Sunday, February 13, 2011

CPAC 2011 Closes! Brings Out The Heavy Hitters! Straw Poll Results!

Romney (L) Thune (R)
The annual CPAC Conference in D.C. is now history. And it's last day saw heavy hitters Mitt Romney, John Thune, Mike Huckabee, and perennial favorite Ron Paul speaking to this conservative audience.  

Ron Paul
Michele Bachmann
Michele Bachmann and other second stringers spoke on Friday. Sarah Palin was a no show, citing "other commitments". Jon Huntsman was not there and ethically can't campaign as an 'official-unofficial' candidate until he leaves his post as Ambassador to China under the Obama Administration on April 30.

The real reason for Palin's 'excuse' was because she's in a 'snit' with CPAC's Chairman. It seems Palin has more snits with people in America going on  than she has constituents these days. Tacky stuff.

The 'heavy hitters', however, did themselves well. Their backers must be smiling today. All were substantive with some valid data to provide. Romney and Thune especially were articulate and have that presidential presence needed to move forward in a general election. 

The close of the CPAC always ends with a 'straw poll' of favorites to be the 2012 presidential nominee among conference participants. This years poll found the following: 

Jon Huntsman Jr.
-Ron Paul, 30% (Paul was last years favorite too),
-Mitt Romney, 23%.
-Gary Johnson, 6%,
-Michele Bachmann, 4%,
-Sarah Palin, 3%,
-Huckabee and Thune, 2%.

There were a number of other candidates with even smaller percentages.

Allen West
The 'cone-head' congressman from South Florida, Allen West, brought the CPAC Conference to a close with a rousing speech giving the crowd what it wanted to hear. Unfortunately, he had no data to support anything he said. Did you know there's a 'red-commie threat to the U.S.'? That 'China is using Capitalism against us'? 

Well, Allen West said so yesterday to thunderous applause. Big stuff to a shallow if not ignorant audience.

And that was the conference that was.  We look forward to an exciting CPAC Conference in 2012, as virtually all GOP candidates for the presidency will have made their intentions known and the 'brick-bats' will be flying.


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