Monday, February 28, 2011

Meet David Wu! A U.S Congressman who says, "My mental health is NOT a job issue"!

U.S. Congressman David Wu, Democrat-Ore.

For a lot of months now, U.S. Congressman David Wu (Oregon-D), has been under some scrutiny by his colleagues AND staff for what many describe as "irrational and 'wierd' behavior".  

During the 2010, election cycle, it was reported that many of Wu's staff demanded he get 'immediate help' for his bizarre behavior. He didn't and much of his staff resigned. Wu won his 7th term in office.

On Friday last, Wu told KGW TV in Portland. "My mental health is NOT a job issue". He did admit a "severe episode" a couple months ago. Wu went on to say 'privacy' demanded he not reveal the nature of 'his episode' or anything more about his mental health condition.

Is this where this business will be left? Dropped? 

Where is the congressional ethics committee? The DNC? Oregon voters? Where are YOU?


A mental health "issue" and privacy about it is one thing. When that "issue" has a vote in the U.S. Congress affecting 'us' and our nation, that 'issue' becomes quite another matter.

Do you agree?


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