Sunday, February 20, 2011

GOD! GUNS! GAYS! Political "WEDGE" Issues Cause Some to Vote Against Their Best Interests! POLLS!

GOD! 'They're' Taking Our Guns Away!

According to a number of polls, studies and reports, the 'wedge' issues of 'GOD', 'GUNS', and 'GAYS' cause a percentage of voters to vote against their best interests. 

When voting for or against candidates and propositions, percentages of the electorate vote their individual values, their emotional fears and religiosity over their own economic  interests and the overall best interests of their families and country!

Unscientific polls conducted at the very recent CPAC conference in Washington D.C. (February 2011) reinforce earlier polls and studies from Gallup, Pew Research, Bloomberg Businessweek, Hillbilly Report and others that "GOD, GUNS, and GAYS" issues  hold significant sway over economic, health care, and even basic Constitutional 'equal rights' issues with some voters among us. 
"I can't get married in Texas"

For example, faith based issues (GOD), the Second Amendment (GUNS) and same-sex marriage issues (GAYS) prevail as the major concerns in some political blocks as irrational fears from an ignorant and/or stupid constituencey.

There is some coo-coo 'fear' from otherwise reasonable people that government agents are going to invade our homes and take our GUNS away. The threat of the Christian GOD being 'taken' from 'believers' is the "No. 1" issue among many and GAYS threaten the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman among other insidiousness's. 62% of CPAC conference participants rejected the traditional Republican Party inclusion of Gay political organizations into their fold this past year. 

This interesting 'block' of voters will not shape the 2012 elections, but there will be influences from it. Accordingly, let the pandering begin!


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  1. Yes, I am afraid a gay Muslim God will take away my guns too.

    Tex Shelters