Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chris Hansen-DATELINE NBC "To Catch a Predator" Host 'CAUGHT' Cheating on His Wife! And The Bank of America 'Predator' Loans Settlement Connection!

Chris Hansen-Predator?

OH! What sordid, depraved lives we lead! 

The National Enquirer is reporting a 4 month affair between DATELINE NBC investigative reporter Chris Hansen of "To Catch a Predator" fame and Florida TV news reporter Kristyn Caddle. 

Kristyn Caddle
It seems Hansen and Caddle have been caught in assignation and 'flagrant dilecto' on several Enquirer hidden cameras and today released the tapes to prove it.   

He is 52 and she is 30-ish. Boys will be boys, even when they are almost ready for Social Security.

Chris and Mary Joan Hansen
Meanwhile, Mrs. Hansen is in the family compound in Connecticut with her and Chris's 2 sons with no comment as yet. 

And why should she comment? She owes nothing  to the media or anyone else, save her spouse. And he owes Mary Joan one big explanation!

Meanwhile, this story has received about 90% more coverage from the corporate media than the $8 billion plus civil Bank of America (predator loan) fraud settlement with the U.S. Government over liar loans STORY  without a single individual prosecution in the offing.

Look out America, you're being taken for a ride. A grand ride into a third World.  Corporate style!


Glenn Beck Leaves FOX NEWS(?)! Finally!



The Naked Republican Agenda! The GOP Exploitation of the American People! Same Pig! New Lipstick!

Congressman Paul Ryan

Several months ago the Republicans unveiled their 'austerity' plan for America. Called "The Paul Ryan Budget", the Republican 'plan' was a naked, pornographic display of exploitation of the American people. A corporate treatise that gives more to 'the haves'--the rich and the powerful--while taking more from the rest of us.

Paul Ryan Town Hall Disaster
Believing  their product was a golden winner, the Republican/Tea Party politician Wall Street minions went forth with Koch Industries Logos tattooed on their foreheads and into their districts with a grand sales scheme in what is now described as the 'great political disaster' of the decade. America didn't buy it. 

(Paul Ryan, Allen West and many other Republican/Tea Party 'gofers' went into their districts with 'austerity budget' in hand and were met with the wrath of their constituents. Some needed police escorts to get out of their 'Town Hall' meetings while establishment GOP'rs saw a chance to retake control of their party.)

We haven't heard 'The Paul Ryan Budget' mentioned much lately,  either from the politicians and accordingly the media. Insiders are calling it the "DODO BIRD BUDGET", extinct.

There were some terms in the Ryan Budget that have stuck, however. UNSUSTAINABLE is one of those terms.

We hear the term UNSUSTAINABLE a lot these days. Mostly this word is used by Republicans when speaking of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment Insurance and Benefits, The Poor, Children in Need and just about everything for and about Americans when they reach a certain age or find themselves in financial need due to those UNSUSTAINABLE Wall Street regulations that disappeared a few years back and created the economic horror we now find ourselves. 

Rep. Allen West Town hall Disaster
UNSUSTAINABLE has also become synonymous with Public Employees Pensions and Public Employees current salaries. 

The GOP and Wall Street have had an ongoing national full court press campaign against public employees and have been driving  wedges of distrust if not hate between public employees and those of us who are not. A kind of 'class warfare' is desired by the Republicans between these two groups (so 'we' can be "rescued" from 'them').

UNSUSTAINABLE is typically used with the term REFORM which means financial reductions and sometimes catastrophe  in these aforementioned programs and organizations and to the people who count on these American traditions for their livelihood and survival.   And we don't hear a lot of argument against these Wall Street and Madison Avenue mantras in what has become the Republican agenda.

We don't hear "UNSUSTAINABLE" when it comes to anything on or about the Republican 'list of untouchables'. 

Eric Cantor, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell (L. to R.)
Accordingly, those 'untouchables' include the subsidies to big oil (as  "SUSTAINABLE") along with tax breaks for corporations (many of which don't pay any taxes at all) and corporate jet owners, tax reductions for multi-millionaires and billionaires,  maintaining 3 wars and 900 bases worldwide through  the Defense Budget, and flat out gifts to the health care insurance companies from OUR taxes. 

These things must be "GOP SUSTAINABLE" because they are untouched and "off the table" according to  the Naked Republican Agenda.  The Paul Ryan Budget! 

Although public opinion is running as high as 75% negative toward this Republican obscenity, let us not be complacent. Right now, their message is being retooled and repackaged by some of the best "spinners" in the business and they have all the money in the world needed to be successful. 

But if we keep our eyes on the ball, so to speak, the bottom line results will remain the same Naked Republican  Agenda discussed here. Because it's not going to change with the current crop of GOP lawmakers now in office. Same pig. New lipstick.

In just a little over a year we will again be voting for a President, one third of the U.S. Senate and all of the House of Representatives members. It would seem appropriate to send those proponents and messengers of the Naked Republican Agenda back to their caves because they are UNSUSTAINABLE with the American people.

So, OK. There's no question that America has some big debt and it must be addressed.

Paul Ryan
How is it not understood by our "leaders" that if American Corporations paid their share of income taxes at the lowest tax bracket rate of an individual tax payer the deficit would be gone in 3 years. That if Corporations did not receive subsidies at individual tax payer expense, the deficit would be gone in 2 years. That if the Defense Budget was reduced by 50% the national debt would disappear and in 2 years and the country would show a surplus. 

(Not so incidentally, should the Defense Budget be reduced by 50% the U.S. would still have a Defense Budget larger than all major nations combined!)


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MySpace Goes the Way of the DODO Bird? EXTINCT? Crashes into Financial Ruin! To Be Sold to a Distressed Properties Firm!

Justin Timberlake

(Update July 3, 2011: We are advised MySpace sold for $35 million and a group of musicians headed by Justin Timberlake will recast the failed website into an Internet Music Entertainment brand.)
When was the last time anyone heard MySpace mentioned? It's been along time for us too. Yet, just a few short years ago MySpace was THE SOCIAL network with THE BUZZ.

MySpace sold to News Corp., Rupert Murdock's global media conglomerate in 2005 for $580 million and it's been on a downward slide ever since.

In two days it will sell to Golden Capital, a San Francisco based firm dealing in bankruptcies and distressed properties in the $20 to $30 million range according to Associated Press. 

Mark Zuckerberg-FACEBOOK
Over the past 2 years it is reported that MySpace lost more than $300 million after a steady decline in revenue since 2005. 

FACEBOOK and TWITTER literally swallowed the social network market in that time frame, but last October MySpace made a last ditch effort for viability, and failed. 

Early this year, MySpace cut it's staff by 50%, leaving about 500 employees, and another 50% cut is expected within the next few days.


For all intents and purposes, MySpace has gone the way of the DODO bird. EXTINCT!
And maybe not.                          


Tuesday, June 28, 2011! For Political Junkies and Those Who Want to Track "THEIR" Elected Politicians REVENUE SOURCES! is a "must have" resource for all political junkies. 

It is also a valuable commodity for those who want to track their U.S. Congresspeople and Senators campaign donations which usually tells us how they will vote in the future and how they have voted in the past. is a national database listing all elected federal politicians and some State politicians revenue sources.

Great Stuff!


Monday, June 27, 2011

TUNE INN RESTAURANT & BAR--Iconic Capitol Hill Watering Hole Burns!

The TUNE INN RESTAURANT and BAR, a popular 'watering hole' and meeting place for the powerful, rich and sometimes famous and a fixture on Capitol Hill for decades has burned! 

The 'TUNE INN' is located at 331 1/2 Pennsylvania Ave. (SE) and opened it's doors in 1955, and boasts a rich history. It is located only a couple blocks from Capitol Hill.

We are told the restaurant is closed, but the bar is intact and will reopen soon. The taxidermy deer butts on the walls were saved, we are told.

We mention this bit of trivia here for nostalgic reasons. Some years ago we were frequent patrons of the TUNE INN and it was always 'charged with enthusiasm' in a relaxed friendly way. The TUNE IN was a special place for us and many others.

We were young military men posted at Fort Lee, Virginia. Fort Lee is an hour or so drive to D.C. 

Given our appetite for politics even those many years ago, we were drawn to the TUNE INN, and visited many times while in the service. We met many elected politicians there, including Senator Everett Dirkson and Congressman Gerald Ford, who's fate would bring him to the presidency only a few years later. Not once, but many times. These politicians were approachable, interested and interesting. Everett Dirkson gave us passes to the Capitol and his office, and we visited him in it on at least 2 occasions. Now in retrospect, we feel a bit like Forrest Gump as he witnessed history.

Time Takes it's Toll

Although good looking, we were not rich, powerful or famous. But we were always treated as if we were at the TUNE INN. And for the record, we are not now or ever have been rich, powerful or famous. That's one reason we always enjoyed the reasonable cuisine and bar costs.

Some day we hope to return to D.C. and hope the TUNE IN recovers from their loss soon and re-opens so we might enjoy this one of a kind place again.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Ugliest Dog in the World Contest! The 2011 winner is Chosen at The Marin-Sonoma Fair!

(Update March 15, 2012: It is with sorrow and regret that we report that Yoda, last years winner died last night in her sleep. She loved and she was loved. She will be missed. Yoda was 16 years old. May she rest in peace knowing she gave great joy to those who came into contact with her.)
This is an only in America Story. Where else in the world would one find an ugliest dog contest? 

The Ugliest Dog in the World Contest is an 'original' and for the last 23 years ugly dogs and their owners have come to The Marin-Sonoma County Fair to compete in this good natured, silly event.

This Fair is held at the end of June each year and located North of San Francisco in Petaluma, California. About a 30 minute drive from the Golden Gate Bridge. 

This year, YODA, a 2 pound Chinese Crested Chihuahua was selected on June 24, 2011 as The Ugliest Dog in the World!

YODA is now a worldwide celebrity and has several endorsements from some major animal product companies. Is a 'beauty makeover' in his future? "Not likely", says his owner. YODA enjoys being just who and what he is. 

And now the world does too. 

YODA is 14 years old and was found as a pup, abandoned in a corn field in Hanford, California. He weighs in at 2 pounds and has enjoyed life on 'the ranch' as a 'parlor pooch' due to his size and unique physiognomy.

Congratulations YODA!

A Previous Winner

Saturday, June 25, 2011

New York Passes SAME-SEX Marriage Into Law! So? Whats the Big Deal?

Yesterday, the State of New York passed same-sex marriage into law, making it the sixth State in the Union and by far the largest State to do so.

Through the years we've watched this "marriage debate" with some amusement and chagrin and always questioned why it was even a cause for argument.

The U.S. is not a theocracy, but rather a secular country based on a Constitution that separates 'religion and State'. 

Those who know the U.S. Constitution (and are "Constitutionalists")  question why 'same-sex' marriage is a government issue in the first place. Either 'all the people' have the liberty of equal rights 'under law' or they don't.  Same-sex couples who wanted to marry didn't. This freedom was denied to a group and 'class' of American citizens.

When any freedom is denied (across the board) to a certain group of citizens, under the 'equal rights'  provision of the Constitution, that denial is a fundamental violation of Rights and Equal Protections. That which  has been denied to same-sex couples who wanted to marry has demonstrated this violation and shown up the hypocrisy within America. Now, New York is making their State law congruent to Constitutional tenets. Still, 44 other States in the Union continue the hypocrisy.

Essentially, these backward States are following the doctrines of some Christian sects and all of Islam. The Federal Government including the U.S. Supreme Court along with the State governments of 44 States can't seem to recognize the U.S. Constitution when it comes to same-sex marriage and place religious dogma over the Law of the Land. 

The big deal about following American Law is that the U.S. Government and most States aren't doing it. Either America is a nation of Law or it's not.

Yesterday, New York decided their State is a State of LAW under the U.S. Constitution! Clearly the U.S. Government has decided America is not .

Vampire News! ANOTHER 'CREEPY GIRLS' ROLE MODEL! (From 'The Grotesque-Crazy-BIZARRE-Off The Wall-Freak' File!)

(More in Our "CREEPY GIRL" Series.)

Who needs Hollywood and it's science fiction special effect digital technology when 'real life' is more bizarre, grotesque, funny and crazy? Especially in politics.

Those CREEPY GIRLS continue to boggle our minds with their fixations on "role models".

First Sarah Palin, then Michele Bachmann and now Maria Jose Cristerna who calls herself 'The Vampire Woman of Mexico'. Those CREEPY GIRLS really know how to pick......

Maria is a 35 year old tattoo artist in Mexico who likes to think of herself as an artist's canvas. She is Catholic with leanings toward the Church of Body Modification and the mother of 4 who also  dabbles in witchcraft. All true stuff according to Maria. (Is she a role model for Christine O'Donnell and Sharon Angle too?)

Little Sarah Creepy says she likes Maria's style, noting that none of here tattoos are finished. Sarah doesn't like finishing things either, much like another of her role models, Palin.

Vote For Bachmann 2012
Michele Creepy has taken to 'the Vampire Lady' because she loves GOD and is in 2 churches and HE talks to her. Little Michele has never talked to or seen Maria in person, but says Cristerna is a lot like Michele Bachmann, another of her role models because both "love God and HE talks to them". 

The Creepy Girls
Since Bachmann is running for President in 2012, Bachmann remains the CREEPY GIRLS number one role model. But The Vampire Lady now has her poster on the girls asylum walls for little Sarah and Michele to admire and relate to.

Don't be a Creepy Girl!

Friday, June 24, 2011

"METH TEACHER" LOVE! Misspelling from FIRST-GRADER a Viral-Humor Sensation!

From the mouths and artistic talents of Babes comes the above tribute from a first-grade student to his METH MATH teacher. 

Serious student Redditer Odalaigh posted his praise of his teacher on the Internet recently and the rest is 'humor-history'. Redd's cartoon has gone viral in a world that needs good, honest humor.

Way to GO! Redd!


Pay no attention to 'the CREEPY GIRLS' not being amused. CREEPY GIRLS don't  enjoy funny things.



Thursday, June 23, 2011

HAPPY July 4, 2011: Creepy Girls to Celebrate INDEPENDENCE DAY with A Support Michele Bachmann for President BBQ and A Pull the Wings Off Butterflies Contest!

The 4th of July weekend is just one week away and people are making their celebration plans.

The CREEPY GIRLS are planning a fund raising BBQ event for their role model, presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, with some special festivities for INDEPENDENCE DAY!

Bachmann for President 2012
The CREEPY GIRLS will organize a 'Butterfy HUNT' concluded by 'A Pulling the Wings off Butterflies Contest'. 

Sarah Creepy tells Fox News in a 'commentary' segment she can't always kill and gut a moose when she feels like it and that decapitating butterflies is the next best thing to it. She gets a kick from the Adrenalin rush, she said as her saliva glands moistened.

Monarch Butterfly

Michele Creepy says simply she has spoken with GOD again and he told her to do it because 'Bachmann supporters will enjoy the activity', viewing a photo of Anthony Weiner as she spoke.
Enjoy Your 4th of July


Doug Hutchison, 51, Marries Courtney Stodden,16---The Defense of Marriage Act Personified? UPDATES!

Court and Doug-11/27/11

(Update November 27, 2011: As a fitting end to her Thanksgiving Holiday, Courtney went to church today with husband Doug and mother. 

'Court' wore her little black dress to the morning service and then went on to the Grove Mall where she did some Christmas Shopping.

Such a wholesome girl! Yes?

(Update October 24, 2011: It seems Courtney has done it again! A PR first.
Courtney at the Pumpkin Patch

It seems 17 year old "Court" recently visited a commercial pumpkin patch with her geriatric hubby, 'whats it's name', found the pumpkin of her choice, frolicked a bit and was then promptly kicked out of the place.

Courtney sure has a way of capturing media attention. We wonder what is planned for "turkey time next month.)

(Update October 12, 2011: Does this teenager get around or what? it seems Doug's 'Court' visited Hollywood's Walk of Fame recently, found Marilyn Monroe's hand and foot prints, 'goo-goo' gushed her experience and then tweeted it with her photo to her adoring fan. The media picked up the pic and now it's all over the net.

Does this girl have a great publicity agent or what?

Certainly there will be more.)

Doug and 'Court'
(Update October 11, 2011: Good grief! Only 12 year old girls and the Palin women are buying this junk. Right?

Has Doug married a cash cow? It seems the now 17 year old 'Court' has been tweeting to a significant audience if we're to believe  what's coming from the media. 

Apparently Court is writing with a strange mixture of erotica punctuated with bible scripture. The prose apparently reads like a cheap romance novel with a bit of fundamentalist Christianity thrown in for 'effect'.

We don't want to burst the bubble folks, BUT......writers have been hired before to enhance celebrity property with quips and quotes from those properties while the subjects were drooling the dumbness of their existences before cameras with gauze lenses. 

No one really believes this girl who got a Mae West boob job at 13 has the brain to write that stuff, do they? Much less spell it all correctly. Or, maybe people are THAT gullible.  

More to come for sure.)

(Update 8/23/11: America's newest 'freak pop culture clowns', Doug and Court Hutchison, appeared on The Morning Show today and indicated their 'lives and love' just may become a TV reality show!

Only in America folks.....)

Dougy and Court
(Update 8/3/11: A couple days ago in another shameless "pub-stunt" the erstwhile and OLD Doug Hutchison appeared on national TV with his teen bride, "Court", as he calls her, and talked about their "sex", what else. Doug says he only wishes he was a virgin when he met the 'teener' and married her, as "court" swung her hair and moist her lips provocatively. "Court" provided none of 'that' mattered as "Dougy" is a 'tiger' in bed! BARF BAGS ANYBODY?)
Hutchinson/Stodden Wedding
Not since Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13 year old (reported to be) cousin in 'holy matrimony' in 1958 has the Defense of Marriage Act been celebrated and personified as with last months marriage of Doug Hutchinson, 51, to Courtney Alexis Stodden,16.

Hutchinson (R)-Stodden (L)
Actor Hutchinson, of LOST and X-Files TV fame, married Stodden, an aspiring country singer,  in a private ceremony in Las Vegas with Stodden's mother consenting to the nuptials saying, "we all needed a good man in our lives". Hutchinson is also managing Stodden's fledgling singing career

Jerry Lee Lewis/Wife-1958
Giving new meaning and persona to 'The Defense of Marriage Act' (DOMA), we suspect these (child) February-December  marriages were not what the congress had in mind when it passed DOMA with marriage defined as the union between one man and one woman. But the law allowing such things certainly raises some questions. 

Creepy Girls

Meanwhile, even Creepy Girls are 'creeped-out' by this creepiness.