Saturday, February 19, 2011

WISCONSIN Protests! Union Busting The Republican Goal! A Sleeping GIANT AWAKENS! A 'PERFECT STORM' is Brewing!

Wisconsin State Capitol Rotunda-The Demonstrations Begin
Since the nations financial collapse in September 2008, and State and local governments found their tax bases slipping with smaller revenues resulting in deficits, there has been a methodical demonizing of public employees throughout the country. 

Public employees have become the targeted bad guys who are causing the major fiscal problems governments now face according to some Republican elected officials. 

Wisconsin Demonstrations Growing
Public employees are "the new niggers", the lepers in today's world, to be put in their lower class places by those politicians who have our best interests at heart and are working for US. 

Of course, these thoughts are a bunch of crap, but they got a lot of people elected last November who said these things from manufactured hyperbole. But the fact remains that public employees are seen by many as "THE PROBLEM" to be punished and relegated to second class citizenship. 

Governor Scott Walker-Wisconsin
In Wisconsin, a number of Republican politicians were elected to public office while trashing public employees.

Also, Wisconsin, as in most States and local governments, public employees are usually represented by unions with collective bargaining rights.

Scott Walker
When the newly elected Republican Governor, Scott Walker, took office, Wisconsin did not have a budget deficit. However, a deficit was created in FY 2011-12 budget projections after tax payers and businesses were given tax cuts.

To make up for the deficit, politicians turned to their public employees to give up some of what they already had. The Governor and others created a legislation which would force employees to pay a larger portion of their health insurances and fore go salary increases among other things. 

The Union had, in fact, given up these things in prior negotiations. Teachers, fire fighters, nurses, police, corrections people, and others agreed to all things financial to bring the State budget under control. 

The Wisconsin Protest Grow Again
However, when the legislation was prepared  it changed THE RIGHT TO COLLECTIVE BARGAINING to make it impossible for the Unions to use the power of people numbers for representation. 

The current argument in Wisconsin is about one thing. UNION BUSTING!

During the last 4 days, crowds and support for the unions and the people they represent has grown substantially. Last Tuesday, 2,000 demonstrators were at the Capitol in Madison. On Wednesday, there were 18,000, 25,000 yesterday and as we write, there are an estimated 40,000 people showing union support! Very recent polls show that public employees have the support of the general population in Wisconsin. 

More Wisconsin Protesters
Tomorrow, the Tea Party (coming from Virginia) will be 'counter' demonstrating for the Wisconsin State Republican government. 

So there is no mistake, the issue at hand in Wisconsin is UNION BUSTING! Not just in that State, but for the entire country. The seeds of a perfect storm have been cast. Ohio and New Jersey are also in early disputes. And it's not just about public employee union busting, but also all UNION BUSTING.   

The Wisconsin Protests Grow Again
In Wisconsin, however, a sleeping giant has awakened when one looks at the crowds and the demonstrations. 

Stay tuned. There's a lot more to come.


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