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Wisconsin Capitol, Madison-February 19, 2011

(For significant background information, please refer to our February 19, 2011, article, "Wisconsin Protests........".)

The "WAR in WISCONSIN" grew in numbers on Saturday. An estimated 70,000 protesters continued demonstrating against Governor Scott Walker's Bill to take 'collective bargaining' rights away from Wisconsin's public employees.

Among the 70,000 were a small contingency of Tea Party folks counter demonstrating against the Union people. Bused in from other States, they didn't seem to grasp exactly what was going on in Madison.

Wisconsin Capitol-February 19, 2011
Unfortunately, the (Weak) Tea Baggers were way behind the curve which was obvious from their signs and chants. It seems they didn't know the unions had days earlier conceded ALL financial issues and  the only issue on the table was COLLECTIVE BARGAINING. 

With all financial issues agreed to, the only issue left is NOT a financial one. The single issue is UNION BUSTING! 

Nevertheless, ALL demonstrators are to be congratulated for their peaceful and civil demonstrations. The world is watching this showdown and ALL did our country proud representing the democratic process. 

Over the years GOP politicians and others have done a good job at creating a breach between public sector employees and private sector employees. Putting these two groups at odds with one another has allowed the politicians and corporations to run under the radar and fleece both groups. This is just now being understood and it seems the seminal time for this understanding is in Wisconsin now. 

Polls are running 65% plus in favor of the union position in Wisconsin and that number seems to be growing.

Governor Walker
On Sunday, Governor Walker appeared on FOX NEWS (?) without acknowledging the unions concessions, saying HIS BILL would stay intact. Taking away the weasel words this meant he's out for a UNION BUST! 

It's also interesting to note that two-thirds of the corporations in Wisconsin pay NO STATE INCOME TAXES (2009, information sourced the Wisconsin Department of Revenue). 

The game isn't over. THE WAR IN WISCONSIN over the right to collective bargaining continues. Look for some recalls among other things. There will be more to come.


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