Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Scott Walker
Yesterday morning, the Lilliputian Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, was in the news threatening the layoff of 4,000 government workers. 

Last night, Walker was  threatening the layoff of 6,000 public employees and warning of "DIRE CONSEQUENCES" should his 'entire' legislation, "THE ANTI-UNION BILL", not pass as written! 

We don't know how or why the 'layoff' figure grew by 2,000 employees from morning to night. It wasn't clear. Walker didn't explain it.

What is clear is that Walker is trying to intimidate and bully Wisconsin public employees with his threatening rhetoric. It isn't working.

Walker seems to be reading from a script of sorts. If he is, from where is that script coming?

Walker's script has some significant 'logic holes' in it. The union people gave in to all financial issues in the 'anti-union' Bill. No financial issues are left. The only thing left is the right to collective bargaining.  Walker says collective bargaining IS a financial issue. It's not. His 'logic' fails.

David Koch
Our quick look into Walker campaign funding shows that although he 'ran' for Governor as a moderate Republican, his campaign was funded, in part, by the BILLIONAIRE KOCH BROTHERS! The guys who fund 'ultra right' Tea Baggers' of dubious character and credential (without vetting) and then dictate their edicts to any of their winning candidates. (There have some.) 

Charles Koch
The BILLIONAIRE KOCH BROTHERS are guys who pollute the political landscape with their money so they can later pollute the air with carbon emissions and other airborne debris.

Have you been to TEXAS recently? You can put some of the air in a brown paper lunch sack and take some home with you. But you may have to pay an extra weight charge if you are flying the friendly skies.

Recognizing 'their boy' was in deep poo-do with the current issue,  the BILLIONAIRE KOCH BROTHERS have taken their (Wisconsin) thesis to another level. This week they are opening 'lobbying' offices in Madison, just off Capitol Square.

So is Scott Walker taking his MARCHING ORDERS from the BILLIONAIRE KOCH BROTHERS?  

Probably, but we can't prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. 

Meanwhile, the most recent Wisconsin (not scientifically verified) polls show 67% of the electorate in support of the Union position and way less than 50% job approval for Walker. 

Polls aside, the BILLIONAIRE KOCH BROTHERS are concerned enough to open lobbying offices in Madison, right around the corner from the State House.

More to come............


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