Saturday, April 30, 2011

SUPERMAN! The MAN of Steel Renounces U.S. CITIZENSHIP! A Collectors Choice!

In this newest episode SUPERMAN, the man of steel who is synonymous with The Flag, Justice, Apple Pie and THE AMERICAN WAY renounces his U.S. Citizenship!

Superman arrived in the U.S. from the planet Krypton in 1938 and from the beginning has been the epitome of the BEST of what America is. Until now! 

Now, in DC ACTION COMICS #900, Clark Kent gives up his American Citizenship to be a world figure after a visit to Iran. IRAN? UNBELIEVABLE! 

Is Superman working for the U.N.? Has he 'gone global'?

Has our super hero repudiated his American roots, giving up on Democracy in what he sees as a corrupted government system? And where is Lois Lane and the Daily Planet in all this?

Is "truth, justice and the AMERICAN way" not enough anymore?

Many of us have grown up with Superman. He helped shape our ethics and behavior. Our lives!  He was a role model. Why has HE forsaken us? 

Or has he?

Collectors! Get out your checkbooks! In years to come edition #900 is destined to be a prime piece.


Friday, April 29, 2011

ROYAL WEDDING! Prince William and Kate Middleton Are Married!




$6.00 a Gallon Gas? $6.50? More? A National Emergency? How to Destroy a Fragile But Growing Economy!

Washington D.C., April 21, 2011

For the last 18 weeks the price of gasoline has steadily gone up, up and UP. 

The price of a gallon of gas varies widely around the country from somewhere between $3.63 to a bit over $4.99 and into infinity in some places. The urban areas of Chicago, Washington D.C. and Northern California seem to have the highest prices in the land right now. 

At the same time overall gas consumption has declined, supply is up  and the oil companies continue to report record  profits. 

For example, today EXXON posted $11 Billion in quarterly profits, their second best quarterly report in history. Other oil companies are also reporting record profits.

Even with their obscene profits, oil companies continue to collect government subsidies at tax payer expense. 

This happens at a time when the GOP recently unveiled their plan to reduce the nations deficit with their $6.2 Trillion "throw grandma in her wheel chair under the bus along with the middle class, veterans, children and the poor" Budget CUTS . 

No where in the Republican 'Plan', the so-called Ryan Budget, is there a single cut or mention of 'reform' in oil subsidies or the Defense Budget. But this is another story. (For the record, the term "reform", when used by Republicans and Tea Baggers is defined as "monetary reduction", usually to those who can afford it the least.)

Currently, consumers are being prepared for gas prices in the $6.00 to $6.50 range by the end of Summer. Certainly there have been enough news reports with 'supporting' rhetoric that one would have to have been under a heavy rock to have missed these  "news reports".

Why? Why are gas prices so high?
Short answer: Because they can be!

Valero Refinery - Los Angeles
The Big Oil Companies claim they have no control over the cost of a barrel of oil, currently at a 31-month high of $112.75.  It seems, however, they do have ultimate control over their profits given their quarterly financial reports.

Did Wall St. Cause It?

The oil companies blame Wall Street speculators (Futures) on driving oil prices higher and cite Middle East unrest as the cause. The weak U.S. dollar is also cited as a cause for high crude oil prices.

Big Oil is gouging consumers and will continue to do it as long as they can, which may be forever. 'Our government' isn't doing anything to relieve the situation. Nothing!

There IS some thing government can do, however.

High oil and gas prices create an emergency for consumers and small businesses. This is not just another emergency. It is a critical circumstance creating financial hardships rippling through the economy like a relentless, ongoing tsunami.  THIS IS A NATIONAL EMERGENCY! 


Nationalization would mean reduction of and Federal control of oil and gas prices. Will this happen. NO! 


Rep. Joe Barton/Republican-Texas
The oil companies own too many of our elected politicians to even consider it. Representative Joe Barton from Texas comes immediately to mind. Barton is the congressman who apologized to the CEO of BP for the manner in which the White House had treated him after the Gulf oil spill.

Would Nationalizing  the oil companies be considered Socialism? Probably. Socialism is not a four letter word. Especially if that is what it would take for consumers to stop being victimized by the oil industry.

In the meantime, Gas at the pump prices will continue to go up for the next several months. They could go to $7.00 a gallon. When prices recede into the $5.00 range near the end of the year, people will give a sigh of relief, bite the bullet and willingly pay the price, until the oil companies decide they want even more profits.

As an ancillary point, to add to this insult, fuel prices ARE NOT included in government "core inflation" figures. Therefore, the economy continues to recover responsibly (on paper) with only a modicum of inflation according to the U.S. government. 

But in truth and fact, high gas prices are destructive to a fragile, slow, but growing economy in real terms, which may be the original goal of the oil industry in the first place.

For the middle-class consumer, more dollars spent at the gas pump means less spent every place else. 

We have a National Emergency!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tom Tancredo says, Obama Withheld Birth Certificate to Make Republicans Look "NUTS"! A Fundamental REPUBLICAN CHARACTER DISORDER EXPOSED!

Tom Tancredo

Tom Tancredo, a former U.S. Congressman from Colorado turned radio talk show host and wannabe Rush Limbaugh recently told his dwindling possum-pie eating audience that President Obama withheld his birth certificate to make Republicans look "nuts".

Well? It worked!  On the other hand, the Republicans seem to be  looking "nuts" all by themselves these days without any outside help. President Obama notwithstanding.

What 'political cadaver' Tancredo did not say and is that ALL people born in Hawaii receive a 'short form' birth certificate (when requested) because of this States unique privacy laws.  

Although a person born in Hawaii may see his or her original certificate, it cannot be copied or otherwise made public under State law. So, even the President of the United States had to go to extraordinary legal measures in order to present his original birth certificate as he did last week. 

What President Obama pointed up with his certificate presentation  was not mere silliness. Rather, it was a FUNDAMENTAL CHARACTER DISORDER that seems to plague many people who  identify themselves as Republican. An inability to make informed decisions based on truth and fact. This sad truth brings into question the very nature of a significant number of people charged with the responsibility of governing themselves through Democracy. 

Recent polls showed that as many as 45% of registered Republicans believed the President was not a U.S. citizen and not born in the U.S. And now, even in the face of incontrovertible evidence many still do! Is this a mental disorder? A simple matter of an ignorant and stupid citizenry? 

Whatever IT is, it serves to bring America down!

Some Republicans with some sense knew this 'birther' issue was junk in the first place and warned against making it an 'issue'  including John Boehner, Karl Rove and even Jan Brewer. The U.S. Supreme Court Justices knew it was junk.

And the mainstream media knew it was junk too, but continued to report it as if it had some merit just the same, thereby verifying their disconnect with the people they say they "inform".

Any thoughts?


May 21, 2011--THE RAPTURE! October 21, 2011--JUDGEMENT DAY! The End of the WORLD!

May 21, 2011! THE RAPTURE! 

October 21, 2011! THE END OF THE WORLD!

Are YOU READY?  Christ is Returning to Earth! Judgement Day is upon us! GOD is taking a few good fundamentalist Christians HOME!

The rest of us are going to Hell!


"We're Saved!" Are YOU SAVED?
Muslims! Buddhists! Agnostics and Atheists! Even Catholics! All 'sinners' who are NOT SAVED and washed in the Blood of the Lamb! Get DOWN on your knees! REPENT! Accept Christ as the one and only savior!  

These "informational word bites", with specific scripture along with extrapolated  interpretations and more can be found on the '' website. Check it out. You may have time to be "saved".
'I Tell Fairy Tales'

It seems another "fundamentalist Christian witchdoctor",  with a significant following of possum pie eaters who likely believe President Obama was born in Kenya and purchase  Glenn Beck books, has found incontrovertible Biblical scripture TELLING US "The Rapture" WILL happen on May 21, and Christ returns to Earth to sort out the good people from the bad people. 

Then, on October 21, "POOF". The World ends and the rest of us will find ourselves in Hell.

So? OK! We have another end of the world date. Until the next one............


Sarah Palin Persona and Look NAILED by Julianne Moore in The HBO Film "GAME CHANGE!" (FIRST PHOTO)

Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin

From a Guest Contributor:

Julianne Moore has long been "an Oscar waiting to happen". 

In this case, however, it may be an Emmy because she is currently filming 'GAME CHANGE' for HBO. The story of John McCain's 2008 failed presidential bid and his selection of the then little known governor of Alaska as his running mate, Sarah Palin.

In her newest role Julianne Moore NAILS the persona  and essence  of the flip, giddy gadfly non substantive Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin as Sarah Palin
On a political note, Sarah is currently a 'dead (political) slut walking'.  Her "negatives" are 45+ points ahead of her 'support' numbers.

Julianne  Moore understands this and is subtly incorporating this nuance  into her performance to make it palatable and believable in a 2011 presentation telling a 2008 story of the 'pistol packing'  mama from Wasilla , according to sources. 

Sources say Julianne Moore is "so good" as Sarah Palin that viewers will shiver when they see it.

Ed Harris takes the part of John McCain.

.....and the envelopes please...........


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

President Obama's Birth Certificate, Religion and Political Affilliation! Some Numbers Showing Ignorance and Stupidity in America! (Certificate Photo)

President Obama
Polls show an incredible IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY in AMERICA about President Obama's birthplace, his religion and politics.

First some facts:

-President Obama was born in The United States.
-President Obama is a Christian.
-President Obama is a Democrat, supports democracy and The U.S. Constitution.

Still there is an amazing ignorance and stupidity demonstrated by high percentages of Americans who can't, don't or won't accept truth and fact about the The U.S. President.

Depending on the poll (Gallup, Pew, others), 30% to 50% of registered Republicans believe President Obama WAS NOT BORN in the U.S. 25% to 35% believe he is a Muslim and 20% to 30% believe the President is a Socialist!

Today, President Obama released his original birth certificate to the world in an effort to quash the ridiculous rhetoric and time taken on the subject of his birth. 

Click on the certificate to enlarge. A PDF version is also available on the White House website.

No comment is necessary other than to say ignorance is sometimes 'fixable'. But stupidity is forever.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Levi Johnston Pens 'Tell-All' Palin Family Book: "DEER in the HEADLIGHTS--MY LIFE in SARAH PALIN'S CROSSHAIRS"!

Levi Johnston-August 2010

Coming under the "we can't make this stuff up" heading, Wasilla, Alaska failed mayoral candidate Levi Johnston, 21, is writing his memoirs, "Deer in the Headlights--My Life in Sarah Palin's Crosshairs".

Johnston's book is a 'tell-all' story about the Palin Family and set for a Fall publication date from Touch Stone Publishing. 

Johnston says his book gives his "sense of Sarah and my perplexing fall from grace."


Levi, the sperm donor of Bristol Palin's child and Sarah and Todd Palin's grandson, also says, "this book is for me, my son Tripp and the Country."

We're ordering ours right now before they're sold out!

How about you?


TATTOOS! A Dying FAD! Tweets are "IN"! TATS are "OUT"! It's Not 1987 Anymore!

A Rocket Scientist?

From a Guest Contributor:


Hey 'tat' people! Have you heard the NEWS? Tats are yesterday! Tired! The remnant of a bygone era. One reason TATTOOS are 'OUT' is because it's not 1987 anymore! 

Maybe a Brain Surgeon?
Tats ain't 'cool' or 'bad' or 'hot' or 'awesome', sexy or 'groovy' as they were in the psychedelic 60's and into the last decade. Only in the 60's they were washable. A daisy could be replaced by a heart, replaced by 'whatever'. 

In the 70's Cher introduced women to 'ink tattoos'. 'COOL' stuff. But today Cher is taking arthritis meds and her tats are sagging. It's not 1974 anymore.

His Grand kids Will Be Impressed
Tweets are "IN"! Tats are "OUT"!  

When tweets came in, those tats went bye-bye Big Time. Now 'the tat people' are freakish and old-fashioned, silly and dumb in the eyes of the new generations. 

A Real Tattoo Artist from Mexico-Ain't She Sweet?
City councils no longer need to deal with new 'tattoo parlor' permits because so many existing 'tat' businesses are failing. Ink sales have fallen and we find many tattoo 'artists' collecting unemployment benefits.  

The idea behind this article and these thoughts IS that anyone who invents an effective TATTOO  removal product will make millions upon millions of dollars. In fact the dermatological sciences are working on such products as we write. 


Monday, April 25, 2011

Haley Barbour Announces He WILL NOT RUN For The Presidency in 2012!

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour
Today, the stout GOP Governor of Mississippi, Haley Barbour announced he "will not run for the Presidency" in the 2012 election cycle.

Barbour had been sounding like and looking like a candidate and has been in the early primary States looking for support. Apparently he got little support from outside his possum pie eating State and decided not to run.

Still, Barbour appears smarter than we thought he was because his decision is sound. 

In a field of lackluster GOP Presidential announced candidates and wannabes of freaks, geeks and showboats, Haley Barbour was wise enough to take himself of that line up.

We predict Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich and John Huntsman will also  'not run' in this cycle.

Michelle Bachmann
We suspect Michele Bachmann WILL RUN for comedy relief and because 'GOD WILL TELL HER' to do so.

This leaves only Mitt Romney as a substantive candidate at the moment.

Meanwhile, polls are showing little support for any GOP candidate at the moment.


Elizabeth Taylor V. Fred Phelps! Beauty V. Ugly! Love V. HATE!


From a Guest Contributor:

Elizabeth Taylor 'loved' and gave of her time and wealth to the less fortunate among us.

Or This?

Fred Phelps 'hates', gives of 'his' time to HATE and gives none of his wealth to anyone among us.

Case closed!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

GOP Senator John Ensign Resigns! Sexual Affair With a Staffer!

Senator John Ensign

A few days ago the U.S. Republican Senator from Nevada, John Ensign,  abruptly resigned his seat amidst a congressional ethics probe into his sexual affair with campaign staffer Cindy Hampton.

Ensign had previously admitted to the affair and decided to leave office anyway, but his immediate departure was not expected. 

Under Senate Rules, this means Ensign's "Ethics Report" will not be released publicly. It also means what must have been contained in that report was not only damaging to Ensign professionally and personally but was also of significant damage to the GOP in one way or another. He had 'big-time help' in making his hasty decision.

Here's Ensign's story in a nutshell insofar as has been reported so far:

Before the Ensign/Hampton affair was common knowledge, Ensign made an effort to cover it up by promoting Cindy Hampton within his organization and giving her a significant raise in salary. At the same time he worked to find Cindy's husband a job as a Washington lobbyist.   

That's it, folks!

So, what's next for John Ensign? We're not worried about him because he leaves office in full retirement immediately with all those perks including medical he repeatedly voted to deny to the rest of us.

Also, this means the Nevada Republican Governor can appoint Ensign's successor who will be able to run in the next election cycle as an incumbent, thereby maintaining the GOP traditionalists political machine intact.

Don't you just totally enjoy politics in America?


Saturday, April 23, 2011


The BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico occurred just over one year ago and today stands as perhaps the worst 'man-caused' environmental and human disaster in world history. 

The damage to Earth's ecology and the economy of millions of people will be upon both for decades to come. It could have been prevented! And another like disaster  can be prevented with proper regulations and enforcement. But such is not happening in the U.S. Congress.

Since the BP disaster over 100 pieces of regulatory measures have been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. Yet, not one, NOT ONE of these Bills has been passed. Each regulatory Bill has been stalled  and/or repudiated by Republican members of the House.  "Regulation is detrimental to the economy", is their mantra. 

Never mind what happened in the Gulf. And never mind that it can happen again with this 'republican mentality'. This is A NATIONAL DISGRACE!

Rep. Joe Barton-A Face of Disgrace
Meet a "FACE of DISGRACE"! U.S. Representative Joe Barton (Republican-6th District, Texas). 

Joe Barton was bred and born 61 years ago in Waco, Texas. He claims education as an engineer and lists his religion as (fundamentalist) Methodist. 

Barton was first elected to The House of Representatives in 1984, and has been there ever since.

On Sundays Joe goes to church with his King James Bible in hand and during the week can be found at The Congressional Prayer Caucus in the mornings and having tea at the Tea Party Caucus in the afternoons. In between he is spreading his legs for and giving blow jobs in full service to the oil companies he represents (figuratively speaking, of course).

Joe Barton-A Face of Corruption?
Every so often the Easter bunny leaves a pale of oil soaked golden eggs on Joe's  doorstep, ostensibly for his political campaigns. (See our June 17, 2010 article, "Republican Leader Joe Barton Apologizes....."). So we may be able to add 'CORRUPTION' to Joe Barton's resume as well as 'DISGRACE'.

Joe Barton was Chairman of The House Energy and Commerce Committee in June 2010, holding hearings on the BP Gulf Oil Spill when he apologized to CEO  Tony Hayward for the way The White House was treating BP, calling it a "shakedown". 

At the time this drew controversy and ire from both sides of the political aisle and Barton stepped down as Chairman of his committee. 

John Boehner
However, it seems his side of the aisle has forgiven him because after the Republicans regained control of the House in the 2010 elections, John Boehner and company appointed Barton Chairman "EMERITUS" of The House Energy and Commerce Committee!

A Joe Barton Constituent?
Joe Barton is not alone in what we consider DISGRACE and CORRUPTION in America's government. He's had a lot of help, including the voters of Texas who are either as corrupt and disgraceful as he is or just plain stupid. 

Barton is an easy and simple target, however, for all to see and examine for there are many like him on both sides of the political aisle.

Meanwhile, the results of the BP Gulf oil spill remain.  There has been no affirmative response from the congress, and the Republican dominated House of Representatives keeps the American Government in DISGRACE as they continue to corruptly service the oil industry!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Bargain GAS in SILICON VALLEY At a Price! Long Waits! (PHOTO)

WAITING FOR GAS-San Jose, California (4/21/11)

April 21, 2011-San Jose, California (9:30pm):  

Gasoline prices in Silicon Valley and in Northern California in general are at all time highs averaging about $4.23 a gallon.

When a local station with 16 pumps put their gas price at $3.99 a gallon for a week promotional (expiring 4/22/11) this photo shows the public response.

Are gasoline prices causing a national threat and creating a national emergency economically?  

Should the oil industry be nationalized and prices regulated?


HAPPY EASTER! (A Photo Greeting Card)


So, OK. We know an ugly fish on a sled in a Santa cap doesn't represent the Easter Holiday or spirit very well. In fact, it doesn't represent Easter at all.

And we don't understand  what this picture is trying to say, if it says anything at all. We just thought it was silly and funny and eye catching.

The "fish on a sled" came to us from a contributor a while back and we enjoy presenting some  of what we're sent because we appreciate our readership.    

From The Film-HOP


Thursday, April 21, 2011

April is National FROG MONTH! Celebrate!

 Poison Dart Frog

From a Guest Contributor:


And we almost missed it! 

Poison Dart Frog
Sometime ago our Government decided it was necessary to declare a National month for frogs. Perhaps their reasoning was to divert our minds from TAX DAY. Or, maybe there is a "frog lobby" in Washington for some reason of which we're not aware.

Bull Frog

Since both frogs and toads are amphibians, they start life as tadpoles, there seems to be little biological differences between them. So why not National TOAD MONTH? Or at least National FROG and TOAD MONTH.  

Australian TOAD
Then again, frogs conjure up thoughts of cute, jumpy things while toads......well, they're TOADS. 

As an aside, we couldn't help but notice some resemblances between the toad at right and some of our politicians. Here, Mitch McConnell came immediately to mind and there looks to be a genetic connection between Paul Ryan and that fellow in the picture.

The government encourages citizens to "celebrate" National FROG MONTH. But, we wonder what kind of celebration activity that might be. 

Tree Frog
Just to be on record, however, we'll celebrate by posting some photos of frogs and TOADS for our own edification.

Does that pesky little tree frog at left remind one of Nancy Pelosi?

Perhaps we'll rent the film 'FROGS' with the greatest tag line of all time, "TODAY-- THE POND, TOMORROW-- THE WORLD!"

Is National PIG MONTH next?


(Note: Although frogs don't transmit warts as the old 'wives tale' provides, they can kill because they carry some really bad diseases. So, don't kiss one.)