Sunday, February 6, 2011

ARIZONA NEWS! Guns Again! Mayor Michael Bloomberg V. Gov. Jan Brewer!

Brewer V. Bloomberg

Arizona is in the news again! And it's about GUNS AGAIN!

Another tempest in the Tea Party tea pot?

The pygmy-like Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, and the 'Beauty Queen' Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, have their hands on their holsters and poised to 'draw' their dildos at any moment now over a political spat.

The 'spat' involves Bloomberg's learning that guns used in crime in his BIG CITY predominately come from the TINY STATE of Arizona and cites LAX LAWS relating gun sales  in Arizona!

Bloomberg 'called out' the State of Arizona and in particular Governor Brewer (and her vibrator friend 'Billy') for incompetency and promoting indiscriminate violence and crime with guns involved. 

Bloomberg had data and a history to support his charges. He had set up 'stings' on countless Arizona gun dealers who sold guns to felons and mental incompetents around the State without proper background checks or any background checks.

Bloomberg really did 'a job' on Arizona and called for Gun Sales Reform in that State. 

Jared Loughner-Tucson Shooter
This was not good PR (especially following the recent shootings in Tucson) for Arizona and Brewer fired back that HER STATE was a SECOND AMENDMENT STATE and Bloomberg's comments and 'sting' were not appropriate or appreciated and taken as 'meddling' in affairs in which he had no business.

Bloomberg fired back there is more to the U.S. Constitution than the second amendment and that Arizona was part of a UNION and not a sovereign nation although sometimes it seemed Arizona was Banana Republic at times.

And so it went. There is probably more to come but  we'll leave it here without further comment.

Suffice to say that Arizona is a painful joke to many States in the Union and a laughing stock in Europe. And Jan Brewer? 

Please see our article dated January 17, 2011, "ARIZONA GOVERNOR JAN BREWER!.........", for further commentary.


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