Friday, February 25, 2011


Napoleon in His Study

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) was a small man physically. Tiny  even by his era standards.  Almost a midget by today's standards. 

History provides he was a 'bully' of sorts which he backed by his royal heritage, and later by his armies (who found the dwarf reprehensible but held allegiance to their monarchy). 

Perhaps Napoleon suffered from 'micro penis syndrome' as well. He had 'Illusions of Granduer' (a by product of MPS) which are givens now that history has been somewhat corrected with fact.  Many fetes attributed to Napoleon never happened. For example, his conquering the Alps never happened. His 'ponchy'  likenesses also betray his 'historical image' and image of himself.

Napoleon on his Imperial Throne
Whatever the case, Napoleon exhibited "small man" syndrome in concept with the 'arrogance of power and privilage' in behavior. 

These things bring us to Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. 

We find certain parallels between Napoleon and Scott Walker!

These things said, please forgive our somewhat nasty, caustic parody connection of Napoleon to Scott Walker. Our obvious contempt and disgust for Scott Walker and his ilk are givens. 

But this does not negate substantive commentary as to why Scott Walker should be investigated, possibly arrested, put in jail and CONVICTED OF TERRORISTS THREATS under U.S. Law and possibly State law.

Scott Walker
We are dead serious  when we say "CONVICT SCOTT WALKER OF TERRORISTS THREATS!  We believe there is enough information to open an investigation toward this end NOW!

After September 11, 2001, specific law was promulgated by the U.S. Congress relating to 'terrorist threats' being criminal offenses.  Accordingly, THE THREAT in and of itself became a criminal act. Most, if not all States implemented similar law and enabling legislation relative to federal law.

These State laws have subsequently been used by law enforcement and the courts across the nation to convict defendants in domestic violence, cyber threats, and workplace disputes among other charges.

Wisconsin Public Employees in Demonstration
Scott Walker's threats of violence and bodily harm toward public employees is a matter of record. 

In his 20-minute tape with a prankster, Walker amply incriminates himself both criminally and civilly. Believing he was talking to a benefactor, a billionaire Koch brother, in 'minionesque' form, Scott Walker  gave detailed information of plans to harm Wisconsin public employees.

Does Scott Walker also have some civil liability and responsibility  here? Possibly, under Title 42, Section 1983, of The U.S. Code there could be  actionable claims. 

'Politics' is one thing. Criminality and Civil Liability are others. We believe Scott Walker may have crossed way over those lines and some in investigation is called for.

State and Federal Law Enforcement! Where are YOU on this matter?  

And what about 'Abuse of Power'? Well, that's another article isn't it.


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