Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The 100th MONKEY Theory! Is it Proof of a Metaphysical Presence in the Hard Sciences? Is There an Analogy to Religion Here?

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The 100th Monkey Theory is a fascinating idea. An unexplainable phenomenon coming from the anthropological sciences. Is it proof of a metaphysical presence in the hard sciences? 

The 100th monkey story has it that a group of anthropologists studied monkeys located in the Borneo Islands in the 1930's. National Geographic Magazine and private foundations funded the project. 

Scientists simply observed and recorded monkey behavior on each of the islands for sometime. 

Raw potatoes dominated the Monkey diet that grew in abundance near the shoreline. 

Each day the monkeys would dig up their potatoes, eat them and return the next day and do the same thing.

However, on one of the islands, one day, one monkey was observed to dig up his potato, take it to the water, wash it, and then eat it.

The next day he did the same thing. And then the next and the next and on and on. He was the only monkey among many to be washing his potato before eating it.

The story continues that after a long while, a second monkey followed the first monkey's lead and began washing his potatoes too. Later, there was a third, then 10, and then, in a short time all the monkeys on the island were washing their potatoes before eating them. 

The essence of the 100th Monkey story is that once all the monkeys on one island washed their potatoes before eating them, ALL THE MONKEYS ON ALL THE ISLANDS did likewise! 

It has been said that this story was first printed in National Geographic and soon thereafter in respected science magazines and journals. 

However, because of the advent of WWII, the story was lost in the shuffle and almost forgotten in the science world according to those who tell the story. The story was resurrected in the 1970's, and discussed in the 'New Age' culture as some kind of paradox, or some metaphysical truth.

There is, however, a problem with the 100th Monkey Theory and it's story. 

A BIG PROBLEM! The 100th Monkey STORY never happened. It's not true. A lie. It's a HOAX! 

National Geographic never observed the monkeys in the Borneo Islands and never published such a story. No reputable science journal (or otherwise) ever covered the 100th Monkey story. It never happened (verified).

Yet, some who want to believe in this fairytale continue to do so, even in the face of incontrovertible evidence to the contrary.

We can make analogy of The 100th Monkey Theory and why people continue to believe it to a lot of things. Religions come immediately to mind. But, we'll just ask a general question here. 

Many people believe what they think instead of what is true.



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  1. By the way....potatoes don't grow in the Borneo Islands....