Sunday, February 6, 2011

MISS PIGGY! Still ROCKIN' After All These YEARS! An Interview EXCLUSIVE! (Photos)

For more than 5 decades Miss Piggy has been entertaining audiences around the world. She IS A STAR! A TRUE STAR of the FIRST MAGNITUDE! 

Miss Piggy shows no signs of slowing down. She just keeps ROCKIN' and that's the way everybody wants it. Miss Piggy loves people and people LOVE MISS PIGGY! 

Miss Piggy has not only entertained us with her 'song and dance', she has also entertained with her acidic commentaries from politics to religion to just ordinary gossip.

Miss Piggy is not only a superior talent, she is a superior PERSONALITY! She has depth and dimension. An unforgettable indelible manner and persona. 

Miss Piggy makes us laugh at silly things. But those silly things always seem to have a certain ring of truth to them. Honesty! This may be one of the secrets to her longevity. 

Miss Piggy never lets 'the moss grow' under her feet. She is a rolling stone. Contemporary. 'Avante guard'.'With IT'. She is 'cool' and 'hot'! 'Bad' and 'Great'. And she is SEXY!

Miss Piggy has had an on-going love affair with Kermit for almost 50 years, the little 'green guy'. But this does not get in the way of her flirtatious nature. Miss Piggy enjoys a good 'roll in the hay'. And tells us about it.

Even with her haughty, bossy, succinct and naughty style, Miss Piggy is always for the underdog. A champion for the rights of the under represented.  Her ethics and morality are clear and righteous. 

Miss Piggy is not judgemental until it comes to hypocrisy, ignorance  or disloyalty in the human condition. And then she just might unleash an avalanche of negativity toward that hypocrisy in a barrage of penetrating 'word bullets'. 

Some of us may not like what Miss Piggy says or how she says it. Sometimes Miss Piggy has a foul mouth. But almost all of us can and do appreciate her honest and good intent about what she says.

Miss Piggy is also quick to 'toot her own horn'.

In a recent, albeit brief interview, Miss Piggy said, "When you're born with talent, you've always got talent...... and that would be ME"! "Like Streisand and Jolson, they were born with it. And that would be ME TOO". BORN WITH TALENT?   ME!" 

Miss Piggy says she's proud of her career longevity and wants to keep going. She wants to 'keep on going like her friend, Betty White. "Everybody loves Miss White", Miss Piggy says. "Miss White is more popular than ever and she's gotta couple decades on me". 

"I would like to host a Saturday Night Live", said Miss Piggy, "but I'd need one of those FACEBOOK pushes". "Maybe someday".

Miss Piggy said, "that's enough of ME talking about ME. How about you, what do you have to say about ME?

Well, that's Miss Piggy and we've written and said a lot about her. And it's all GOOD!

Keep on 'ROCKIN' Miss Piggy. We Love Ya,


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