Monday, February 28, 2011

Gas-Oil Prices! Going UP! UP! UP! $4. a Gallon? $5. a Gallon? More?

From a guest Commentator:

I live in the Greater Bay Area of Northern California. Today, I paid $3.79.9 for a gallon of gas! 

I hear on the news that the average gas price per gallon is at $3.20, nationally. The disparity in price in Northern California from the rest of the nation has always been a bitter pill to swallow in these parts. But this is not my point.

I also hear on the news that gas prices are projected to rise to  between $4. and $5. nationally by Memorial Day!  These prices will naturally be higher in the Bay Area.

So, here's my point. When the Bush Administration invaded Iraq and killed Saddam Hussein in the last decade,  this was the beginning of the destabilization in the Middle East. 

Today, the  entire Middle East is blowing up and taking gas prices with them. UP!

Courtesy-The Smirking Chimp
There is nothing we can do about this history. But there's a lot we can do about the future. We can VOTE OUT the OIL MOGUL rent-boy politicians and replace them with a more responsible group. And then we can vote them out too when they are totally corrupted as our present ones are.


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