Thursday, February 17, 2011

AMAZON EVE! The World's Tallest Model! (PHOTOS) At 6'8" She Has Big Plans!

Amazon Eve and Friend

(From a Guest Commentator)

Sometimes it's OK to get away from some of the heavy stuff and waste our time on some recreational activity. Amazon Eve is one of those recreational curiosities that commands some attention.

Amazon Eve will soon be deemed the 'World's Tallest Model' by the Guinness Book of Records. 

Amazon Eve and Friend
At 6'8", 'EVE' is in demand by a number of Ad Agencies asking her to get in front of the camera to sell just about anything. She is over 7' in heels.

Good Luck, Amazon Eve!
Eve's Recent Photo

(Update 4-14-11: Since writing this original article, Eve has been busy with work and has sent us a recent photo  she thought we want to put on this website. Yup, we do. See it at right.)



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