Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chris Lee! GOP Congressman Resigns Office Amid Craigslist Photo Flap! SHIRTLESS PHOTO INCLUDED! NOW THERE'S MORE! UPDATE!

Congressman Chris Lee

February 25, 2011, UPDATE!

And now there's more to the story!
Today, 'Gawker', the website that originally broke the story about former GOP Congressman Chris Lee's Craigslist assignation surfing, tells the new story of Lee's trolling the website for transgendered partners. 

And there have been some. Two transgendered women have come forward with book, chapter and verse about their trysts with the former congressman. They have reportedly submitted copies of email from the former congressman to corroborate their stories.

Now we know why he stepped down so fast. We also wonder if there is anything else out there.

Frankly, we don't care if Chris Lee has sex with a goat (if the goat is consenting). What we do care about is how this 'family values' politician, wrapped in Christian garb is now in the running for hypocrite of the year!

Previous story.......

Today, GOP House of Representatives Member Chris Lee (R-NY) resigned his seat in congress after a Craigslist romance scandal went public.

It seems Chris, who is happily married (was happily married), met a 34 year old Maryland woman on Craigslist who advertised under the "Women Seeking Men" category, saying she was looking for a 'financially stable man who doesn't look like a toad'.  Lee  replied posing as a divorced 39 year old lobbyist. 

The Photo That Brought Down A Congressman
After some correspondence, Chris reportedly sent the woman at least one racy photo of himself and that picture and story surfaced publicly today. 

To Chris Lee's credit he resigned this evening!

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York has the option of calling a special election to replace Chris Lee who just began serving his second elected term.

Bye, Chris!


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