Monday, February 7, 2011

Bristol Palin! She's Writing a Book! FROM THE GOSSIP FILE!

Bristol Palin

From a guest Commentator: Bristol is writing her memoir!

Bristol Palin, 20, daughter of the 'soap opera' Sarah Palin, is writing her very own memoir. We await with butted breath for it's publication which will be sometime this Summer, according to her publisher, William Morrow & Co. 

The book is yet to be titled, but we're sure it's content will be filled with the 'wisdom' only a 20-year old celebrity who's only talent is being a celebrity can bring to the table. 

And what's ahead for 'Bris' after her book is completed? 

Well, she has purchased a house in Arizona for which she paid $187,000 cash and she is looking for a new reality show to star in, AND she is in 'talks' to be the spokesperson for a fashion line. 

Sarah Palin/Levi Johnston
Meanwhile, ex-paramour Levi Johnston seems to be taking politics and his run for Mayor of Wasilla seriously. He recently bought used version of the King James Bible (so it looks like he uses it a lot) which he carries in his right hand to political events. He also purchased an American flag he can put behind him should a 'photo op' happen. He learned this from Sarah.

Levi's younger sister, Mercede, 19, has also made some news recently when she signed with Playboy Magazine to do a nude photo shoot.  

We've lost contact with Mama Johnston and believe she might still be doing 'time' in an Alaska prison for her conviction of drug sales a few years back. 

We just can't make this stuff up, people. 

And that's it for the 'gossip file'.

(As usual, this guest commentator continues to want to maintain anonymity.)


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