Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Is Sarah Palin a COMMUNIST? 'PALIN'S OWN LOGIC' Makes the Strong Case That SHE IS!

Sarah Palin "THE RED" With Jon Stewart Making the Point

The idea that Sarah Palin is a Communist is growing. 

Is she a Communist 'operative'? A spy? A 'plant' strategically placed in the U.S. trained by THE KGB?

Some might think so when they consider the evidence, albeit circumstantial.

Palin almost always wears 'red' attire! 

"RED" is another term for a Communist! 'The Red Army' referred to the now defunct Soviet Union military, and was closely associated with the Russian government by the media and politicians alike.

"THE REDS", headlines read. "THE REDS" was typically the the term used by U.S. Politicians when speaking of the Russian Communist government during the Cold War. "Those Reds" is still used by those who don't know the Cold War is over and has been over for more than 20 years.

Palin Supporters Play 'DRESS-UP' Too!
As the failed 'Nazi-Dress-Up-Guy' Tea Party candidate (Ohio) Rich Lott loved HIS Nazi uniforms, so does Sarah Palin 'love' her 'commie-red' garb.

There's more! Has anyone thoroughly investigated Palin's maiden name AND her mother's maiden name? Is their heritage Russian? 

Why does Palin own and live in a house at which Russia can be seen from the front porch?

This all adds to some fairly compelling evidence that Palin has some serious connection to Russia and by association, COMMUNISM! 

Commie Flags and Symbols Too
Now, some are demanding that Sarah Palin PROVE SHE IS NOT A COMMUNIST!

Make sense? Is this sound logic? 

Some would think so, including Sarah, because THIS is her logic. Her way of presenting 'data' and making HER 'logical' points.

For example, Palin and those in her camp have demanded President Obama PROVE HE IS NOT A MUSLIM! Palin logic!

Sarah's New Red Dress
Last year Palin demonstrated as 'proof', "a dangerous 'sign'  The American Government (under President Obama) was moving the country away from it's Christian nature and heritage" because the "in God we Trust" phrase was being moved closer to the edge of a U.S. coin!  Palin logic!

The list of "PALIN LOGIC" points can go on and on. Those recited here are simple examples  of a simple mind-set playing to even 'simpler' minds. The issue here is not intellectual dishonesty. The issue  is fundamental INTELLECTUAL ABILITY!

So, using "PALIN LOGIC" the case can be easily made that "PALIN IS A COMMIE"! 

Any comment?


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