Saturday, February 5, 2011

California! Remember Texas? The Late-Great State of Texas? AND SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!

Hey California! Remember just a few months ago when Meg Whitman was running for Governor? And she was touting the 'great business climate' and 'solvency' in the Great State of Texas? 

Remember how Meg gushed about all that fiscal responsibility in Texas while trashing California for it's irresponsibility? How she was going to use the Texas 'business model' to make things right in California?

With Texas hosting the Super Bowl this coming Sunday, we couldn't help but return to  some  previous thoughts about Texas and how mega-millions Meg spoke so glowingly of it. Of course, she left a few things out in her 'take' on what now appears to be 'The Late-Great State of Texas'.  

Right now, Texas is in a financial crisis greater than California's. And THIS is WITH AN OIL SEVERANCE TAX  which Meg and the other Republican candidates left out of their scenario. California does not have an Oil Severance Tax and is the only oil producing State in the Union without one.

The Texas Budget Deficit is $25+ Billion with a much smaller population than California and no ranking in the World Economies. Texas is in fiscal ruin. California has the World's 8th largest economy even with it's own fiscal woes!  

This is not only a "we told you so" but also a "setting of the record straight" article. 

Super Bowl XLV
Meanwhile, as Texas suffers from sub-freezing temps and rolling energy black-outs because it's infrastructure is so bad and those going to the Super Bowl will be slogging there in 2 feet of snow breathing dirty air, we in Northern California (and in the rest of the State) will be outdoors BBQ-ing in 72+ degree warmth under crystal clear sunny skies and watching the game beamed wireless to our flat screen TVs on our patios.  

Oh, and before we forget......what if you spent $175 Million on something and you never got it?  Well, that's what Meg Whitman did in her run for Governor of California last year. The winner of the election, Jerry Brown, spent $30 Million. Just setting the record straight!

Thank you Meg for putting your money into the California economy. We have a deficit too.

And where is the MEG-A-LOPOLI$ for Super Bowl Sunday? We don't know. But it's a safe bet she's NOT IN TEXAS!

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