Sunday, February 27, 2011

Scott Walker! A Friend Defends the Embattled 'little man' From Wisconsin!

Scott "Terd" Walker

From a guest Commentator:

"I have been a life long friend of the now Governor of Wisconsin, Scott "Terd" Walker. Your blog has not been kind to him and I'm writing to defend him; to set the record straight as his friend. 

"Yes! We affectionately call him "Terd". Growing up with Terd, he got this nickname because he was no bigger than a cat terd all his life. He was 'that guy', that kind friend who was always 'there' for us making us laugh and joke at 'HIS' own expense. 

He was that kid in school, the one that gets hanged on a coat hook in the locker room for us all to enjoy. Terd did that a lot. He was always good for a joke.

"We grew up in a small town. That's where Terd and the rest of us got our basic Christian values that guide to this day. As we got older, Terd didn't change much. He was always that 'little man' walking behind us, smelling our farts and loving it. Terd is a good sport when it comes to these little things.  

"We were never concerned that girls never seemed to 'take' much to Terd. He was a tiny guy, so that was kind of natural, we thought. We didn't think much about it. 

"But as our education progressed and we took some science classes, some of us did wonder about Terd's xx/yy chromosome line up. He seemed to be a boy and we left it at that.

"When we were learning to drive cars, Terd's feet couldn't touch the brake and clutch pedals, so we built extensions on them in metal shop so he could. Terd, to this day, says that was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for him, and has been grateful ever since. 

Terd on the KOCH Brothers Hook
"The only time we got somewhat concerned about Terd was when we found a book about 'micro penis syndrome' in his back pack as we were hanging him on a hook.  We understood what it meant after we saw Terd in the shower after gym class. Terd always played it close to the chest about personal matters.

"Terd really became successful, though. He made friends with the Billionaire Koch Brothers and then he was elected Governor. Terd always enjoyed hanging on those hooks. Now he's on theirs".

Terd's Close Childhood Friend
We want to thank 'Terd' Walker's close friend for his defense of his friend.


More. Of course our story is a satirical-parody coming from our convoluted sense of humor and our disdain of the 'little guy' from Wisconsin with the Napoleon complex. 

We did try to find a friend to speak in Scott Walker's defense, but we found he didn't have any friends. 

For a more serious companion article, please see "Scott Walker--CONVICT HIM of TERRORIST THREATS Against Public Employees",  dated February 25, 2011. 
Also, Miss Piggy has some advice for Scott Walker.
"Sometimes you gotta show a little tit to get things done. And it's time you started showing some, Terd".

Miss Piggy approves of this message.                                                                .

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