Thursday, February 3, 2011

U.S. Rep. Michelle Bachmann: Is She A Tea Party/Establishment GOP 'Positive' Force OR A 'Triainwreck' For The Republicans? PLUS---The Connection Between Michelle and Screen Icon Character NORMA DESMOND!

Michelle Bachmann

Michelle Bachmann bares a strong 'facial expression' resemblance to the iconic Norma Desmond film character in our opinion.

But more on this later. Our primary story is far more serious than the fun we will have with Norma Desmond.

An interesting developing story is gripping insiders of The Tea Party and GOP Establishment right now in the nations Capitol. At the center of this scenario is Minnesota U.S. Representative Michelle Bachmann and her omnipresent media presence in 'representing' HER politics under the 'party banner' in quasi official capacity to the chagrin of Tea Party and GOP party bosses.

This is more than a tempest in 'THE TEA POT'. It's serious stuff to the public image and ideological thrust of the entire Republican Party and it's immediate future. 

Publicly, statements made by 'party spokespeople' so far have been tepid and not confronting. A spokesman for Speaker of the House John Boehner recently said, "the Speaker and Bachmann have a close relationship". A Tea Party Congressman has said Bachmann has been a distracting influence, especially with her State of the Union (unsanctioned) rebuttal when the Party had it's own official rebuttal. And this is about as much as has been open for publication. 

There has been, however, a strategy by Party Bosses in dealing with "The Bachmann  Situation". IGNORE HER! But now that strategy must change as most insiders now see Bachmann as compromising of and obstructionist to their basic agenda. She can no longer be ignored. Since the current 112th Congress was elected last November, Bachmann has clocked more media time than any other congressperson, including Speaker of the House John Boehner. And her messages have not always been coherent, mush less appreciated.

Bachmann has self appointed herself as 'spokesperson for the GOP and Queen of the Tea Party', and somehow those bogus unauthorized credentials are sticking to her. And the hierarchy factions of the Republican Party are not pleased.

INSIDERS are now becoming more vocal and open. Ignoring Michelle Bachmann is not working. She has become an embarrassment to 'the party'. It's not unusual to hear the descriptive terms of  'wierd'  and 'nut' spoken about her. One news media intern said recently, "....she actually looks spacey.... like those pictures 'in person'.........", in a kind of disbelief.

Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond

This is Norma Desmond! The fully "immersed in  her own 'other world' of ambition" iconic character played by Gloria Swanson in the classic film Sunset Boulevard.
Michelle Bachmann as Michelle Bachmann

This is Michelle Bachmann! Said by 'insiders' to be "immersed in her own 'other world' of ambition" played by Michelle Bachmann in the 'classic' world of politics.

There are parallels between Michelle Bachmann and Norma Desmond, both in expressions and demeanor. For all we really know, this is where it ends. But, there is a lot of 'buzz' from her own party that there's a lot more to the similarities.

So, OK. This 'Norma Desmond' stuff is our attempt at humor amid the pathos of this story. Back to the serious stuff.

Some 'INSIDERS' are saying some serious things about Bachmann's behavior. "Loose cannon". "Unpredictable". These are not unusual (background) comments to hear. But some are asking specific questions and are more deliberate and immediate in their assessment. 

IS MICHELLE BACHMANN THE "BLACK SWAN" of the GOP/TEA PARTY? One insider says, Bachmann is 'delusional'  about running for and being the President! Her ambition is to be President. 

And so it goes in the 'backrooms' and rumor mills in D.C. The bottom line is that a 'bridle' has to put on Michelle Bachmann insofar as the GOP is concerned and such must be done soon according to those who speak to us.

We await with a 'political junkies' insatiable interest in seeing what happens next in this saga.


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