Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Meet "Jihad Jane" (AKA Colleen LaRose)! An American MuslimTerrorist Pleads 'GUILTY' To Conspiracy Charges!

Colleen LaRose AKA Jihad Jane

Meet "Jihad Jane"! An American 'homegrown' Muslim terrorist!

Yesterday, Colleen LaRose, 47, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania plead 'GUILTY'  to Federal Terrorist Conspiracy charges that included an elaborate plot to murder a Swedish artist who had   offended Muslims with his cartoons, and the recruitment of other American  Muslim women terrorists.     

Another Face of Jihad Jane
"Jihad Jane" is one of those cases that has been 'under the radar', so to speak for about 2 years. Here's the story.

Colleen La Rose worked as a caregiver in The Philadelphia area for many years. She was also obsessed with Islam and was in the 'recruitment business' of other American Muslim women terrorists with a modicum of success. 

In addition to 'Jihad Jane', she also used the screen names of 'Sister of Terror' and 'extremesister4life'.

As her fixation on killing the Swedish artist grew, she moved to Europe in 2007, to carry out her plot, but was arrested by Irish police in 2009, before accomplishing her plan.  LaRose was returned to the U.S. and the FBI took custody of her at that time.

Another Look at Jihad Jane
Charges against Colleen LaRose were filed in the Federal Court, and she plead 'not guilty' in May 2010, and all court documents relating to her case were sealed until yesterday when she appeared in court and entered her 'guilty' plea. 

Looking something like an evil-grotesque cabbage patch doll, Jihad Jane made a brief appearance in court, and said "guilty your honor" to the charges against her.  She will appear for sentencing soon.

Jihad Jane's story is just now emerging in the mainstream media and will capture the imaginations of millions. We will watch with interest how 'Jihad Jane' is treated. Will she gain some kind of 'folk-lore' in the 'Ma Barker' tradition or the 'toilet' treatment in the Jared Loughner mode?

More to come!


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