Monday, February 21, 2011

The DAYTONA 500! Your Tax $$$ At Work! See the 14-Car Crash! Trevor Bayne Wins!

Our Tax Dollars at Work!

(For background information see our article, "Pentagon Funds NASCAR.....",  dated February 15, 2011.)

YES! It's so. The U.S. Military has been funding NASCAR for a number of years now to the engine roar of about $50 million a year.

Trevor Bayne-Winner!
Although Congress cut NASCAR funding from the Defense Budget just last week, the current funding continues to the end of this budget year. Accordingly, yesterday's DAYTONA 500 annual race was funded, in part, by U.S. taxpayers. 

The above picture of the 14-car crash early in the race (Hendricks Motorsports had a bad day) shows not only how taxpayers dollars are spent by the U.S. Military, but is also metaphoric to how other taxpayer dollars may be spent by our government in other areas. 

Hey! We like NASCAR! We just don't believe taxpayer dollars should be paying for it.

Trevor Bayne
The 2011, DAYTONA 500 was an exciting and entertaining show in a 'soap box derby' sort of way.

The winner was a Justin Beiber contemporary. Trevor Bayne, barely 20 years old, is this years DAYTONA 500 champion driver. 

Congratulations Trevor! Your 'win' was impressive. And Hannah Montana thought so too!


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  1. CORRECTION. The Congress DID NOT cut NASCAR funding from the Defence budget as stated in our article. As of this writing, about $50 million remains in it for the next fiscal year with NASCAR's name on it.