Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jon Huntsman Jr.! Strikes FEAR in Potential GOP Presidential Candidates!

Jon Huntsman Jr.-January 19, 2011

Jon Huntsman Jr. struck FEAR in the potential GOP  Presidential candidates yesterday with his resignation as Ambassador to China (effective April 30, 2011). 

There has been wide speculation that Huntsman would make a run for the GOP nomination for months now, and yesterday's announcement all but sealed those rumors into fact. D.C. is buzzing with both Republicans and Democrats already 'figuring' with calculators in hand.

Huntsman is and has been the 'inside' establishment GOP choice for the nomination. Huntsman is clean, fresh, smart, and the primary FEAR of the other potential candidates. He is far and away the most solid of the potentials and has broad backing before he even makes his announcement, which means other 'potentials' will not get the financial backing they anticipated.
Jon Huntsman Jr.

We can look for some of the 'potentials' to fold their tents along with their 'offices' in some key primary States soon.

We expect Rick Perry and Mike Huckabee to be the first. Rudy Giuliani and Independent Michael Bloomberg are now recalculating their viability as well.

For more information and discussion of John Huntsman Jr., see our articles. "Jon Huntsman Jr.! His he The Great White Hope for The GOP in 2012?", dated January 2, 2011; and, our more recent article, "Mitt Romney News! Emerges as The Clear Front Runner for The GOP Presidential Nomination.....", dated January 27, 2011.


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