Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Michele Bachmann Gets "GO FROM GOD" To Run For U.S. Presidency!

Michele Bachmann Today-PBS Iowa

Today the good Christian Congresswoman from Minnesota, Michele Bachmann who's 'secret weapon' is The Tea Party said she has "Heard from GOD and HE has GIVEN HER the 'GO' to run for President of the United States!"

Speaking to Eric Kleefeld on his PBS radio program in Iowa, Bachmann also said she and her husband and her 28 children all speak to GOD for his guidance and  determination before decisions are made. 

28 children? 28 children! We suspect some, if not all, are adopted or foster children?     

Extinct DODO Bird
Not long ago Michelle voted to discontinue funding to PBS/NPR news stations. We suspect GOD gave HER the 'GO' on this vote so it's curious that GOD gave HER a 'GO' to appear on PBS Radio today.

It's also important to note that GOD gave a 'GO' to creating the DODO bird and then gave it's extinction a 'GO' which makes us wonder if GOD made a mistake in creating the DODO in the first place. 

Of course this gives speculation for GOD giving Bachmann a 'GO' for her defeat with a presidential bid HE gave a 'GO' to today.
Only in America, folks!

Do YOUR Congressional Representatives Represent TheTea Party OR YOU? Is Democracy at Risk?

The TEA PARTY Newsletter

There is an insidious cancer threatening the life of Democracy in America. That cancer IS "The Tea Party"!

The Tea Party represents itself as some kind of grass-roots movement from 'the people'. People like you and me. It's not! 

The Tea Party is a manufactured creature in the control of and fed by Wall Street, the Corporations, Big Oil in particular and the Private Insurance Industry with the Billionaire KOCH Brothers and others playing major roles.

The TEA PARTY does NOT represent YOU or me.  And the elected Tea Party Politicians don't represent us either. Democracy is at risk. Democracy has been captured by an enemy of America, injected with the poisonous viruses of 'special interests' and carried out by super paid lobbyists.

So, okay. We're a bit dramatic here; but review our argument and decide for yourself.

What we present here does not come from any in-depth investigation. There's no rocket science or speculation involved. Our points of fact simply come from what the 'Tea Party' and 'Contract from America' presents openly. We've simply connected the dots and find America's Democracy on 'life support'.

Here's the story:

The Tea Party may have started as small grass roots movements around the country some time ago with tiny protests against taxation and some Constitutional social issues (i.e. gun control rights). But these nebulous groups were soon co-opted and harnessed by 'big money' interests and the rest is history.

To be a 'Tea Party' congressional member that U.S. Senator or Congressman must SIGN 'THE CONTRACT FROM AMERICA' to receive the anointment of membership AND enormous sums of money to get them elected. When elected these 'tea party' minions must vote how they are told to vote by their benefactors. Any vote in our behalf, yours and mine, is merely coincidental. 'We The People' seem not to count anymore insofar as 'tea party congressional member' is concerned. 

Should one of these congress people stray and vote differently than they are told, the "Tea Party Express Money" and Republican Party money is withdrawn and another candidate who toes 'their' line of dogma is put against them in the primary election and usually wins that nomination because the incumbent is overwhelmed and outspent. Witness Senator Lisa Murkowski in Alaska when she was taken out in the 2010 Republican primary by Joe Miller. Murkowski refused to sign "the contract", Joe Miller did and Murkowski was 'out'!

(Murkowski, however, did make a stunning comeback running as an independent and write-in candidate and made history when she won.)

Witness the South Florida election of Republican/Tea Party Rep. Allen West who prevailed as an ultra conservative who now is pushing for reductions in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security in a district identified by it's senior citizen population. Big Money from The Billionaire Koch Brothers Tea Party Express delivered by Sal Russo put the 'step n' fetchit' West into office in 2010, and he's voting exactly as he's been told to vote.

Most recently The Republican-Tea Party coalition forwarded their "Path to Prosperity" document in congress with the issue of Medicare front and center at the moment. Clearly 'we the people' don't want the abolition of medicare as we now know it. Still 258 members of the House of Representatives voted in favor of it. All Republicans. Republicans who either signed the contract or those who were so threatened by the Tea Party they were afraid to vote otherwise. 4 Republicans voted against the measure.

The "Contract from America" political organization boasts more than 70 members of congress have who signed 'their' contract. This means that at least 70 of our elected people don't represent us!  

All our votes are important. If anyone wants to vote for a Tea Party candidate such of course is a right. Our idea here is simply to expose what some people may have unwittingly voted for in the past. We hope that all voters vote for those candidates who represent them.


Congressman Anthony Weiner Penis Pic Tweeted! Did He or Didn't He Tweet His Penis to A Constituent? (PHOTOS) UPDATE JUNE 6, 2011! New PHOTO!

Congressman Anthony Weiner

Weiner UPdate: June 6, 2011: Today Congressman Weiner confessed that HE had sent the underwear photo of his erect penis to a constituent. He also said he had sent other like photos to 6 other women over the past several years. 

The congressman apologized for his indiscretions and said he was not resigning his seat in congress.

Shirtless Weiner (New Photo)

Meanwhile House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is opening an ethics probe in the Weiner matter.

~Now to our Original Story~

With major stories such as the Republican Medicare destruction plan, Wars, and natural disasters such as the killer tornadoes in Joplin, Missouri, whats today's BIG NEWS?

U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner's penis!

Weiner's Weenie?
After Breitbart found a 'tweet' allegedly sent to a female political constituent with  Congressman Weiner's penis photo and printed it, the 'web' is climaxing in titillation.

Here's the story behind the story as we know it now.

Last week progressive Congressman Weiner (D-NY) got some national attention by trashing and bashing the Tea Party component of the Republican party. This was followed by a young constituent tweeting her admiration for Weiner and his good looks. 

Weiner Won't Talk About Weenie
And now we have a tweet response reportedly from the congressman with a photo of his penis outlined under some jockey type underwear.

Weiner has hired lawyers to investigate his "weinergate" in what looks like a 'Republican Prick Prank'.

Only in America?


The Republican Plan to Destroy MEDICARE in a Nut Shell! A Letter from a Senior Citizen and Senate Minority Leader Puts MEDICARE on The Chopping Table!

We've written a number of articles about the Republican plan to destroy MEDICARE in America in recent weeks. Now comes a contribution from a guest writer that puts this GOP plan in perspective and clarity in simple terms.

"First, The United States of America is the only 'first world' nation NOT to have government supplied public health care for all it's citizens. First world nations, the civilized countries, deem 'Health Care as a Human Right'.

"The idea that public health care in those 'first world' countries doesn't work is a myth. Lies. The people in Europe, Canada and other forward nations ARE SATISFIED with their "State" operated and functioning Health Care Systems.

"Medicare is the U.S. is an entitlement to older Americans 65 and older (in most cases) who paid into the current plan during their 'working' years.

"The Republican (Reform) Medical Plan essentially abolishes the current Medicare system and model and replaces it with a 'medical voucher' system so older Americans can purchase their own medical insurance from private health care insurance companies.

"REFORM" is defined as "abolishment" to the current medicare program and is a reduction in benefits to those entitled to it.

"There is a cap of $7,000 yearly in the Republican Plan for each senior citizen to be paid to a private insurance company for coverage determined between the citizen and the private (for profit) insurance company. The voucher is not transferable to use for any other purpose". 

And that's basically it folks! 

Our thanks to this contributor. 

File Photo Courtesy harrycutting.com
The following personal story comes from a 75 year old reader through our email (redacted paraphrased, not embellished). The photo at right is not of the couple in this article.

"I'm 75 and my wife is 72. We both have Medicare and couldn't survive without it. I'm in decent health and my only chronic ailment is hypertension. I take 2 mild blood pressure medications daily that keeps this condition under control.   

My wife has high cholesterol and Type 2 diabetes and takes medications which keep these conditions in check along with a proper diet. We both have productive lives.

We live on a small fixed income amounting to about $35,000. a year (before taxes) from my retirement benefit and we both have Social Security income. We own our modest home and have no outstanding debt, so we're making it but worry about inflation.  Our car is 12 years old. We have a very small savings in 4 figures. Without Social Security we wouldn't be making ends meet at all.

"We rely on MEDICARE. We also have Part B Medicare, the cost of which is deducted from our Social Security which is about $2400. a year combined for the 2 of us. 

"We have been "conservative" all our lives and have for the most part voted Republican for as long as I can remember. 

"With the current Republican Plan for MEDICARE our votes must change, however. To us, it's more than political. We don't trust the Democrats either. It's a betrayal. It's demeaning and insulting. Threatening. Promises we thought our country had given us are not here anymore.  We feel thrown away like garbage. We're afraid for our futures. 

We gave to this country through contributions of taxes and military service. Right now we have a grandson serving in Afghanistan. We worked out entire lives. At our ages and the economy we are unemployable.

Now in our senior years our basic security seems to be torn away from us. 

MEDICARE is a major comfort to us. With a $7000. a year 'government medical voucher', how will we find a private insurance company to insure us at $583. a month at the care level we've previously experienced? Can we even find a company to insure us at all given our ages and pre-existing conditions?

Senator McConnell-Center
Meanwhile, Republican Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell said this past week 'the Paul Ryan Budget Plan' which includes the GOP 'destroy MEDICARE' component will be on "the table" when negotiations for 'Debt Ceiling Reduction' is debated.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Kris Humphries Taunts as Kim Kardashian Flaunts!! (Update: 4/5/12: Kris Strips for Mag. Layout!)

From a guest contributor:  

Update April 5, 2012: Now Kris is stripping for a photo shoot with EastWest Mag and it seems he got some tips from Kim during their short marriage. Other athletes are no strangers to the world of fashion photography and suggestive photos, so why not Kris.  Beckham, Tebow, Namath, and Cristiano Ronaldo are all in the mix, so Kris finds himself in decent company this time around.

(Update November 18, 2011: Good grief! The divorce banter battle has heated up. Kris has apparently told a national tabloid that Kim has a "fake Butt"! Does this mean padding or 'the basic butt surgical implant'? Will Kim be telling TMZ Kris suffers from "micro penis syndrome" soon? 

Stay tuned!  

Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries Engaged
(Update October 31, 2011: We suppose 'corporations REALLY ARE are people' as the U.S. Supreme Court has ordered. 

Today, TMZ reports and her website confirms 'corporate Kim' has filed for divorce from a shell shocked Kris Humphries in California. Kim cites "irreconcilable differences" and is looking for her next publicity stunt.

Caught by surprise with this turn of events, Kris has issued a statement saying he loves his wife.

It seems Kris never 'got it'. Corporations do what corporations do in their own best interests with no regard for real people.

72 days of marriage! One wonders what Kim can figure out to sell with this ..... a comic book maybe?

More to come......

(Update September 28, 2011: Is there already trouble in "HONEYMOONSVILLE" for Kris and Kim? Maybe.

It seems neither Kris or Kim wear their wedding rings very often and that their often apart. So?

What it seems Kris didn't understand about this marriage is that he didn't marry the woman he loved. He married a product brand. Their wedding was a shameful display of selling everything from the wedding cake design to DVD's of their ceremony. 

It seems Kris wants a more traditional marriage than Kim given her antics before the ink was dry on the certificate. 

Look out Kris! You married a corporation. And corporations care only about their bottom line profits.

Update October 14, 2011:

Kim even looks incredible in an Islam Burka! YES?
So OK! We've never published anything about THE KARDASHIANS because we don't understand being a celebrity because one is a celebrity for celebrity sake. 

No talent, no anything in the tradition of the Gabors of a bygone era, Paris Hilton and THE KARDASHIANS in today's world. We just don't 'get it'. They're pretty and that's it. We don't get it.

Somebody snaps a picture of nice looking people and all of a sudden more pictures are snapped and somehow these people become celebrated and earn a lot of money because they are celebrated in the media. We just don't 'get it' so we don't usually report such 'nothings'.

Kris Humphries-The Nets
However, Kim Kardashian is engaged to Kris Humphries who IS something in the NBA world and we want to make a statement of sorts about this turn of events.

Look out Kris!

Kris-Kim in Mexico
Meanwhile Kim flaunts her $2,000,000. engagement ring and Kris taunts his 'love' for Kim. As we say, we just don't get it! We also question 'the fit' so to speak.

Size matters. Especially when it comes to the cost and size of that ring. It's bigger than Kim. 

Size also matters in the NBA. At 6' 9", 235 lbs, Kim looks smaller than Kris's middle finger. 


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sarah Palin opens Patriotic Bus Tour on a Motorcycle! DYKES on BIKES? (Photo)

(Update April 30, 2012: As a wrap up to Sarah's Patriotic Bus tour, she never finished it. She didn't even finish her 'motorcycle ride' for the fallen soldiers. Palin's not finishing anything has been the Hallmark of her short media hype career. When the cameras and photo ops left, so did Sarah along with her "patriotism".

Today, less than a year after her 'motorcycle' PR disaster, Sarah Palin is irrelevant  in politics. With a negative rating nearing 80%, Sarah has no standing or credibility even in her own party. 

And the world is a better place.)

(Update May 30, 2011: Is this another PR DISASTER for venerable Sarah? Some of the bikers who make this annual trip in respect for our fallen soldiers are not happy about her presence at this event. "She wasn't invited"! One veteran was quoted as saying.

Also, insiders tell us Michele Bachmann who is set to make her announcement for a presidential run very soon is said to be "stink eye" mad at being upstaged by Palin yesterday. The media covered Palin like 'stink on you know what' and Bachmann and her people are furious, thus setting the stage for a 'wicked witch skunk peeing contest', the likes of which politics has never witnessed. Bachmann's Memorial Day appearances went virtually unreported by the media.)

Today Sarah Palin opened her Patriotic (Presidential Run?) 'One Nation' Bus Tour on a motorcycle! DYKES on BIKES?

Palin Bus
This is a Presidential contender?



In our enjoyment of this Holiday Season, let us remember those past and present members of our 
Armed Forces who have made it possible 
for us to do so.

Michele Bachmann to Announce Presidential Run! Is A Dildo Duel Debate Between Sarah "Mammy Yokum" Palin and The "Wombat" from Minnesota in the Offing??

Tasmanian Wombat

This comes under an "only in America" and "we can't make this stuff up" heading. Just when we thought American politics couldn't sink any lower, they have. Has the Republican Party have no shame?

Michele "The Wombat" Bachmann
The God-Fearing Tea Party Queen Wombat Congresswoman from Minnesota, Michelle Bachmann, is poised to announce her candidacy for the U.S. Presidency this coming week!

Vying for media attention is the Mammy Yokum from Wasilla, Sarah Palin, who is currently on her 'One America Patriotic' Bus voyage who is buzzed to also be a Republican Presidential contender, even as latest polls provide Rudy Giuliani (who hasn't been seen in months) is the front running contender for his party's nomination right now. As we said, we can't make this stuff up. 

Sarah "Stink Eye Yokum" Palin
Certainly, if both women are candidates for the highest office in the land, consider the delicious possibilities of  their DEBATE. 

We're calling it "The Great Dueling Dildos Debate" for obvious reasons. 

We understand Sarah will using her stalwart Dildo, "Old Faithful", with the curved tip, silicon ridges and decals of the Winklevoss twins and Todd, of course, for old times sake. 

But 'The Wombat' will be introducing a new model from The Billionaire Koch Brothers manufactured by Black and Decker. This is a much larger state of the art dildo akin to Miss Piggy's programmed i-TIT technology from Steve Jobs. As with all her dildos, Michele has "in God we trust" inscribed on the shaft.

Debate handlers have their work cut out for them. It seems Michele thinks a Shiite is pronounced 'shit' which she says won't come from her pursed lips because she's a Christian. In the other camp, Palin can't seem to understand that Poland is not in South America. So, lots of work is going to come before the debate.

The debate was to be held in an abandoned pit bull ring in Georgia, but it seems the G.W. Bush Library has been offered as an alternative site. We'll know soon.

As we get closer to the date of this Great Debate, we'll certainly report the updates, which will once again prove America's "DUMBOCRACY" is alive and well! 

More to come.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sarah Palin Begins 'ONE NATION PATRIOTIC' Bus Tour of National Monuments! A Run Up to A Presidential Bid? (Photos)

'Stink Eye' Sarah is Back!

This Memorial Day weekend Sarah Palin launched her well publicized 'ONE NATION PATRIOTIC' bus tour of National Monuments which most pundits are saying is a run up to an announcement for a run for the U.S. Presidency.

Palin Bus
The 'no pussy-footin' around' pussy from Wasilla is back in the media spotlight after a brief hiatus, with her infamous "stink-eye" style of politics and her sound bites without substance written in the palm of her hand.  

Fresh off her PR disaster in the aftermath of the Arizona shootings and her "blood libel" video, Sarah is trying to polish up her tarnished product brand. 

So along with some cameras and hidden dildos manufactured by the Billionaire Koch Brothers with Winklevoss twins decals on them, Sarah has 'set bus sail' into the bowels of American 'patriotic' history in the hope of regaining some of her popularity with her road-kill eating constituency. 

The question remains, 'is she or is she not' running for the presidency?

While the indicators say 'yes', our prediction is 'no'. Palin's negatives run 3 times ahead of her single digit favorable ratings. All political junkies know this and the Republican establishment knows it too. She is NOT ELECTABLE.

We don't plan on covering Sarah's trek much. But when does something outrageous like putting her 'pussy foot' up her butt, and she usually does, of course we can't resist reporting it.


HANDS OFF MEDICARE! NOW! A Message to Republicans, The Tea Party and Blue Dog Democrats!

To The Republicans, Tea Party and Blue Dog Democrats:  


The issue is NOT "WE CAN'T AFFORD IT"! The issue is we must afford MEDICARE and continue it. In fact, single payer government paid medical insurance must be made available for ALL AMERICANS.


Ryan and Boehner Too!
80% of Americans have told YOU MEDICARE IS NOT ON THE TABLE for reform! Reform by your definition means REDUCTION OF BENEFITS and a big payoff to the health care insurance industry at taxpayer expense. You know that and we Americans know it too!

MEDICARE IS affordable with cuts in Defense, cuts in the oil subsidies you just gave, changes to the tax code in which THE CORPORATIONS PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE, a repeal of the Bush tax credit gifts you just extended, and the obscene incestuous relationships you enjoy with Wall Street, the Banks and 'K' Street lobbyists and the tax payer dollars you give them.

The near trillion dollar yearly Defense Budget right now is larger than all countries defense budgets combined. Cutting this golden elephant in half would mean the U.S. Defense budget would still be greater than all world governments defense budgets combined!

And what was the 'American Corporation' GE tax liability last year? A company that made billions in profits?

ZERO! That is ZERO! With billions in profits last year GE Paid NO CORPORATE INCOME TAXES! To add salt to the wound, GE also received millions in tax payer tax payer dollars in subsidies.

And GE wasn't the only corporation not to pay their fair share of taxes. There were hundreds of them! Tax "loopholes" you created and maintained through the Bush years and now into the Obama administration.

Why not put the corporations, the Defense budget and your own perks through the same scrutiny you are now giving to MEDICARE? Can you or will you do that?

We suspect not because these groups own you. You DO NOT represent the people of this country. Who and what you represent is clear and obvious.

A sleeping giant is awake! That giant would be US. The people of America.

SO! Senior Citizens! Middle Class Americans! All Americans who want a civilized country without a caste system!  "START YOUR ENGINES"!  We have work to do. 

That work begins with turning any politician who dares to touch MEDICARE as we now know and understand it out of office!


Friday, May 27, 2011

Mug Shot! Giovanni Ramirez-Alleged Dodger Stadium Assailant in The Attempted Murder of Giants Fan Bryan Stow! PLUS UPDATE and MUG SHOTS of New SUSPECTS!

Louie Sanchez-Left/Marvin Norwood-Right

(Update: July 24, 2011: Ramirez was exonerated of the Bryan Stow beating when Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood were arrested and charged with Stow's beating last Thursday. Their 'Mug Shots' are pictured at right. 

Police say Sanchez and Norwood have made self incriminating statements as they remain in the custody of the LAPD.

(Update July 22, 2011: Giovanni Ramirez has been exonerated in the Bryan Stow  beating allegations. He remains in jail on parole violations.) 

Giovanni Ramirez
On March 31, 2011, at the season opening day at Dodger Stadium between the Giants and Dodgers, Giants fan Bryan Stow was beaten into unconsciousness by then unknown assailants in the parking lot after the game.

This past week Giovanni Ramirez, 31, was arrested for the beating and attempted murder of Bryan Stow, 42, a paramedic and father of 2. A second assailant remains at large.

Brian Stow

Meanwhile, Bryan Stow continues to fight for his life in a San Francisco Hospital.

More to come.


Sean Hannity-Glenn Beck-Rush Limbaugh! Going the WAY of The DODO BIRD?

Dodo Bird

The picture at left is of a DODO bird! The DODO is extinct. 

The DODO bird was not necessarily a dumb bird as has been attributed to him. Anthropologists provide the DODO simply evolved in a direction and into a world that couldn't support his existence. 

The DODO bird is a creature that became extinct relatively recently, within the last 100 years.

Sean Hannity
The picture at right is Sean Hannity of dubious television and radio talk show fame.

Arbitron recently reported dismal audience ratings and demographics for Sean. Since October 2010, he has lost 28% of his radio listeners. Hannity's audience is well removed from desired demographics and are in the 60+ age group, low income and poorly educated. 

It seems Sean has evolved into a world that can no longer support him. Is he going the way of the DODO bird?

The picture at right is a representation of a slightly different variety of DODO bird, also extinct. This is a pudgier DODO who's sight was compromised by evolving over active tear ducts causing him to become easy prey for natural predators. 

Glenn Beck
The picture at left is of Glenn Beck, the tearful, radio talk show host and TV personality who lost credibility with his audiences. 

Glenn has already experienced the evolution of extinction by losing his TV show and losing major radio markets nationally.

Has Glenn Beck gone the way of the DODO bird?

Plastic DODO Replica
The picture at left is a plastic replica of the extinct DODO bird. The kind one might purchase in a curio or souvenir shop. Of course a plastic bird doesn't necessarily become extinct. But when people don't buy them they are relegated to the warehouse and gather dust. 

Such may be Rush Limbaugh's fate as his recent Arbitron ratings are devastating. Since last October Rush's radio daily program audience has dropped a whopping 33%. That's a loss of one-third of his listeners. That's assuming they can hear because is audience is 65 years and older with very low incomes! 

Rush Limbaugh
Has Rush gone the way of the DODO bird? His advertisers must think so as they seem to be abandoning him. And those who are still with him are paying his outlets much less because ad rates are based on audience numbers and the demographics of that audience.

Are Hannity, Beck and Limbaugh going the way of the DODO bird? Birds of a feather?


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Republican Plan to KILL MEDICARE is KILLED in the U.S. Senate....for Now!

Paul Ryan Delivers 'The Path' to Congress

Last month the Republican dominated House of Representatives  voted to KILL Medicare as we now know it now. That vote was 235 for The Republican Plan (all Republicans) to 193 against (all Democrats plus 4 Republicans).

John Boehner- House Freshmen
The Republican plan provides block 'medical grants' to the States which in turn would result in each person eligible for Medicare to receive  a 'medical voucher' from their State to buy private health care insurance thereby putting insurance companies in between patients and their doctors and clearly reducing the 'value' of Medicare for  seniors. 

This legislation went on to the Democrat dominated Senate for debate and vote.

Harry Reid-U.S. Senate
This week the Senate KILLED the Republican Plan to KILL Medicare with 58 votes (all Democrats plus 3 Republicans) to 40 (all Republicans). A victory for seniors and the great, but shrinking middle class Americans!

But wait! Is the Republican Plan to KILL MEDICARE dead? 

NO! Not by a long shot.

Charles Koch
Right now the Billionaire Koch Brothers are putting monetary fortunes from their and others considerable treasure chests into the 2012 election cycle into the candidacy's of "their" Tea Party candidates who have and/or will sign "their" Contract from America and vote how they are told to vote. 

David Koch
Sal Russo has boxes of money and loaded up the "Tea Party Express" to deliver it to congressional Districts across the land to elect these puppets. 

The Republican Plan to kill Medicare is not over.

And there is more. Social Security and Medicaid are also on the chopping block. Children' programs,  Schools and Veteran's programs are in jeopardy under the  so-called The Republican "PLAN" Path to Prosperity which not so incidentally was written by lobbyists from the private insurance companies, BIG OIL interests, Wall Street and the Banking industry.

So there is no mistake. IT'S ABOUT THE MONEY, CONTROL and POWER over the rest of us!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Arizona Shooter Jared Lee Loughner in Court Today--Ruled Incompetent for Trial!

Jared Loughner-January 2011

(Update from January 10, 2011, article. "Arizona Shooter.....")

Jared Lee Loughner appeared in Federal Court today (May 25, 2011) at which time he was ruled incompetent to stand trial on counts of murder and attempted murder stemming from the shootings in Tucson last January. He will be committed to an evaluation-treatment facility and in 4 months will return to court for further determination as to his competence to stand trial. 

Psychiatrists testified to two diagnoses. "Schizophrenic" and "Paranoid Schizophrenic". When asked by the judge if Loughner was faking mental illness, psychiatrists were unanimous in saying, "no (not in my experience)".

More to come.....