Friday, February 11, 2011

The Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) Annual Conference! Donald Trump a "KEYNOTE" Speaker!

Donald Trump-Lindsay Lohan

Yesterday, The Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) began it's annual conference. It is attended by a virtual 'who's who' (and a lot of 'who's nots') in the world of Republican and conservative politicians, lobbyists, has-beens, wannabes, AND presidential hopefuls. Among those hopefuls is Donald Trump!  Donald Trump? 

Yes! Donald Trump, HE of the Lindsay Lohan ilk with a higher negative rating than  Sarah Palin and the tacky reality TV Show, Celebrity Apprentice.

This CPAC annual conference, in addition to setting the tone,  attitudes and forwarding the policies of the next election cycle, is also a 'beauty contest' of most  presidential contenders for the 2012, GOP nomination.

Conference organizers, yesterday, gave Donald Trump a prize time slot for his speech designed as a kick-off and 'testing the waters' dialog with conservative power brokers who will play a heavy hand in next years nomination process. Trump did not disappoint his backers.

Bachmann also Spoke Yesterday
Trump's keynote speech 'keyed-in' on trashing President Obama and got a media wide-spread soundbite saying, "AMERICA IS BECOMING THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE WORLD"! 

What "The Donald" got wrong with his statement is that HE is the 'laughing stock of the world'. If not the world, America anyway. 

No one with any sense believes that Donald Trump has a 'muslim clerics chance' of becoming the President of the United States. The cruel joke to all this is that Donald Trump IS the joke and a few people are buying it as serious stuff, including Trump himself. There is a certain arrogance to power and greed that sometimes fogs the mind and reality.

A quick and dirty look at Trump's background would ask, 'How many wives has he had? How many casinos does he own and how many bankruptcies has he filed for?   More questions can and will be asked, but these questions are good for a start.

And how will a Trump candidacy be taken by the religious right? A constituency conservatives need to win any election in today's era? We don't need to comment on this one.

Donald Trump is 'toast' for a serious presidential candidacy in our opinion.

We have been putting together an article about Political Action Committees (PAC's) that we'll publish soon. We've found that some a modern (legal) rip-offs to Americans in the P.T. Barnum-Elmer Gantry tradition. CPAC is NOT one of them. CPAC is a legitimate organization with considerable clout and respect, which makes our story here a very sad one.


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