Thursday, February 17, 2011

John Boehner 'BONED' AGAIN! House Kills $450. Million PORK F-35 Second Engine Program!

John Boehner and F-35 (The Engine Only-Not the Craft)
Speaker of House of Representatives John Boehner got 'boned' again yesterday when he lost his $450. million F-35 alternative fighter engine 'PORK' program that would have taken tax payer dollars to his State to build engines that weren't needed and line the pockets of his corporate buddies.

John Boehner
A few days ago 'Boner' reassured the American people by publicly saying he and his Republican House majority had "HEARD" what the electorate had directed and said. 

Apparently what Boner heard was the 'people' wanted to give $450. million in 'pure pork' to HIS friends and backers in the corporate world and tried to push HIS 'PORK BILL' through congress.

But it seems his Republican majority and a large group of Democrats heard something else and killed Boner's Bill, 233-198, thereby giving him a crushing defeat.

Boner Cries Again
In his new position, Boner hasn't fared all that well since taking the 'speakership' gavel. His limp leadership  along with his crying spells belie his initial 'Nazi Storm Trooper' approach. He's getting his butt kicked. By his own party!  

Some day Boner will win one. But he lost BIG on this pork barrel foray. And he didn't even get a pork chop or a pigs tail out of the deal!

More to come.............


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