Monday, February 14, 2011

Ann Coulter Drools at CPAC 2011! A Tweet about a Twit at the Tea Party!

Ann Coulter-February 12, 2011 (CPAC)

(From a guest Commentator)

One nice attribute about CPAC is the loyalty shown to their senior participants of years past. 

Phylis Schafly and Don Imus were apparently busy at their assisted living facilities with a bingo game.

But, Ann Coulter was dusted off and did appear for a brief speech and Q& A, in part, about Egypt! Egypt? What would Coulter know about Egypt? Except she was probably there during the building of the Pyramids.

On Saturday, February 12, 2011, Coulter appeared in a side room for a few minutes and one of our contributors tweeted about the twits performance. 

There wasn't a lot to 'tweet' about, but venerable 'ANNIE' did get a small sound bite out. In response to a question about Egypt from a blue haired woman, Coulter worked in some trash talk. In a reference to Anderson Cooper's live coverage during Egypt's revolution, Coulter said, "more journalists should be jailed".
Anderson Cooper-February 2011 (CNN)

It should be noted that some right-wing media types have been critical of CNN Cooper's Egypt coverage. The LA Times and Fox News(?) have been particularly nasty. Of course, these were flabby arm-chair pundits who did not get beat up TWICE by government agents from the Mubarak regime as Anderson Cooper was.

As an aside, our tweeter twitted it was time for Coulter to give up those sleeveless dresses with plunging neck lines and wear something more age appropriate. Something that covers up that wrinkled up skin.
We thank our contributor for her comments. 
There will be more to come from the 2011 CPAC Conference soon.


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