Sunday, February 6, 2011

Michelle Bachmann: "Obamacare is the Crown Jewell of Socialism"

Socialist Tea Party Queen Michelle Bachmann

Yesterday, while speaking at a Republican fund raising event in Montana, Tea Party Matron Michelle Bachmann said, ".....Obamacare is the 'CROWN JEWELL' of Socialism". She went on to say her "primary motivation" is to "repeal it".

If Obamacare is the "Crown Jewell", we suppose that Bachmann's taking one of the lesser 'jewells'  in the tiara of Socialism is OK. 

Socialism for her and her family must be acceptable as she's taking the premier Medical Plan in America offered at full TAX PAYER EXPENSE as a Congresswoman. Bachmann hasn't said a word about repealing her 'socialistic' perk.

Why is it that Tea Party/Conservative GOP'ers would deny to their constituents that which they TAKE for THEMSELVES?

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  1. Bachmann also receives U.S. Farm Subsidies for family owned property, takes government grants for her husband's business and has dual citizenship in Switzerland!