Sunday, February 6, 2011

George Bush Cancels Switzerland Speech To Avoid Arrest and Prosecution For TORTURE AND HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS! Reuters Reports!

Former President G.W. Bush

From a Guest Contributor:

Reuters News Agency is reporting former President George W. Bush has cancelled a speaking engagement in Switzerland later this month due to threat of arrest and prosecution for Torture and other Human Rights violations.  

The Swiss Government is under considerable pressure from  European human rights organizations to arrest Bush should he set foot in that Alpine Country. Other governments in Europe are also under similar pressures to take custody of Bush and other Bush Administration officials should he or they  enter certain countries.

Bush was scheduled to speak at an annual Jewish Charity Conference in Switzerland. However, charity organizers have been vocal and under heavy protest since it was announced Bush would be at the conference.

"He's avoiding handcuffs", according to Reed Brody, Council to Human Rights Watch. Brody also said that a 2,500 page document was prepared to submit to the Swiss court alleging specific crimes with a request for a warrant for Bush's arrest should Bush enter that country. 

Former VP Dick Cheney
The organizers of the charity event have cancelled Bush's appearance by mutual agreement according to sources.

Meanwhile, former VP Dick Cheney has been facing on-again, off-again war crime charges elsewhere in Europe.


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