Thursday, February 10, 2011

Senator Jon Kyl (R-Az) Calls it Quits! Did He Have a 'SHIRTLESS' Picture on Craigslist Too?

Senator Jon Kyl

Today, the Junior Senator from Arizona, Jon Kyl abruptly announced he was stepping down and not running for re-election in 2012. He gave little reason for his departure, saying "there is more to life than work."

Of course there is always some speculation as to why a politician would voluntarily leave his job. 

Accordingly, we question if there is some scandal that may be attached to his decision. Did he post a 'shirtless' picture of himself on Craigslist as his colleague in the House of Representatives Chris Lee has? Is there something else 'out there' Kyl is trying to hide? Only time will tell.

Jon Kyl is Returning to His Constituents
Very soon Jon Kyl will be released back into the Arizona wilderness to rejoin his constituents to forage there against all those illegal immigrants and 'pinko commie pigs' who are ruining this country!

Bye Jon!


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