Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Donald Rumsfeld Book: KNOWN and UNKNOWN a Memoir! A Cursory Reveiw!

(Update-May 10, 2011: In further effort to sell his book of selected, sometimes erroneous memories, Rumsfeld pontificated this past week that the "torture" of prisoners led directly to the finding and killing of Osama bin Laden. There's only ONE PROBLEM here: It didn't!

The Secretary of Defense, John McCain, John Boehner and others close to the 'Geronimo Mission' have said that there was NO CORRELATION to bin Laden's killing and the prisoners Rummy refers to.)

Former Secretary of Defense DONALD RUMSFELD'S new book, KNOWN and UNKNOWN a MEMOIR will hit the streets,  gutters and sewers of the country next week. 

It is currently on Amazon's hit parade of books with pre-orders and ranks No. 2,064 on that list.

We are privy to some advance quotes and other information from this book with about 10,000 others in the publishers efforts to titillate and build some buzz about an otherwise 'has been' politician with little of substance to say.

We've seen many of Rumsfeld's quotes and informational (or, mis-informational as the case may be) writings about everybody  from Nixon to Bin-Laden with some Elvis in between. Yes! Elvis, The King!

But we're going to comment on just one of his thoughts here. In his book, 'Rummy' bashes former President Clinton, Senator Kerry and current Vice President Joe Biden, saying they "flip-flopped on the Iraq War". He goes on to remark, "I sure wouldn't want to be in a foxhole with those guys".

We've not heard of any responses from the men Rumsfeld trashes, but we suspect their feelings and thoughts would be mutual. 

The fact is that Rumsfeld wouldn't know a foxhole from a butt-hole. He's never been in a foxhole and never served in the U.S. Military services, though ironically he served in the Bush-43 Administration as Secretary of Defense.

He has, however,  been in a butt-hole or two over the years and seems to be sticking his head out of his own to write this book.

By the way, the 'flip-flop' Rummy refers to here happened when these 3 men discovered clear and convincing evidence they had been duped and lied to for the reasons The U.S. invaded Iraq!  Of course Rumsfeld selectively left that part of the history out of his book.

'KNOWN and UNKNOWN a Memoir' is clearly a book of this insignificant quality!

And not so insignificantly, have not there been rumbles of Rummy being tried for War Crimes in a World Court?

(Is this article rude and disrespectful? Of course it is! But our rudeness and disrespect pales by comparison to the abject reckless disregard and contempt for the American people, the people of this world and especially the young military men and women killed and maimed in the Iraq war pushed forward by Donald Rumsfeld and others of like mind in his era.)



  1. My husband has one comment about the justification about the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan. "The Romans said 'the biggest virtue is to be prepared for everything.' Iraq has oil and Afghanistan has rare materials for high-tech items. That's why the U.S. is there."

  2. P.S. You have an extra 'not' in the 2nd to last paragraph. Maybe I should edit these before you post. ;)

  3. OK! Editing DONE! Your husband is correct, to a point. The problem is we didn't get the oil in Iraq and the ground is so mined with explosives in Afghanistan we'd need one of those 'muslim dolls' to get the minerals out because humans would be taking their lives in their hands to try getting those rare minerals out.