Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ron Paul-Dennis Kucinich StandingTOGETHER! VOTE AGAINST THE PATRIOT ACT! Boehner Sucker Punched! Strange Bedfellows?

Congressman Dennis Kucinich

Yesterday, the vote to extend certain provisions of the Patriot Act was defeated in the House of Representatives!

U.S. Congressmen Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, arguably the most conservative and most liberal House members, respectively, joined together with other like minded colleagues and voted against extending Patriot Act  provisions that give broad authority to law enforcement to spy on U.S. citizens. When the votes were tallied,  Speaker of the House Boehner was left 'dumb-struck', "sucker punched", as some observers put it. 

Congressman Ron Paul
Here's the story.

Certain provisions of the Patriot Act have incremental sunset-clauses that must be voted on by congress to extend from time to time. One of the most controversial provisions has been that part of the law in which citizens private records may be seized and wire taps performed at the discretion of law enforcement. No warrants are necessary. No probable cause need be established with court approval.   

The House vote to extend this part of the law had a positive foregone conclusion since the Republicans regained control of the House and Speaker of the House Boehner wanted a show of power. To add to his supposed victory he used the House rule requiring a two-thirds majority vote figuring he'd also get the 'blue-dog' Democrats. 

John Boehner
However, ideologically, in the area of citizens freedoms and rights, a sort of libertarianism embraced by both Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul and their political allies put them in the same camp. Add to this virtually all of the freshman Tea Party congressmen who ran on platforms of keeping as much government as possible  out of citizens lives and  the provision was defeated. Boehner was stupefied and embarrassed on several levels. 

Now, will this provision eventually be passed by the House? Probably, because Boehner will reintroduce it and use the majority voting rule instead of the 'showboat' vote he thought he had.

Strange bedfellows do politics make!


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