Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Scott Walker Phone Punked! Journalist posing as BILLIONAIRE KOCH BROTHER 'DAVID' Gets Briefing on 'The Union Bust' in Wisconsin!

The PunkEE-Punk gets Punked

In an earlier article ("Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Taking His Marching Orders........", dated February 23, 2011) we said we couldn't prove the 'rent-boy' status of Governor Scott Walker to his benefactors, THE BILLIONAIRE KOCH BROTHERS.

Now there is considerable evidence that 'Scotty' IS that 'rent-boy' we believe him to be. 

David Koch
Yesterday, 'BUFFALO BEAST' journalist, Ian Murphy, posed as BILLIONAIRE KOCH BROTHER David and got a briefing on how the 'union busting' plan was going in Wisconsin. Now it's on the 'net' for us all to hear and decide for ourselves. Google "buffalo beast" for full coverage of the prank.   

Murphy as KOCH (The 'punkOR'): "You're not talking to those 'democrat bastards',  are you?"

Walker (The 'punkEE'): " might be...ahh, but he's not one of us."

This is a tease to some interesting 'talk' in an 'employer-employee' style.   


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