Saturday, February 12, 2011

Meet Senator Dave Tillis! The FIRST ELECTED OPENLY DRUNK U.S. Senator!

Senator Dave Tillis

Meet Senator DAVE TILLIS! The first elected OPENLY DRUNK U.S. Senator! He took office this past January in the 112th Congress.

Like Senator Claghorn of a bygone era, Senator Tillis is open about his constant drunken state and is not ashamed of it. Senator Claghorn was a State Senator, however, and didn't have the high profile and national attention Senator Tillis is now receiving.

With the barriers of bigotry breaking down in America,  Senator Tillis is refreshing with his drunken honesty and straightforwardness.   

He has introduced his first legislation. The ALL BUS STOPS SHOULD HAVE SHELTERS BILL. Senator Tillis is a responsible drunk and always takes public transportation. He already has the support of the Tea Party and Nancy Pelosi and the Bill is expected to pass. President Obama is not convinced, however.

So, OK. THIS IS A HOAX! A great enjoyable HOAX. 'Senator Tillis' is an Internet sensation. Catch him on the Onion or UTUBE or just about any place else. He's everywhere!

What struck us here at the disconnect was the thought of what if we really had an "OPEN DRUNK" in Congress. Certainly we have closet drunks now. We've always had them. And we couldn't help but wonder if our government would be better off if we had 'drunks' doing the bidding of the people. 

Just a thought.

Senator Tillis on The Net! You could waste your time with worse. Such as listening to a Sarah Palin speech.

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