by his royal heritage, and later by his armies (who found the dwarf reprehensible but held allegiance to their monarchy). 

Perhaps Napoleon suffered from 'micro penis syndrome' as well. He had 'Illusions of Granduer' (a by product of MPS) which are givens now that history has been somewhat corrected with fact.  Many fetes attributed to Napoleon never happened. For example, his conquering the Alps never happened. His 'ponchy'  likenesses also betray his 'historical image' and image of himself.

Napoleon on his Imperial Throne
Whatever the case, Napoleon exhibited "small man" syndrome in concept with the 'arrogance of power and privilage' in behavior. 

These things bring us to Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. 

We find certain parallels between Napoleon and Scott Walker!

These things said, please forgive our somewhat nasty, caustic parody connection of Napoleon to Scott Walker. Our obvious contempt and disgust for Scott Walker and his ilk are givens. 

But this does not negate substantive commentary as to why Scott Walker should be investigated, possibly arrested, put in jail and CONVICTED OF TERRORISTS THREATS under U.S. Law and possibly State law.

Scott Walker
We are dead serious  when we say "CONVICT SCOTT WALKER OF TERRORISTS THREATS!  We believe there is enough information to open an investigation toward this end NOW!

After September 11, 2001, specific law was promulgated by the U.S. Congress relating to 'terrorist threats' being criminal offenses.  Accordingly, THE THREAT in and of itself became a criminal act. Most, if not all States implemented similar law and enabling legislation relative to federal law.

These State laws have subsequently been used by law enforcement and the courts across the nation to convict defendants in domestic violence, cyber threats, and workplace disputes among other charges.

Wisconsin Public Employees in Demonstration
Scott Walker's threats of violence and bodily harm toward public employees is a matter of record. 

In his 20-minute tape with a prankster, Walker amply incriminates himself both criminally and civilly. Believing he was talking to a benefactor, a billionaire Koch brother, in 'minionesque' form, Scott Walker  gave detailed information of plans to harm Wisconsin public employees.

Does Scott Walker also have some civil liability and responsibility  here? Possibly, under Title 42, Section 1983, of The U.S. Code there could be  actionable claims. 

'Politics' is one thing. Criminality and Civil Liability are others. We believe Scott Walker may have crossed way over those lines and some in investigation is called for.

State and Federal Law Enforcement! Where are YOU on this matter?  

And what about 'Abuse of Power'? Well, that's another article isn't it.



P.T. Barnum

P.T. Barnum is credited with coining the phrase, "THERE'S A SUCKER BORN EVERY MINUTE". 

Phineas Taylor Barnum was an 'original'.  A one of a kind huckster. People loved giving him their money and he loved taking it. And Barnum did it legally. He was an entertainer. The creator of THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH! 

P.T. Barnum (1810-1891) has been gone for over 100 years. But his spirit lives on in the hearts of many and his salesmanship skills and qualities remain unequaled to this day. 

To many, P.T. Barnum is a GOD. A GOD  worshiped in the same way any other GOD is treated. His disciples have been very successful.

In today's world, there's probably a 'sucker born every second', but  Barnum's axiom remains a 'truth' and perhaps a 'mission statement' in certain places in the American culture. 

Barnum understood the American psyche and that he could quickly and easily take money from people with his "SNAKE OIL" jargon  and do it without legal threat. 

Using Barnum techniques, tent evangelists followed his lead in droves and found gold in 'devine healing' and 'saving those wretched souls of sinners' preaching 'the w-o-r-d of the Lord'. 

Of course there are hundreds of other rip-off, con-artist types in all walks of life. But Barnum, followed by some religious evangelists, and now some politicians personify this industry, the 'legal ripoff industry',  and it's ideas.  

Early Barnum-Playing Straight Man to Partner Tom Thumb
Political Action Committees (PAC's) were first created in the 1930's, during the Great Depression by Unions to forward and push their collective agendas. They found strength in their numbers. But more strength in the money they mustered.

Union members and those supportive of their causes gave their dollars to fund 'selfish', sometimes needed causes and it worked. Their causes included working conditions, salary and benefit issues.

Today it seems there are PAC's everywhere, many of which are attached to individual politicians. But many are attached to corporations and other organizations as the funding arms for particular causes or themes. 

For example, the Billionaire Koch Brothers have their corporate PAC that funds conservative causes and candidates such as Tea Party candidates (i.e. Christine O'Donnell, Sharron Angle) and de-regulatory propositions such as California's recent Proposition 23.

In 1974, the U.S. Congress established the Federal Election Commission (FEC) (effective 1975) as a quasi regulator and watchdog to Political Action Committees (PAC's). 

FEC regulations are relatively loose and limited considering what they do and the enormous amount of money they follow. As of 2009, this agency had about 330 full time employees overseeing 1000's of PAC's.

PAC's can be somewhat confusing because each one is structured differently. Some have big staff payrolls and overhead costs, while others don't. 

Although FEC regulations require separation between personal finances and PACs, there are sometimes blurs and blends that may or may not be legal (under FEC  
rules) between the two. Overlaps, legitimate and otherwise abound.  Some appear to be 'money laundering' operations and some look like direct, clear and clean operations for their causes.

Charlie Rangle
For example, House member Charlie Rangle was found to be compromising his PAC with certain ethics violations contradictory to FEC regulations late last year. Right now, failed Delaware Senatorial candidate Christine O'Donnell is under investigation for PAC misappropriation of funds. Charges reveal that O'Donnell possibly blended PAC contributions with personal funds. 

The idea that some of these PACs may be 'new AMERICAN (legal) RIP-OFFS' in the P.T. Barnum tradition is obvious. 

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin's SarahPAC  appears suspect on it's face, but legal at the same time. With a large paid staff that has included or includes friends and family members (Todd Palin, Bristol), SarahPAC is constantly fund raising through paid employee, Tim Crawford, Treasurer of the organization. At the end of last year, SarahPAC reported $2.1 Million in the bank.

We are on the SarahPAC  'listserve'  and receive fund raising requests at least monthly. This month, it was a "Lets give Sarah a Surprise Birthday Gift" with our donations. 

Apparently it worked well because Sarah hired herself a new Chief of Staff, Michael Glassner.   

Christine O'Donnell
Other questionable PACs include a new Christine O'Donnell organization, ChristinePAC and something called PatriotsPac coming from Sharron Angle.

John Thune
On the other side of the coin we find JohnThunePAC which looks crisp and clean and low overhead with $8 million in the bank as of the end of last year.

CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Committee, also seems to spend it's considerable donations on what contributors expect of them.   

So, the bottom line to all this is "Contributor Beware". There are many P.T. Barnum clones among us and the political world certainly has it's share of them.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Public Employee PENSION, SALARY and BENEFIT REFORM MUST HAPPEN! Lets Start with the U.S. Congress!

Our Governments are in financial trouble. Big  trouble! 

In the midst of the greatest recession since 'The Great Depression', Federal and State Governments have lost substantial revenues and ALL U.S. Citizens have felt and experienced the results of it in one way or another.

The Federal Government  is running an obscene  deficit in the trillions of dollars with no end in sight.

At the same time politicians have been clever in setting up a kind  of 'class warfare' between public employee and private  employee workers and groups. 

Politicians, with strings pulled by their corporate puppeteers and billionaire backers, have on-goingly and repeatedly presented anecdotal information about those 'bad guy, lazy, goldbricking' public employees living off the 'good, hardworking' taxpayers who do the 'real work' that makes America great. And this vilification has stuck to some degree. It's also a pile of crap!   

Senator Tillis
This manipulation and slide of hand have kept the focus on public employees in the trenches doing their jobs, thereby keeping the focus away from themselves. At the same time, the overwhelming majority of these public employees have doing their jobs well and with professionalism.

Teachers, fire fighters, law enforcement, public works people,  garbage workers, nurses, doctors, community hospital employees, social services, roads, parks employees and on and on do 'their' jobs well, effectively and with productivity. 

Still, pension, salary and benefit reform MUST happen in these difficult times. In fact, they already have started in many jurisdictions.      

In all this rhetoric against public employees, little, if anything, has been said or reported about politicians salary, benefit and retirement 'packages'.

Lets do that now. Lets take a look and recast the focus on 'An OBSCENITY'! Lets begin with the U.S. Congress (many State elected politicians also have similar benefit packages).

Pure, simple and slick. Our elected congress people are assured (upon retirement OR leaving office) FULL PAY for the rest of their lives and FULL MEDICAL INSURANCE for themselves and their dependents is included! 

This does not happen at some future date or when a certain age is reached. It happens the moment one of these people leaves office.

Congressman Chris Lee-Retired
An anecdotal example would be disgraced congressman Chris Lee of recent 'shirtless craigslist' fame who resigned his House seat after just one 2-year term and a few days in office. His departure brings him all the pure, simple and slick (retirement) salary and benefits mentioned above.  

Lee's example is not the norm, however. Most congress people are in office for longer periods. But the FACT remains that there are thousands 'out-of-office' politicians receiving these benefits right now at an OBSCENE cost to taxpayers. 

Given that many politicians on the State and local levels have similar pure, simple and slick retirement 'plans' we can multiply these costs into the stratosphere.

YES! This country needs 'pension, salary and benefit' REFORM! 

Lets start with the U.S. Congress!


Another Muslim 'HONOR KILLING'! Another MURDER Conviction!

Faleh Hassan Alaleki-Convicted of Murder

Yesterday, another Muslim man was convicted of MURDER in a Phoenix criminal court for the 'HONOR KILLING'  of his daughter.

Faleh Hassan Almaleki, 50, a naturalized U.S.citizen from Iraq,  killed his 20 year old daughter, Noor, for bringing dishonor to the family.

And how did Noor 'dishonor' the Almaleki family name? She had become "too westernized", according to her father. Faleh wanted his daughter to be a "traditional Muslim woman".

Because Noor was not that 'traditional muslim woman' (she grew up in the West) her father wanted, Faleh aimed his Jeep Charokee at her in the parking lot of a State building in Phoenix (with witnesses present who had seen and heard his tirade) and mowed her down, killing her instantly, according to court records.   

 Under Shiria Law, such a killing would usually be acceptable under these conditions.                                                                      

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Recall/IMPEACH SCOTT WALKER!! (Update 10/14/11: Walker's Dirty Little Secret!)

Scott Walker

(Update 10/14/11: Today Associated Press is reporting Scott Walker's dirty little secret and trick he played on Wisconsin voters. 

Walker campaigned on a promise to pay all of his own medical insurance (if elected) and subsequently passed law requiring all State employees to pay more of their own health care coverage.

Now, according to State records obtained by AP, Scott Walker is not paying for his health care insurance. Taxpayers are. 

It seems that with Walker's Recall Election gearing up that this dirty little secret will get some exposure?

Also, Is there an 'Occupy Wall Street' in Madison headed Walker's way?)

Impeach Scott Walker? You bet. There are grounds. 


In his 20-minute taped conversation (thinking he was talking to his patron, billionaire David Koch), Walker incriminates himself again and again!

Also, has Walker violated federal and/or State terrorist laws? 

Think about it. In those crowds with women and children peacefully demonstrating, Walker spoke of hiring thugs to create violence for a lot of reasons. 

Under 'terrorist law', is not the plan alone enough to convict? The statement? The threat?

We call upon the Wisconsin Attorney General to investigate Scott Walker for TERRORIST THREATS with the assistance of the U.S. Attorney Generals office. 


Scott Walker Phone Punked! Journalist posing as BILLIONAIRE KOCH BROTHER 'DAVID' Gets Briefing on 'The Union Bust' in Wisconsin!

The PunkEE-Punk gets Punked

In an earlier article ("Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Taking His Marching Orders........", dated February 23, 2011) we said we couldn't prove the 'rent-boy' status of Governor Scott Walker to his benefactors, THE BILLIONAIRE KOCH BROTHERS.

Now there is considerable evidence that 'Scotty' IS that 'rent-boy' we believe him to be. 

David Koch
Yesterday, 'BUFFALO BEAST' journalist, Ian Murphy, posed as BILLIONAIRE KOCH BROTHER David and got a briefing on how the 'union busting' plan was going in Wisconsin. Now it's on the 'net' for us all to hear and decide for ourselves. Google "buffalo beast" for full coverage of the prank.   

Murphy as KOCH (The 'punkOR'): "You're not talking to those 'democrat bastards',  are you?"

Walker (The 'punkEE'): " might be...ahh, but he's not one of us."

This is a tease to some interesting 'talk' in an 'employer-employee' style.   


Muammar Gadhafi---THE FACE OF EVIL!

No further comment necessary!



Scott Walker
Yesterday morning, the Lilliputian Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, was in the news threatening the layoff of 4,000 government workers. 

Last night, Walker was  threatening the layoff of 6,000 public employees and warning of "DIRE CONSEQUENCES" should his 'entire' legislation, "THE ANTI-UNION BILL", not pass as written! 

We don't know how or why the 'layoff' figure grew by 2,000 employees from morning to night. It wasn't clear. Walker didn't explain it.

What is clear is that Walker is trying to intimidate and bully Wisconsin public employees with his threatening rhetoric. It isn't working.

Walker seems to be reading from a script of sorts. If he is, from where is that script coming?

Walker's script has some significant 'logic holes' in it. The union people gave in to all financial issues in the 'anti-union' Bill. No financial issues are left. The only thing left is the right to collective bargaining.  Walker says collective bargaining IS a financial issue. It's not. His 'logic' fails.

David Koch
Our quick look into Walker campaign funding shows that although he 'ran' for Governor as a moderate Republican, his campaign was funded, in part, by the BILLIONAIRE KOCH BROTHERS! The guys who fund 'ultra right' Tea Baggers' of dubious character and credential (without vetting) and then dictate their edicts to any of their winning candidates. (There have some.) 

Charles Koch
The BILLIONAIRE KOCH BROTHERS are guys who pollute the political landscape with their money so they can later pollute the air with carbon emissions and other airborne debris.

Have you been to TEXAS recently? You can put some of the air in a brown paper lunch sack and take some home with you. But you may have to pay an extra weight charge if you are flying the friendly skies.

Recognizing 'their boy' was in deep poo-do with the current issue,  the BILLIONAIRE KOCH BROTHERS have taken their (Wisconsin) thesis to another level. This week they are opening 'lobbying' offices in Madison, just off Capitol Square.

So is Scott Walker taking his MARCHING ORDERS from the BILLIONAIRE KOCH BROTHERS?  

Probably, but we can't prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. 

Meanwhile, the most recent Wisconsin (not scientifically verified) polls show 67% of the electorate in support of the Union position and way less than 50% job approval for Walker. 

Polls aside, the BILLIONAIRE KOCH BROTHERS are concerned enough to open lobbying offices in Madison, right around the corner from the State House.

More to come............


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

John Thune NEWS! He Will NOT RUN for the U.S. Presidency in 2012!

John Thune-February 22,2011

Today, John Thune announced he will NOT be running for the U.S. Presidency in 2012! 

This is welcome news to the other GOP contenders because he would be a viable candidate and certainly a reckoning force within his party in the 2012 cycle.

This is especially welcome news to the DNC and Barrack Obama. Insiders know that Thune scared the 'bejeebus' out of them. Thune IS a "quality" commodity within the body politic.

Thune's departure from the race leaves Mitt Romney as the clear GOP front runner right now. There must be a welcome sense of relief in the Romney camp today.

With $8 million in his PAC, John Thune has a head start on 2016. And we think he will have a strong presence in that political cycle.

Meanwhile, we, among others who recognize solid candidates in 'the pack' are disappointed with Thune's withdrawal.



Gadhafi's Bizarre INCOHERENT Speech TODAY! "I'LL DIE A MARTYR"!

Moammar Gaadhafi
As we write and as blood is running in the streets of Tripoli, Moammar Gadhafi's bizarre, incoherent pre-recorded speech continues on Libyan State TV and is well into it's second hour.

al-Qaeda Flag
So far, he has invoked Mohammad and Islam while blasting  al-Qaeda and fundamentalist Muslims as 'the enemy'. 

Ga-Daffy Duck is also blasting the U.S. as the supreme enemy.

Gadhafi says he 'will not' leave Libya and step down and, "......under the Honorable Sword of this country, I'LL DIE A MARTYR".

Well..................OK.......fine with us here.