Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rick Scott-Florida Governor News! Rejects Federal High Speed Rail Funds! Is it Alopecia? A Bad Drug Reaction? Is He Well?

(For some background about Governor Rick Scott, see our article, "Dubious Heath Care Icon Rick Scott---Disconnect", dated August 12, 2009.)

Who is that strange looking person with President Obama? Is he well? Is it Alopecia? A bad reaction to a drug?  An ET? We need a professional medical opinion to answer these questions! 

That person in the picture is 'tricky-ricky' Scott, Republican Governor of Florida.  

President Obama's proposed 2012 Budget carries some 'High-Speed' rail appropriations for States at a time when spending any 'new'  tax dollars is not popular and has little chance at passage. 

Still, some Republican Governors are loudly speaking against 'high-speed rail' and saying they won't take these funds. Rick Scott is among the most caustic in the chorus as the President shrugs off 'tricky-ricky by telling him 'his' appropriation will be sent someplace else.

Meanwhile, no one with any sense has mentioned Rick Scott as a possible presidential contender, but Rick has some wannabe thoughts and behaviors.

And while we're on the subject of Rick Scott's looks, does he not bare an uncanny resemblance to Arizona shooter Jared Loughner?

Jared Loughner
Rick Scott



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