Saturday, February 12, 2011


Cairo Egypt-February 11, 2011
The events over the last 18 days in Egypt have been stunning and gripping. And the Egyptian people are to be congratulated and admired for their peaceful overthrow of a repressive government. 

Not since Gandhi in India (decades ago) led people in peaceful civil disobedience to a successful conclusion and a new prosperous beginning has there been anything as inspiring as what the Egyptian people accomplished in these last 18 days! 

A country of antiquity, rich in ancient beauty, girded in unbridled potential with forceful spirit , Egypt is new again. Egypt is young again!

The Mubarak family
The world has lived through history. Egypt is changed forever.

Mubarak is gone!

What comes next?

We don't know what comes next and neither does any body else.

Both the educated and the ignorant have their ideas. Scholars are commenting. Politicians are pontificating all over the world. But no one knows. No one can accurately predict what comes next. 

There are a number of  identifiable factions vying to take political control and perhaps theocratic control of Egypt. And there are doubtless groups we don't know about. 

Of the 'indentifiables' we will report upon one in a fundamental way (without comment). We here are not experts or scholars on Egypt and it's political factions.  But we can, however, provide some basic information about The Muslim Brotherhood.

Muslim Brotherhood Logo
The Muslim Brotherhood has been mentioned as one of the political factions that may take control of Egypt. Here are their basics:

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Ismailia, Egypt in 1928, and is the biggest social agency in Egypt. They build and staff hospitals, schools and orphanages. They help the poor and even operate soup kitchens for the hungry. A lot of people in Egypt are poor and hungry. Most people in Egypt live on about $2.00 a day. 

The Muslim Brotherhood enjoys the strong support of about 30% of the Egyptian population according to political scholars. 

The Muslim Brotherhood is also exactly what their name says it is. They are fundamentalist Muslims and as such see the U.S. as their enemy. They see Israel as their enemy and most of the secular world as their enemy.  Accordingly, their 'friends' are the enemies of the secular world and secular governments. Thus, the motto, 'The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend'.

The Muslim Brotherhood openly promotes a brand of governmental theocracy and fully embrace Sharia Law and the clerics and ayatollahs who interpret and direct Sharia Law. They openly call for the destruction of Israel. 

So, these are the basics of and behind The Muslim Brotherhood.

We will provide other 'quicky' looks at other political factions in Egypt as it's direction takes shape.

Meanwhile, the spirit of hope remains and the work of rebuilding a nation begins.


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